Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Ongoing Fall Of America

This is such an interesting footnote in biblical prophecy and a always a point of discussion; that is, why isn't the U.S. anywhere to be found in the detailed description of the Tribulation, as seen in Revelation 6-18. Speculation has ranged from ideas such as, the Rapture disproportionally hits the U.S. and causes a rapid demise, to some massive event of terrorism (such as EMP) taking out the country. Other bits of speculation include the idea that the U.S. would simply become folded into the ultimate growth of the EU (aka revived 'Roman Empire') and become one of the '10 kings', or that a complete financial collapse would take the U.S. out of the picture.

It may end up being a combination of all of the above. 

Either way, the U.S. is undergoing massive changes right now - changes that take it far far away from the country that was once known around the world. As sad and upsetting as it is, we must remember everything that we see in today's world is fitting perfectly into God's overall plan. 

The Daily Bell, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite publications, has this very interesting piece (in full):

Even without Congress, Obama could act to restrict guns ... Unburdened by re-election worries and empowered by law to act without Congress, U.S. President Barack Obama could take action to improve background checks on gun buyers, ban certain gun imports and bolster oversight of dealers. Prospects for gun control legislation intensified in the wake of the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, as more pro-gun rights lawmakers said on Monday they were open to the possibility while Obama and three cabinet members met at the White House to discuss the subject. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Gun control is necessary now. Too much blood has been spilled.

Free-Market Analysis: We would be all for gun control except for two things: It doesn't work and it seems to be part of what we call directed history. The goal is to reduce the ability of individuals to fight back against world government.

So when Reuters publishes an article like this, we pay attention.

There is almost no doubt more "controls" are on the way. This Reuters article explains how and why. Reuters is a bought-and-paid-for mouthpiece of the power elite

The thrust of the Reuters article is that President Barack Obama has plenty of power within the executive branch to curtail the purchase and usage of firearms. The article also points out that because Obama has won a second term, he doesn't have to make so many political calculations.
Here's some more from the article:

Having just won a second four-year term, Obama does not need to fear alienating voters who favor gun rights and he could press ahead without lawmakers on fronts where federal law enables executive action ...

His administration has the power to issue executive orders or new rules, options that Obama is likely to consider in combination with possible new laws.

The National Rifle Association, the largest U.S. gun rights group with 4 million supporters, relies largely on its ability to influence lawmakers in order to block legislation.

Obama's appointees at the U.S. Justice Department have been studying ideas since the January 8, 2011, shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and 18 others at a public meeting. Giffords survived but six people died.

Christopher Schroeder, who ran the Justice Department's review, said it looked at possible legislation to send to Congress as well as action the administration could take itself.

"You always look at both, because if you can do it administratively it's certainly a less involved process," said Schroeder, who has since returned to a professorship at Duke Law School.

Many of the ideas have to do with the background checks that licensed gun dealers run on potential buyers.
Critics say the system has holes because it does not include all the data it should on those ineligible to buy guns. The FBI, which runs the system, could incorporate more data from within the federal government - using evidence of mental incompetence, for example ...

It is not clear what changes to the background checks would have prevented the mass shooting in Newtown, because the killer appeared to have used weapons his mother bought legally.

Other proposals for executive action by Obama include sharing information with state and local law enforcement about possibly illegal purchases; maintaining data on gun sales for longer periods to help with investigations; and restricting the importation of certain military-style weapons, as President George H.W. Bush did in 1989.

We see in this a number of subdominant elite themes. The idea that the US executive branch has extended power through executive orders is one such. There is no Constitutional authority that we know of for the kind of broad-reaching executive orders that POTUS is now signing or intends to sign.

Additionally, there is no clear-cut mandate for gun control or confiscation from a Constitutional point of view. The antecedents of the Second Amendment are fairly clear. Study them and the idea that people were not to be armed at will becomes tenuous.

So what is behind the current gun control push? Well ... obviously, recent gun shootings have contributed to it. 

But from our point of view, it is the power elite that is making the push for gun control and gun confiscation becauseglobal governance demands it.

Significant millions in the US are armed and determined to resist the encroachments of an international order. That's a problem for the elites driving the current global agglomeration.

The US has seemingly always been a primary target of those who want one world. The US's republican culture and tradition of agrarian independence has been attack since the nation's inception and even before, from what we can tell.

Thus, the current gun control agitation is a kind of endgame to a process that has been underway for at least two centuries or more.

What is most worrisome to us about the current push is its apparent ruthlessness. Obama may be traveling far beyond what is constitutionally justified but the larger issue must be the shootings themselves.
As we've pointed out in numerous articles now, beginning with Columbine (if not before) the questions regarding official narratives have multiplied. In almost every prominent case there have been reports of additional shooters and other inexplicable events.

Who is responsible ... and why? We don't know what can be done to assure the truth gets out but some sort of additional public or private investigatory body is surely needed.

It is unfortunate but true that official investigations into these sorts of events are yielding more questions than answers. And that goes for such shattering episodes as 9/11, as well.

Obama can indeed make it more difficult for those in the US to locate and purchase weapons. But it still remains a misguided policy. It empowers an elite that apparently wants to create world government, negates the US Constitution and uses events such as the recent massacre at Sandy Hook as a justification.

Conclusion: It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that this is some sort of strange and subterranean – yet national – psy-op designed to facilitate increased internationalism at the expense of individual freedom.

The Communist Chinese government, via its state-run media front Xinhua, has called for Americans to be disarmed, arguing that the Sandy Hook school massacre demands “no delay for U.S. gun control.”

Xinhua is virtually the press agency for the Communist Chinese government. The organization, “is subordinate to the State Council and reports to the Communist Party of China’s Propaganda and Public Information Departments.”
In other words, Xinhua represents the pinnacle of Chinese state-run media. Whatever is printed in its editorial pages represents the opinion of the ruling Communist Party leaders.

The article calls on Obama to exploit the tragedy to push his gun control agenda, adding that his lame duck situation represents “the best position to promote it,” while blaming the National Rifle Association for curtailing previous attempts to regulate firearms in the United States.
Noting that after previous mass shootings efforts to impose gun control measures “disappointingly always fail,” the editorial expresses the desire that the “gunman’s cruelty and evil may provide a strong momentum and broader public support for the restart of gun control efforts.”

As Brandon Darby points out, “The current Chinese government, the communist People’s Republic of China, was established in a revolution led by Mao Zedong, who killed an estimated 40-70 million people with starvation, executions, and re-education camps.”
Indeed, it was Mao himself who said “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”
This should provide a hint as to what happens when tyrants are unleashed upon a disarmed population, and why China’s call to repeal the Second Amendment rings chillingly hollow.
If you want to get a taste of how a state treats citizens who refuse to submit to big government tyranny yet who are completely disarmed, look no further than China itself.
As we reported earlier this year, a villager in northern China attempting to resist a forced government relocation by remaining on his land was brutally crushed to death by a road flattening truck on the orders of a Chinese government official.

Since the state has all the guns, the idea of government thugs arbitrarily kicking people off their own property is a routine occurrence in China. The kind of massive land grabs and forced relocations that occur almost every day in China is not a situation that has yet been visited on America primarily because Americans have the second amendment with which to protect their private property rights.

Of course, the problem is not and never has been guns.  In actual fact, virtually all of the recent mass slaughters under Obama’s and other’s watches have been committed in States with the strongest and most draconian gun laws.

In US States where laws permit the concealed carry of guns, these situations rarely–if ever recently–occur.  

Tragically, the State of Connecticut has–for all intents and purposes–already enacted gun control and just before this horrendous mass murder had tightened up its gun ownership laws.  Instead, the true problem is actually isolating and treating those with already recognized and defined severe mental illness and, most especially, turning back to our once-spiritual nature and worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Gun control is meant and has been meant by every modern day dictator to control law-abiding citizens…not criminals.  And this is precisely what Dictator-in-Chief Obama and his syndicate plan to do.  We have warned you about Obama since before the 2008 elections.  What we have warned has already come true in virtually all instances, with some of Obama’s anti-liberty/anti-USA actions now being put into place in his second of who-knows-how-many terms he will serve.  Obama and a willing Congress have already stripped out the Fourth Amendment (See the NDAA bill) and severely limited the First Amendment (See HR 347 “Criminalizing Protests Bill” and with Obama’s order to arrest Mark Basseley Youssef for making an anti-Islam film the dictator has officially declared “blasphemy” of Islam as a crime).  In other words, what is legally (under the US Constitution) required (three-fourths of US States) to ratify, Obama has done and is continuing to do on his own…unilaterally.  Like it or not, folks, these actions are called “dictatorial powers”…and Obama is using them daily.

I know the Left hates facts as they [temporarily] disengage them from their mission of pushing feelings and riding on high-emotions to push through their Orwellian agendas.  But, I shall–nonetheless–state them.  In a CATO Institute study in February 2012, the findings strongly verified the belief that C&C States experienced less crime that States that employ severe gun control.  Some of the findings from the study were:  “Among the researchers’ findings were 285 incidents involving concealed carry licenses, 154 instances involving defensive gun use by women, and 21 cases for minors and 201 for seniors. For specific crimes, 65 carjackings saw defensive gun usage, as did 25 rapes.
The authors also said concealed carry policies on college campuses lead to a reduction in crime, using two Colorado schools as test cases. After the state enacted its concealed carry law in 2003, Colorado State University decided to allow students to carry concealed weapons while the University of Colorado prohibited them. The report found a 60 percent decrease in crime at Colorado State since 2004, while the University of Colorado [with strict gun laws] saw a 35 percent increase during the same time period.

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Seek But Don't Hide said...

Totalitarian government loves when citizens have no guns. It makes it much easier to control them that way. I also wondered about the fate of the US. I guess we'll see what happens.

WVBORN56 said...

I've now read a couple of times there have been more than one shooter in Connecticut and the movie theater shooting in Colorado insinuating there was a government set up and cover-up. That is just almost to evil to even contemplate. I highly doubt it but if by some far outside chance it is true God will avenge them in a way they will rue the day they were ever born. I guess as a Christian who sees the good in most people it is hard to fathom that type of evil could ever occur in America.

Mike said...

Evil is abounding in this world right unbelievable as it may seem, I have NO doubt these 'random' acts of violence are specifically and intentionally put forth for the purpose of the New World agenda.....we are literally on the very edge of the tribulation.....where good is bad, and evil is twisted to bring about the "good" of the world.

I never....NEVER would have guessed that we the church would be here to get the view and perspective of what this world will be during this time...we are getting a first hand glimpse of things we do not want to imagine....even though we have been given the script ahead of time.

Reading the Word and understanding prophecy is much different than living through parts we didnt expect to see.....I am honored to have been chosen by God to live in these times, but horrified to see what is being revealed to us.....and this isnt even a shred of what is to come.....

Come soon, Lord Jesus.........Amen.


P.S. Please keep praying for Michele....we're almost there!

WVBORN56 said...

I am sure you are right Mike but we judge the world often thru our own prism and experience and it is just hare to fathom such evil. May God help the "good" people who are left behind that become tribulation saints.