Thursday, December 6, 2012

Birth Pains Increasing Frequency And Severity

Just as Jesus informed us, we are now seeing all of the generational signs increasing in both frequency and severity. Today's news reveals this, as many different signs are progressing rapidly:

Globalism/Global Government (moving towards the Tribulation):

Taxes are going up around the world and it's time to offer the possibility that it is deliberate.
Of course it is deliberate in terms of individual countries. Our point is that the tax increases are seemingly being orchestrated as part of a larger policy aimed at reinforcing world government.

The powers-that-be that control central banks and have put in place a world government infrastructure are engaged in a series of moves to bring us closer to the goal of global governance.

Our perception that taxes are being deliberately raised the world over was buttressed lately by a number of articles commenting on this phenomenon.
Here's an excerpt from one such article entitled "No Escape: Taxes Rise Globally," that was posted recently at the Independent Journal Review:
Governments around the world are becoming more and more hostile to the 'makers' as we move into 2013. These days, if you are earning more than $1 million per year, finding any kind of tax shelter is becoming harder to do, especially if you are trying to find a tax haven overseas. In addition, you won't find any breaks being overlooked, especially since the IRS is heavily scrutinizing earnings of all shapes and sizes ...if you've made it, then they want to see it.
Presumably, the chaos now being inflicted on the world will be ameliorated when the powers-that-be step forward to offer the bleeding, starving peoples of the world the ability to be part of a global government that will do away with the chaos of nation-states.

A chaos that has been developed and inflicted by the same elites behind world government! We see this as a definite possibility. After World War I, the League of Nations was developed. After World War II came the United NationsInternational Monetary FundWorld Bank, etc.

After chaos ... order. We are not yet in the "chaos" phase but we are getting there.

Peasants in the Middle Ages were taxed or tithed at around 30 percent. Today's miserable middle class is subject to far higher confiscations. And the taxes are applied all the way through the manufacturing chain, not just at the end of it.
In Britain, anyway, most of the indignation seems to be saved for those the government identifies as not paying all that they "owe." This is a sad evolution and shows the strength of power elite memes. The promotion of scarcity themes and other sorts of propaganda continues to work broadly.

The current tax system is not reasonable on numerous levels. Nation-states, for instance, can print all the money they want via monopoly central banking.
There really is no reason to levy taxes, let alone confiscatory ones. There must be other reasons ...
Conclusion: We think we know.

The one world government elites stand to make billions from the global warming/climate change scam. That is why they are not going to give up. Too many billions have already been invested to implement a society dependent on an omnipotent government that claims to control nature – they are not going to give up that easily or any time soon.

The United Nation’s multifaceted assault on every human activity and its end goal to control and destroy capitalism to the benefit of the one world communist governance includes the U.N. Agenda 21 with its hallmark of Sustainable Development, Green Growth, Green Cities, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, alternative food and plant derived energy, Green everything from cradle to grave.

The United Nations is concerned about the size of our cars, our homes, our property, our farms, our wealth, the size of our “socially unjust” use of energy and resources, our recreational areas, the size of our hunting and fishing grounds, and the size and rights to our living space in general vis-à-vis a needy planet whose wildlife needs more space and wilderness devoid of humans.
To conserve space and reduce human habitation to city dwelling in high rise and/or crowded spaces, the liberal architects and developers have come up with a new green idea – the 150-200 square foot home in an alley, the new “American dream.” Americans don’t know yet that this is what they want – they must be first convinced, indoctrinated, or coerced that this exactly how they want to live in the future.

There is no secret that proponents of Green Growth and Agenda 21 hate suburban sprawl and wish to ban further building of homes in suburbia because it is unsustainable growth. They would love to move everyone into high-rises downtown within walking distance of everything, abandoning the land to the state.

Europeans have been living in crowded conditions for ages, multi-generational families forced to live together with elderly parents by the dearth of living space, city crowding, and high rental prices. Home ownership was discouraged in some countries by generous government-subsidized rental housing. Europeans always excused their cramped spaces as more enlightened priorities than American’s selfishly sprawling dream homes. If truth was to be known, they would gladly swap their living quarters with those of Americans.

Jordan: The Last Piece Of The Middle East Puzzle:

In March, the Dubai police chief warned that the Muslim Brotherhood had a plan for the Gulf monarchies. Instead of regime change, it would make them "figurehead bodies without actual ruling." That's exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to make happen in Jordan by demanding "democratic" reforms. And King Abdullah II appears to be wobbling under the stress.
King Abdullah II, the second most influential non-Islamist in the Muslim world, is hinting that he may bow to the Muslim Brotherhood's demand that he delay the parliamentary elections scheduled for January 23. He is even considering appointing Brotherhood members to the upper house of parliament and amending the electoral law to their liking.
The Muslim Brotherhood says it will boycott the elections because the parliament doesn't have enough power and the contests are unfair. They are biased towards tribes and against the majority Palestinian population. King Abdullah II appoints the entire upper house and has the power to hire and fire prime ministers at will. The new electoral law also permits the security services to vote, bumping him up about 10% in any contest.

The Brotherhood officially advocates "evolution, not revolution" but chants demanding the fall of the government are increasingly common. Direct criticism of Abdullah is a new development. In four days of protests last month, 280 were arrested, 75 were injured including 58 police officers and one young man was killed in Irbid when a crowd tried to storm a police station. Casualties have the power to turn protests against policies into cries for changes in leadership.

The "democratic" reforms that the Brotherhood seeks are part of the same strategy of "gradualism" that it has followed in Egypt. It observed that the monarchies have proven to be stronger than the dictatorships, so it changed strategy by declining to demand the resignation of the leadership. It is important to recognize the undemocratic voice shouting for democratic reforms.

The bottom line (hint: it always boils down to Israel - just as biblical prophecy tells us)?

The Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood demands that the peace treaty with Israel scrapped and in June, its website said Israel is a "stinking and festering boil" that will be eliminated in "not too many years." The group wasn't envisioning a Soviet-style peaceful collapse. It predicted that "future mujahideen will rid humanity of it."

 Jordan’s King Abdullah II paid a rare visit to the West Bank on Thursday in a show of support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ successful bid for UN status upgrade.
Abbas and the king are political allies, and last met Sunday in Jordan, during one of the Palestinian leader’s frequent stops in the neighboring kingdom. But Thursday’s visit was just the third time the king has visited the West Bank, and the first time in more than a year.
Last week, the UN General Assembly recognized a state of Palestine in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem — lands Israel occupied in 1967 — as a nonmember observer.
The king’s arrival gave a high-profile boost of support to the UN bid, which has come under fierce Israeli criticism. Jordan is one of just two Arab countries with a peace agreement with Israel, so Abdullah’s public support was significant.

The Coming Wars Of Isaiah 17/Ezekiel 38-39: Nations Align Against Israel:

The Jew-hating genie has been spectacularly unleashed onto the world stage once again following the decision by 138 of the 193 member states of the United Nations General Assembly to accord non-member observer State status to the non-existent state of Palestine

That vote also ominously endorsed another paragraph contained in the Resolution reaffirming” the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to independence in their State of Palestine on the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967;”
Such majority consensus supporting the view that all of this territory - not just some part of it - should comprise the State of Palestine - is destined to cause untold suffering among Jews, Arabs and other States caught up in the ensuing turmoil and conflict that is set to follow the passing of this insidious resolution

Firstly - these 138 States were effectively signing the eviction noticesfor 600000 Jews who have been legally living in these areas for up to 40 years pursuant to the rights conferred on the Jewish People under Article 6 of the Mandate for Palestine and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.

8000 Jews moved or were forcibly removed from Gaza in 2005 in a fruitless effort toadvance the peace process.
Now all Jews in these territories will once again have to voluntarily pack up and get out or be forcibly removed by the Government of Palestine.
Palestinian President and PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has made this “Judenrein” (Jew-free) objective and its successful implementation very clear - telling reporters in Ramallah on 25 December 2010:
“We have frankly said, and always will say: If there is an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it,”
Secondly - there is no mention in the Resolution of the recognition of the right of the Jewish people to self- determination and independence in their own State - and for good reason - since President Abbas is not prepared to countenance a Jewish State alongside the State of Palestine.

Thirdly - this infamous Resolution negates the decision of the very same General Assembly in 1947 recommending the creation of one Arab State and one Jewish State in Palestine.
Indeed the refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish State has been one of the principal stumbling blocks to the successful conclusion of negotiations under the OsloAccords and the Bush Roadmap.
The majority vote has - deliberately or unwittingly - given oxygen to those who continue to deny the right of the Jews to have their own State - 65 years after the United Nations had first recommended it.

What is there to negotiate about but the terms on which those 600000 Jews must leave the State of Palestine and their possible relocation to a State where the Jewish people has no right to independence and self determination.
That is the political and diplomatic nightmare that 138 countries have foisted on the world.

Hezbollah: Tel Aviv Will Be Hit With Thousands Of Rockets

Sadly, we have to face the reality that the U.S. administration is aiding those radical Islamic groups who are committed to the destruction of Israel. God wasn't kidding when He issued His statement in Genesis 12:3. He will bless those who bless Israel and He will condemn those who are against Israel. America is no exception to this rule. 


Caver said...


Assad: We would not commit suicide

Syria's president insists that chemical weapons will not be used against the rebels.

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Western powers are whipping up fears of a fateful move to the use of chemical weapons in Syria's civil war as a "pretext for intervention", President Bashar al-Assad's deputy foreign minister said on Thursday.

He spoke as Germany's cabinet approved stationing Patriot anti-missile batteries on Turkey's border with Syria, a step requiring deployment of NATO troops that Syria fears could permit imposition of a no-fly zone over its territory.

Think about it....if the west needs a pretext for intervention, this is the perfect excuse.

I have no idea what the truth is...perhaps a little of both. Strange times, but Assad has to know that using the WMD on anyone but Israel would bring down the wrath of the world on him. But who knows how a trapped rat will react.

David said...

Oh yeah? Assad won't use chemical weapons, then why did they "plot the solution" ? Essentially arming them? So he is just doing that to let them go to waste? Wrong again. He's gonna use them, on someone, rest assured on that. That's is the one and only reason behind the arming component.

The fiscal cliff coming. I can see obama-nation letting the tax cuts expire, saying the Republicans caused it comes!

GG said...

Hi Mr. C~

By chance did you have an opportunity to watch any of that interview with Barbara Walters and Assad? The reason I ask in part 2 on the You Tube video, Assad keeps giving double talk on everything asked. When constantly asked about caring about the people, he kept deferring to 2014's re-election.

When asked about NATO he clearly mentions he doesn not like them. He thinks there is a conspiracy with NATO and the US. He clearly states he is just playing a game with them and has a sneaky smirk on his face. I kind of sense (I could be wrong) but he wants to go down a Martyr before then if needed. Though the interview was done in 2011 and just aired on You Tube in August 2012, he felt through all the deaths that the people are not against him, just a select few. He has a warped sense of self for sure.

The other thing I wondered but again I am just learning as I go, could there be a possibility with some of the 'help' the U.S gave to other countries in the past with weapons that they did get in the wrong hands and the US needs to act to deflect trouble after Beng issue? I know you have the war-mind and can help us with all this :)

Either way, I feel that he thinks he has nothing to lose. Also, Bibi and his counterparts are away on business, I wondered if Assad would think this is a chance for weakness when it may not be. Auh...So many thoughts, but clearly everyone in charge is on waiting on the next moves.

God Bless!!


GG said...

Very interesting statement "total destruction of Damascus"

Caver said...

Miss GG, I'm more than a little confused, let me state it another way. Something STINKS to high altitudes. Something here just doesn't smell or feel right.

First, I really am a little confused by the question but must confess to a high degree of confusion right now on many things....large and small. That kind of day.

Certainly, weapons have gotten in the wrong can't be avoided to some extent. But, with this president it seems that the weapons got precisely where he wanted them but he doesn't want anyone to know it. That's why they were running guns through and from the Libyan supplies and not just furnishing them from our ample supply.

But as for the chemical WMD...that is a perplexing one. Please understand up front....I do NOT doubt one iota the willingness of this Adm, NATO, or the UN to gas civilians to present a "false flag" to blame it on Assad and justify further actions. But on the same hand, I would not put it past Assad to do this to his own people either.....except he knows it will bring the Western powers/UN down on him like a sledge hammer.

One thing to keep in the back of the mind.....when did this report of mixing the chemicals come out? The day after Russia started withdrawing their support of Assad wasn't it? Now, does it make any sense at all for Assad to LOSE his biggest supporter and then pick a fight with the world community? Not to me either.

Gonna file this one under the "Keep watching-n-listening" category. Not enough evidence to either convict or acquit yet.

Did I understand the question correctly.

GG said...

Hi Mr. C~

Yes, I think you did answer that for me. My head was splitting on two different thought patterns at the same time. :)

I will email you both of forum in a little bit and better explain. I have two men to witness to on this end, and I want to make sure I have my facts straight. The denial is high, they are embedded in MSM and I want to be able to use this time as a wonderful witness while using the news to show them the way.

Sorry if this sounds so confusing as I too am confused. Thanks again everyone for all the help you give as I learn through this. God gives us all talents and prophecy is not one of mine, though very interesting to learn.

God Bless!!


WVBORN56 said...

Caver another possible bit of evidence this is a US driven false flag that Assad is about to launch chemical weapons....Benjamin Netanyahu and Barak are in Germany and Israel is not even talking about what seems to us a very hot dangerous situation for them?

WVBORN56 said...

This story also claims this is a US false flag....

Scott said...

The story I'm getting ready to post puts up a whole new theory. Who knows how this will play out