Friday, December 7, 2012

Updates: Chemical Weapons, Massive Quake, EU Totalitarianism, N. Korea

Assad Is Already Using Chemical Weapons Opposition Claims

Of course this could be a set-up for 'foreign intervention' or it could be real. Who knows with the misinformation etc., that we see daily in the Middle East:

As fears grow that Syrian President Bashar Assad may use chemical weapons in a desperate move to quell a 22-month uprising, members of the opposition claimed Friday that the regime is already using internationally-banned chemical agents in the war.
The Local Coordination Committees, an opposition group active inside Syria, reported that on Thursday the military “threw toxic gases” in Daraya, southwest of Damascus, and attacked the towns of Mohasan and Buomar with phosphorus bombs.
A senior opposition member told told A-Sharq Al-Awsat, a Saudi-owned daily with close ties to the Syrian opposition, that Assad cut internet and mobile communications to Syria last week in order to prepare and transport chemical weapons for use in Damascus, expecting a crucial battle with the Free Syrian Army in the capital.

 A senior Damascus official on Thursday suggested that Western nations are playing up the threat of the Syrian regime using chemical weapons as an excuse to attack the country.
Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad also blasted NATO’s move to provide Turkey with Patriot missiles to be deployed along its border with Syria, denouncing the development as a “provocative” step.
The news came as an official confirmed the US and Russia would hold a surprise meeting on Syria, together with the United Nations’ peace envoy for Syria, signaling fresh hopes of an international breakthrough to end the Arab country’s 21-month civil war.
Mekdad denounced the NATO move and the chemical weapons “chorus” as part of a conspiracy that is possibly laying out the foundations for a military intervention in Syria.
Mekdad added that the Syrian government is worried the US or some European countries could provide “terrorist” organizations in Syria with chemical weapons to use, then blame the government.

Read this closely and look 'between the lines' - the totalitarianism of the EU is marching forward exactly as we would expect. As stated below "Global governance is the goal". Indeed:

As we and others have documented, EU officials decades ago anticipated an economic crisis that would yield a political union. That plan obviously remains unchanged.

We can see from the above article excerpt that what was plotted long ago is blossoming today. While the dominant social theme is surely one having to do with bigger being better, the subdominant social theme predictably involves the strengthening of the EU's financial sphere.

But was the lack of a "monetary union" the real reason for the EU's current troubles? Of course not. It is simply moredirected history. Create a crisis. Make numerous attempts to "solve it." And finally, generate the solution you intended to inflict from the beginning. Here's more from the article:

The draft conclusions imply that a possible change to the EU treaty would only come after European parliament elections and a new commission is installed in 2014.In this phase - stage three - member states would aim for a "progressive pooling of economic sovereignty ... as well as reinforced solidarity between member states."

This could include a "fiscal capacity" or eurozone budget with a "degree of automatic stabilisation at the European level" meaning a limited form of automatic aid transfers for countries that suddenly find themselves in trouble.By then more and more core decisions would need to be taken at EU level including on national budgets and "enhanced coordination of economic policies" particularly in the areas of taxation and employment.
EU leaders are due to debate these pre-cooked conclusions at a two-day summit starting Thursday next week. The conclusions will be accompanied by a short paper presented by Van Rompuy on a "roadmap" to the economic and monetary union (EMU).

You see how it works? Because the process is a long one, we are not supposed to realize it is preordained. Because it is complex, we are not supposed to be aware of the much simpler reality.
But the reality IS simple. A group of individual nation-states, independent for several thousand years, are being stampeded in a particular direction.

At the top, the politicos and bankers work for the power elite that is ochestrating this particular chapter of directed history. Global governance is the goal, and the EU and other such planned regional unions are intended to aid in its creation.

Conclusion: Understand the powerful logic of directed history and you will be a good deal nearer to understanding the forces that affect you, your family and your colleagues every day. And once you comprehend, you can act.

The commander of American troops in Japan said Thursday that the situation ahead of North Korea’s planned launch of a long-range rocket this month is “very dangerous.”
Lt Gen Salvatore Angelella said U.S. troops in the country are closely monitoring activity in North Korea as it prepares for the launch. He said the United States sees the launch as a violation of U.N. restrictions in place to keep North Korea from developing its long-range missile capabilities.
“This is a very dangerous situation, and we do not support those actions by North Korea. ... We are monitoring the situation closely,” Angelella, who commands the roughly 50,000 U.S. troops in Japan, said at a news conference in Tokyo.
He said U.S. troops are working closely with the Japanese to protect the country’s citizens and territory. He declined to give details. Two U.S. officials said Wednesday that the Navy had begun moving several ships into the western Pacific.
North Korea has announced it will launch the rocket between Dec 10 and 22. It attempted a similar launch in April, but it failed shortly after liftoff.


Anonymous said...

I find it odd that MSM is running the stories about Syria all of a sudden. Anytime the corporations running our country decide it's in their best interests to promote their "agendas" we see it plastered on the news. I am watching everyday for God to return. It seems to me that it's only a matter of time before we see Damascus fall... & the globalists rise.
All of us out here thank God for this site... Keeping the truth available for those who seek it.
- A sister in Christ- A "soccer Mom"- formerly of NJ, USA
Love to all- Rebecca

nathan said...

Here's a thought and an interesting observation . Everytime i read an article about the rapid expansion of "globalization" i can't help but think "Theres a reason why God seperated the nations from the start" . We have seen a dramatic increase in global chaos , scandals , and wars since "globalization" was supposed to link the world together in trade , finance , and military . Its ironic that the cradle of civilization where God seperated the people in the beginning is ultimately where the undoing WILL and IS unfolding . Yet the handful of "elite" world leaders continue headstrong into their creation (with the pursuit of power and greed being the driving factor of course )

Now for the observation : I was reading over your "blog archive" Scott , and noticed a pattern . These are the amount of activity post by year :

2008 -31 post
2009- 206 post
2010- 523 post
2011- 835 post

Do you notice a pattern of "birth pains" and intensity ?????

Oh ps i was only kidding about you're good but you're no Paul Harvey . "It was a Jack Kennedy" spoof .


Scott said...

Yea, I've noticed the same Nate. As I've said before, more happens in a day now than used to happen over a period of several months (or more). It really is amazing how the birth pains have increased.