Monday, December 17, 2012

"First We Take Damascus, Then Tel Aviv"

Well of course - we know this because ultimately everything that we see happening in the Middle East boils down to Israel. Always.

The leader of the radical Salafist movement in Jordan, whose organization actively supports the Syrian rebels' efforts to topple President Bashar Assad's regime warned Sunday that once the Damascus opposition achieves its primary goal, it will set its sights on Israel.

The group's leader, Abed Shihadeh, who is also known as Abu Muhammad al-Tahawi, spoke at the funeral of a Jihadist who committed a suicide attack in Amman last week.

"We tell Benjamin Netanyahu, the (Israeli) prime minister, get ready. The army of the Prophet Mohammad is coming your way."

Shihadeh added: "Those carrying explosives in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan will find you, Allah willing," he added. "The next fight is between us and you."

The jihadist leader further pledged to "Take over Damascus and then head to Tel Aviv… As far as we are concerned, Palestine stretches from river to sea, from Rafah to a-Nakura. We will not rest until Palestine is liberated."

A huge explosion, apparently at a Hizbullah weapons depot, rocked Lebanon near the border Monday morning, the country’s state news agency reported.
Hizbullah immediately accused Israel of carrying to an aerial bombing.
The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) is responsible for maintaining security in the area, and it is investigating the blast, but Hizbullah cordoned off the area.

Similar explosions have occurred in the same area in the past two years. Hizbullah has denied that it stores weapons and ammunition in southern Lebanon, but Israelestimates that the terrorist organization not only stockpiles ammunition and guns but also has built up an arsenal of more than 60,000 missiles.
Hizbullah effectively controls southern Lebanon despite a ceasefire agreement that concluded the Second Lebanon War six years ago.

Below we see some more headlines which reveal the rapid movement towards the Tribulation:

Below we see the intro and the conclusion:

The problem with some elite promotions – designed to frighten people into giving up wealth and power to specially prepared globalist solutions – is that they are hard to translate into action. Global warming is a good example of such a meme.
There likely isn't any global warming, or not comprehensively. Thus, the elite that want to promote the theme of global warming (now suddenly called climate change) are faced with the overwhelming challenge of creating something out of nothing.
This leads to bad science and cognitive dissonance where facts have to be made up to fit the plot. And in this era of Internet Information, making up statistics to support a pre-fabricated promotion is a risky business.

The global warming theme blew up several years ago when emails were posted online that revealed what we have suggested ... that by planting only a handful of individuals at strategic choke points affecting world affairs, the top elites can effectively control the larger conversation and influence events as they choose.

Unlike such ambitious promotions as global warming, economic affairs are more easily influenced, as the current economy is not just man-made but created in an unstable way.
The power elite have created a seamless network of something like 150 central banks around the world that pump out fiat money in excess of what economies need. When times are going well, central banks print to fuel the boom. When times are bad, central banks print to ameliorate the bust. But central banks almost always print.

Conclusion: It will seem eminently logical ... cause and effect. But it will not be. It can be argued that it will be the further takedown of the world economy by a ruthless elite that is pursuing world government and control via any means necessary.

The stampeding of gun control through crisis will become a tsunami from the Left. First, they will want to ban semi-automatic rifles, then semi-automatic handguns, then all handguns, then all guns. They’ll try and do it through an Executive Order if they can get away with it. They’ll come for the ammo and tax everything to do with the Second Amendment as high as they can. They are going to have one hell of a fight on their hands. American’s won’t willingly roll over and give up their Constitutional rights, no matter what the crisis. Doing so would only enable and strengthen evil doers and Progressives.
But, in the interest of sanity, let me say that it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t deal with evil by rolling up in a ball and sucking your thumb and wetting yourself. You don’t banish murder by swaddling the culture in bubble wrap. Making society an even softer target is not the answer. The bad guys and the crazies already demonstrate their preference for soft targets: malls, theaters, schools and so forth. Instead, let us make ourselves, our schools, our malls and other public places into hard targets. Let the citizens and public servants alike see to their own defense. How does a school shooting play out when the would-be murderer is met with ballistic countermeasures?
Until we find a way to improve our culture so that it doesn’t manufacture monsters, we must all be able to meet evil head on when it shows up. I don’t want another teacher to die trying to shield her students; I want the murderer neutralized on the spot and that requires the tools of self defense.
Remember, the Clackamus Mall shooter killed himself when confronted by a CCW holder. Shall we allow ourselves to stampede into the legislative box canyon of victim disarmament? Or shall we instead square our shoulders, accept that evil must be fought and gird ourselves to that end?

Of course we know now that the murderer was denied an opportunity to buy a gun and ended up stealing the guns used in his horrific shooting, but don't let any facts stand in the way:

Democratic senators flung open the door Sunday for a renewed debate on national gun laws, vowing in the aftermath of the deadly Connecticut school shootings to immediately introduce gun-ban legislation and take the issue to the chamber floor.
California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said she will introduce a bill on the first day Congress returns in January to ban the sale of so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity ammunition clips.
“I’m going to introduce it in the Senate, and the same bill will be introduced in the House,” Feinstein said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
Feinstein, a major supporter of a 10-year ban on assault weapons that expired in 2004, said her renewed effort is to get “weapons of war off the streets.”
She was joined Sunday by Sens. Dick Durbin, Illinois, and Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut, who vowed to bring the issue to Capitol Hill in the coming weeks.

The God Complex

So how does this relate to the Progressive/Socialist/Communist movement?  (I’ll just call these people “liberals” from here on out.)  I figured it out when I read a book called, “The God that Failed.”  The book was published in 1949.  I’ll let the publisher explain what the book 
is about:

The God That Failed is a classic work and crucial document of the Cold War that brings together essays by six of the most important writers of the twentieth century on their conversion to and subsequent disillusionment with communism…  AndrĂ© Gide (France), Richard Wright (the United States), Ignazio Silone (Italy), Stephen Spender (England), Arthur Koestler (Germany), and Louis Fischer, an American foreign correspondent, all tell how their search for the betterment of humanity led them to communism, and the personal agony and revulsion which then caused them to reject it.
Essentially this book was a mea culpa from these intellectuals, who were trying to explain to those who held them in high regard how they could have been so easily duped by this evil political philosophy.
What was apparent throughout this book was this: once these intellectuals decided that they were too smart to believe in God, there was an emptiness in their souls that they were desperate to fill.  Communism promised to fill that emptiness.  The State, being all-powerful, could make everything right.  Communism promised egalitarianism (everybody would be truly equal).  There would be no rich and no poor, no homeless, nobody without a job or food or any of the basic necessities of life.  The oceans would recede and the planet would begin to heal.  (That last part actually came much later, thanks to the current communist-in-chief.)  And it would all be accomplished thanks to an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing State.

Unfortunately, what these men actually found when they travelled to Russia and other communist countries and saw this political philosophy in action turned their stomachs.  As the non-liberals among us know, socialism and communism are and always will be utter failures.  As Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”  An all-powerful government never can fix the ills of the world.  Governments are composed of humans and humans are imperfect; therefore all governments are imperfect.  Making a government more powerful simply makes it more imperfect.

Everywhere a communist government has been tried, it has failed—and at great painto the citizens of that country.  Liberals in academia and the media today often point to Chinese communism as an exception to this rule, but Chinese communism has only survived to the degree that the government has adopted capitalist policies, allowing their people a modicum of freedom—the freedom to be unequal.

How?  It all goes back to God.  People, even liberals, need to believe that something or someone “out there” can make everything right when things aren’t right and life isn’t fair.  However, liberals have largely rejected God, as evidenced by many of the policies and positions they adopt: pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage, evolutionism over creationism/intelligent design, constant attacks by the Left on religion in general and specific religions, among others.
Now that the liberals have walked away from the true and living God, they are searching for replacements, just as the authors of my book searched.  And just like those authors, they have found their God in government.  For a liberal, government is God.  If you can just make government big enough and strong enough and powerful enough, it can be all-seeing, all-knowing, all-wise, and can fix everything that’s wrong with the world.

This belief in government as God has even reached the point where some people see governmental figureheads as gods.  Jamie Foxx, speaking recently at the Soul Train Awards, called Barack Obama, “Our Lord and Savior.”

So it makes sense why liberals would want more and more government, even though history clearly shows that bigger government solves nothing, and in fact leads to tyranny, suffering, and loss of freedom.  It’s tough to convince a person that his or her God is false, and true religious zealots (and modern liberals are TRUE religious zealots), will do just about anything to support and sustain their religion and their god.

There is a lesson in this for those of us who hate tyranny and will fight with all we have against it.  We cannot abandon the true and living God, or we leave ourselves open to the same fate as these sad and pathetic liberals.  (Remember, a man who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything.)


Waterer said...

This whole issue of guns is complex. What used to look like defense ( a muscat or rifle with bayonet) gave equal footing to people in danger. At least unlesw a group of people came against one. I am sorry and grieved that this man/boy could have been taught to shoot AUTOMATIC weapons.
Maybe his Mother thought it would make him feel safe. Guns do NOT make us safe. If we live by the sword we will perish by the sword.
I do not think the right to bear arms ever meant aotomatic weapons of war any more than I believe in the current interpretation of separation of church and state. The framers could not have pictured what we are facing. If it isn't the gun right that is moved on it will surely be free speech. The violance in entertainment and games is appalling.Too many young white men are losing it.This is complex. Feinstien is trying to bring an obvious overload to the floor. She is also the one democrat who has tried to get to the bottom of Benghazigate. We are all not going to agree. But Making our world armed to the teeth for every eventuality is repugnant , I'm sure to all of us.
Let's pray for wisdom in this and for leaders to do what is wise.
Everything isn't a conspiracy though we know that the dark is deepening.. My 2 cents.

nathan said...

This message is for Dave down Undah . I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write back with all of the information about Australia . It was very helpful . So thank you very much Brother Dave .

Also if you ever decide to come the United States you have a free place to stay and a free tour guide . I live in one of the more beautiful places in the mountains of North Carolina (look it up at if you'd like.

That being said : Mrs C you made a comment about "nothin could be finer than Carolina " if you and the husband are around the Asheville area i can give you tips or take you to some of our best waterfalls or hikes in the area . I know all the good ones .


Scott said...

Well I'm a data driven person. Let's look at the facts.

The statistics overwhelming reveal that in areas of the most draconian gun control - are the same areas with the highest crime. DC, Chicago, NY etc...And the areas that allow concealed weapons have the least violent crime.

Additionally, the killing of the children had NOTHING to do with gun laws. The murderer stole the guns and was denied the ability to own a gun.
So what in the world do gun laws have to do with this instant?

Jesus also said to sell your cloak and get a sword - something that is VERY often forgotten.

The right to bear arms was for the purpose of citizens being able to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. If we have BB guns and the government has assault rifles, then clearly we are outgunned and victim to a totalitarian state.

Not "conspiracy" ? I don;t recall anyone calling anything a conspiracy. And it also depends on how you define a 'conspiracy'. But the fact that the usual ant-gun zealots came out the DAY OF THE CRIME and started making this a political issue - IN LOCKSTEP - politicians, liberal media - and to USE THIS CRIME for their political agenda is despicable. At best. No, it may not technically be a 'conspiracy' - but it sure is interesting how they will use the emotions around such crimes to fulfill their political agenda. Call it whatever. Those are the facts.

And yes - I AM safer with a gun. Every single day in this nation people are saved from home invasions, car jackings etc because they have a gun. Conveniently - (conspiracy?) the MSM refuses to carry such stories. Wonder why? Could it be an agenda?

One more note. Look through history. EVERY SINGLE totalitarian regime - early on in the process - confiscated citizens guns. Look back - Nazi germany, communist China, Cuba, and on and on it goes.

Facts. Just the facts

Anonymous said...

I was raised with guns in my parents house. My husband and I have guns in our house and have taught our children gun safety and how to shoot our firearms. I feel safer with a weapon in my home when my husband and teenage boys are gone and Im by myself. God instituted a law in the old testament on protecting homeowners and indiviuals from being punished for injuring or even killing someone while being invaded during the night (robbed) Jesus also said essentially the same thing... Luke 11:21-22: "When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in
peace: But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him
all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils."

Protecting yourself and defending yourself and your family from someone who intends to do you harm is TOTALLY different than being the actual OFFENDER and SEEKING to do harm to an innocent person. Just my two cents :)


Waterer said...

Dear Scott,

When I used the conspiracy word I meant Feinstein. I did not think she carried a secret agenda.
My point is that this is complex and too EARLY TO RADICALLY CHANGE ANYTHING. I am confused about our agenda sometimes though. We will want to take the horrific games and mivies and tv shows off site and they could call us people against free speech.
It is complicated.
That is my opinion. I hear the statistical side.. I was pondering Jesus's words about the swords this morning. It made me wonder because He knew a crowd was coming for Him yet when He asked about the disciples's swords they said we have two., He said that is enough. Perhaps He thought 2 were enough compared to the number of disciples. It sure wouldn't have been enough to fight a large number of people. And when pETER USED THE SWORD hE STOPPED HIM.
It is not wrong to own a gun. But there are also many statistics of people with guns losing thier tempers and using them when murder might have been averted when cooler heads prevailed. At one time Dtroit was the leader in murder and the reason was so many people had armed during the races riots of the late 60's that stupid crimes by kids with guns in kitchen drawers were happening. It was a new phenomenom then. No one had tons of guns in those days.
Why this man last friday awoke and took his Mothers guns killed her and all those innocents is a travesty. I'm apalled that with such a dangerous kid she would have had them accesible to him.
My poinbt this morning was that I think we need to listen and talk about this. It is complex.

David said...

Well, the basis of the gun control issue. All I can say is that I'm glad drugs were outlawed, because they were killing alot of people. Now we don't have that problem. Maybe they could throw in abortion, so the unborn killings would stop to. Rope, no more of that stuff, ban it so hangings will cease. By the way Ted Kennedy's car should have outlawed automobile killings too. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that Jesus told Peter to put away his sword because He said that His kingdom is not of this world...that at that time at that moment it was SPIRITUAL matters and battles that were at hand, God's plan, God's timing, God's story playing out. However the fact that Jesus's own Apostles were carrying weapons on their persons means the Lord permitted it to be so. Not to wage war on innocent people but to protect ourselves, yes, absolutely

Scott said...

Thats a good point Anon - Jesus was making the point that prophecy had to be fulfilled at that particular moment - fighting the Roman Guards would have potentially thwarted the fulfillment of prophecy.

And for every statistic on people "losing their temper" or whatever and using a gun, there are hundreds of people saving themselves and their family by using a gun responsibly.

The guns were stolen. Stolen. They were not "made accessible" to him - they were stolen. I have no idea if this woman had her guns in a safe, locked up or what. No idea. Again, the guns were stolen. All the gun laws ever conceived wouldn't have prevented this and thats the sad fact.

So we're going to take guns from law-abiding citizens who wish to protect themselves because of a handful of psychotic people who occasionally go outside of the law and commit murder?

Its funny - the same people in congress who are hell-bent on allowing abortion SUDDENLY care about the kids and now want to restrict gun ownership. Priceless.

Tim McVie used chemicals to create a bomb. Do we not allow fertilizer anymore since that can be used to create a bomb?

OJ used a knife - ban knives?

Metal pipes have been used in horrific murders, as have car-jacks. Outlaw these?

Just think - if there were NO cars - there would be NO deaths from auto accidents - rarely do people get killed on bikes, perhaps we should convert from cars to bikes - mandatory - and we could cure the "auto-death" problem.

People die from drug overdose - so do we ban all prescription drugs?

Where does this stop?

GG said...

Yes..whole heartily, I agree. We can only comprehend what we 'think' is the right thing in the long run. God knows HIS plan, not ours. :) How many times have we been wrong in our human thinking?

I tell you, the first man to speak about his daughter had the right thinking. I commend him greatly. He points out that we all have free will. On that day, that boy chose to do evil with his. He has free will as well. He is CHOOSING to do it Gods way. Does that make it fair, right or easy, not a bit, but he and a few others are using this time to separate themselves from the 'eye for an eye' thinking and use this time to witness.

That man is a far greater man than I and I too can learn from him. I can't say in that situation if I would be that together. I believe that is the message, not these politicians using a tragedy for their own creations in the long run. We don't know the heart of each of those men, we can see by Gods word the heart of one GREAT man, God.

God Bless!!


Mrs.C said...

Completely agree with you Brother Scott, on many of your factual points regarding this issue.

Yes indeed, the right to bear arms was for exactly the reason you stated, protection from a tyrannical government. Most yelling libs dont get that, but then again, most yelling libs are completely ignorant of the history of this nation. I would also add one more, I believe Stalin took arms from their people in addition to creating the goo-logs and murdering almost the entire top military officers out of paranoia!

When we look at the facts as you say, it has NOTHING to do with "gun laws"! Nada, zip, NOTHING!
Facts are facts, and where guns are restricted in this country, CRIME IS HIGH.
Again, the facts draw an obvious conclusion to these horrendous mass killings.

1999 - Colorado Columbine HS - 13 killed - 21 injured - At least questionable Eric Harris (18) mentally ill.

2007 - Virginia Tech - 32 killed - 17 wounded. Shooter - 23 yrs old - mentally ill.

2011 Tucson - 6 killed 13 injured shooter 22 yrs old- mentally ill

2012 Aurora CO - 12 killed 58 injured - shooter 24 yrs old- mentally ill.

2012 Newtown Conn. - 27 killed unknown injured - shooter 20 yr old - mentally ill.

literally feel no pain, according to a faculty member at his old high school.

What is the common thread here? Mental illness sadly. IF anything needs to be CHANGED, it is the help and support for the mentally ill. Notice the majority of these “shooters” are in their early twenties. Sadly, there is NOTHING family members can do under the law, to restrain them for treatment after they turn 18. Example, I know in California, you can have a family member restrained into treatment for “observation”, but its only for 72 hours! That’s it! They are then turned loose. With this recent horrific mass killing, the mother herself became one of the victims. I read that she had said her son was “burning himself with a lighter and didn’t feel it”. This shooters “faculty member” from his High School states the same, that he, the shooter, “literally felt no pain”. She and any other family members hands were tied to get help, because of his age, sadly is usually how it goes. Just as with the homeless adults that are mentally ill, they cannot be forced into treatment. It is agonizing for the family members of these mentally ill people, and unfathomable should their family member go on to harm anyone…
This is a deeply painful subject for me, because at one time in my life, myself and my precious beautiful little girl, found ourselves literally under the physical threat of death several times…until this very ill person finally…died. Who was this person? My sweet baby girls dad. A dad that threatened, and almost succeeded in killing his little girl and her mom:(
Until you separate yourselves from the perpetrator emotionally, ie calling this recent shooter a “killer” etc., then you can begin to understand the severity of their illness. Mental illness is a “taboo” in this country, society that people are willing ignorant of because it frightens them, and they don’t want to understand. It is easier to call people “crazy” or in this case, “killer” and vent hatred towards them for the pain they feel at the result of the unimaginable crimes that these people commit. By the Grace of Almighty God, I didn’t loose my precious little girl as these poor families lost their children, but know this painful scar with my own experience with a mentally ill family member doing harm, is a scar that I and my girl will carry for life…

Caver said...

That was a very dark and painful time in Mrs. C's life. Watching a husband you loved that had so much ability turn to drugs and travel the long and abusive path to self destruction.

Of course, it was before she was saved herself but the point she was making is valid....after a certain age, its almost impossible to force help on someone you know to be a danger.

I can confirm what she's saying. I have a mentally ill mother...and there is really no help unless she goes voluntarily.

Perhaps those that scream about guns need to take a look at this. There is one common thread that runs through ALL of the killings mentioned above...and the base problem is NOT guns. Guns are the symptom and means, not the problem

WVBORN56 said...

It is so frustrating to see the politicians draw the wrong conclusions about this horrible event in Connecticut. How in the world would gun control or even the ban of all guns stop a madman from doing what man did?

They are simply using this to further their globalist/totalitarian agenda. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" Take away the guns from the masses so we can better control them.

To me it isn't even mental illness as much as it is the results of taking God out of schools and every other area of our culture. When you remove God and His influence this is what you get. We are reaping what we have sown as a society.

Do you know what stopped the gunmen in Oregon Mall last month? Another armed citizen stepped in stopped him or we would have many deaths there as well.

This is just another assault on our constitutional rights.

Scott said...

Yep...But its just like mythical global warming (pssst- don't tell them there has been no warming over 12 years....also don't tell them that we had a cooling period from the 1940's - 1970's while carbon increased dramatically...but I digress) - its all about CONTROL over individuals and stamping the jackboot on people. Carbon tax will allow them to control business. Which ones get to 'play' and which don't.

Enforcement of arbitrary law is called tyranny, and that is what we have now.