Monday, December 24, 2012

Hope Of The World

That really characterizes  the essence of the birth of Jesus: He was indeed the hope of the world. That is exactly what happened at the birth of Christ Jesus - there was hope for the world. That says it all. 

Below is just a little music interlude for Christmas day as we worship in the spirit of not only Jesus' birth, but His life, death and resurrection and the give of salvation that He offers the world:


Hope Of The World (Lyrics)

For the love poured out
For the price of freedom
Let the whole earth sing
The praises rising
We stand in awe of what you've done
For us, at the cross

The hope of the world
Lifted on high
Calling us home with arms out wide
To know you forever, to love you forever
You are our everything

Our sin erased,
We're forgiven
You made a way
You are our ransom
And we owe this life for all you've done
For us, at the cross

The hope of the world
Lifted on high
Calling us home with arms out wide
To know you forever, to love you forever
You are our everything

All we need is You

The hope of the world
Lifted on high
Calling us home with arms out wide
To know you forever, to love you forever
You are our everything



Seek But Don't Hide said...

Merry Christmas to Scott and all the other regular posters here. Can you all imagine how dark the world would be if Jesus hadn't come? Thankfully we don't have to think about that. He came once and we are very close to seeing his second coming. What could be a exciting as that?

David said...

I agree D H. Im so glad his light shines in this dark world. I am so ready, and restless for what's to come.

Alice said...

Merry Christmas everyone! God bless you Scott for all you do here!

Thank you Jesus!


ChristineInCleveland said...


....for unto us a Child is given, the Prince of Peace... And truly we have the greatest Gift on planet earth... Salvation in Jesus Christ, who is the only Hope of this depraved & wicked world... Thanks Scott for your diligent & inspirational efforts to share the Good News, as we eagerly await our Homecoming into everlasting Glory with the King of Kings, & Lord of Lords... Could be any day now too, & will be looking for all of you there!

Scott said...

Thanks so much and as I've said before, I'm richly blessed that God allows me to do this. Plus, I'd be following the exact same news anyway, its just a matter of creating a few links in the process. I also believe, fwiw, and I am pretty convinced of this - is that this will be the last Christmas that we have on earth. We shall see. But soon - we'll all be meeting in the most epic reunion ever imagined - in our glorified bodies - with all of our loved ones who are already there and most importantly with Jesus Himself. Its coming so so soon.

Maranatha and Merry Christmas!

mary said...

LORD OF LORDS! Hallelujah!!
All Glory and Honor to our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST.
Looking forward to that day when we shall see Him, and be forever with Him.
Merry Christmas everyone, I believe it won't be long now till we all meet.

GG said...

Merry Christmas Everyone~

Many of the same sentiments already expressed here is just how I am feeling this wonderful Christmas day and extend toward you all.

I feel so loved to think that God sent his only son to die for us. What an awesome sacrifice and expression of love for all his children of the world, no matter what nationality. Praying for the families who lost many loved ones this year and may they be surrounded today by Gods Love and Grace to help see them through.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

Joining the family here in singing His praises and expressing, ever so humbly, our gratitude to our Savior and Father on this special day.

The Cavers

PS: Thank you Scott for all you do

Hubae said...

Merry Christmas to all my brothers and sisters!!!!!! I look forward to meeting y'all soon!!!!!

Ann Marie said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Luke 2: 11 Today your Savior is born in the city of David. He is Christ the Lord.

And thank you Scott for all that you do! I got a copy of your book and I've been sharing your blog and the book to many others.
Blessings all!
Ann Marie

Dutch Treat said...

A CHRISTMAS WISH: Well it's Christmastime once more. May your hrarts be filled with glee; and may you remember the season for what it was meant to be. May you remember the Lord Almighty who reigns from above; and gave us the gift of His son just out of sheer love. May you remember the prophets of old who once roamed this earth; and foretold many people of His upcoming birth. May you remember Joseph, an honest and righteous man, who was bethrothed to Mary in fulfilment of God's plan. May you remember Bethlehem where many came to be enrolled. Yet in the midst of all the activity a great miracle did unfold. May you remember the innkeeper though making room he was unable. Yet who out of compassion offered the use of a stable. May you remember the Virgin Mary for it was in that stall, that she presented to the world the greatest gift of all. May you remember the Holy Spirit by whom He was conceived; and was instilled in all those who truly have believed. May you remember the shepherds who while watching their flock one night, looked up into the sky and saw a glorious heavenly sight. A choir of angels were singing God's praises while His glory around them shone; and went to Bethlehem to see what the Lord to them had made known. May you remember the Wisemen who came from afar; and traveled to Bethlehem by following a star. They acame from the east so we are told, bringing with them gifts of Myrrh, Frankincense and Gold. May you remember our Lord Jesus whose birth we proclaim; and may you always worship Him and praise His holy name. May you hail the coming of our newborn king; and may you be filled with the joy and peace that only He can bring. For if life's burdens gt you down and feel you can no longer cope, He has come along bringing a bright ray of hope. For all power in heaven and earth God in Him had invested; and you can always turn to Him whenever you've been tested. He's the resurrection and the life. May you always in Him confide. For He'll lead you safely through life's battles to the other side. May you remember the poor and hungry who can't afford even one gift; and may your prayers and kindness give them a much needed lift. May God's spirit and your gifts glad tidings in them instill. While Santa Claus may ignore them you know Jesus never will. May you remember the spiritually poor who don't know the season's true worth; and may the real meanibg of Christmas give them a spiritual rebirth. May you pray up to heaven above, that they'll somehow be touched by Jesus' love. He is the light of the world. May He shine for all to see; and may your light always shine on others just as it did on me. This Christmas wish was relevant back then and continues to touch; and is presented to you with love from your old friend Dutch.

Nathan said...

Think about if you didn't follow the Bible and Bible prophecy . With all the insanity and turmoil in the news . We'd all be heading towards the loony bin rather than heaven .

Peace and Merry Christmas .

mary said...

Amen Nate!!

Dutch,thanks again for your gift of writing. I, and many others I am sure really enjoyed your poems.
"Merry Christmas"

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I think that a lot of people will be in the loony bin (those that don't follow prophecy and don't know the bible) before long.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone! Scott, I agree, I think this is our last one on earth too.

Loved your poems Dutch.

Nate, I cant agree with you more.