Sunday, February 21, 2010

Syria threatens "ruinous war" in future conflict

In just a matter of weeks from Syrian's foreign minister threatening Israeli cities with missiles in a future conflict, now Syria's Prime Minister is beginning to make similar proclamations:

"Syria warns: Next war will be ruinous"

Mike Mickey at found an interesting article describing more potential war preparations being made along the Lebanese-Syrian border RaptureAlert.

In addition, he has provided an interesting commentary regarding this situation which is emerging rapidly in the region:

Syria: Next war with Israel will be ruinous

by Michael G. Mickey

In yesterday's commentary, I wrote of reports that Lebanon was blasting large areas of rock near the Lebanese-Syrian border to build a staging area for the deployment of Syrian tanks, presumably in preparation of Syria getting involved in what we can be sure is on the horizon, another military conflict between Israel and her enemies.

Today's headline in The Jerusalem Post, perhaps by the design of its staff, seems to make reference to Isaiah 17. It reads "Syria warns: Next war will be ruinous".

Ruinous? If that doesn't take one's mind to Isaiah 17:1, nothing will!

Isaiah 17:1: The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
In the Jerusalem Post article, we find that Syrian Prime Minister Naji al-Otari, after what has been a quietened level of rhetoric between the two nations following a period of ominous declarations made by each side several weeks ago, today stirred the coals of conflict once again, warning "Israel that any new Mideast war would be catastrophic for the region and beyond."

The following is an excerpt from the JP article highlighting some of the recent saber rattling that has taken place between the two:
Syria's foreign minister warned Israel earlier this month that any new war would reach Israeli cities, to which Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded that the Syrian army would be defeated and its regime would collapse in any future conflict.
Based on everything being said, both by Israel and Syria, the probability of a military conflict exploding in the Middle East at any moment, potentially elevating rapidly to prophetic, downright wrath of God levels is very high.

Today Damascus is here, but tomorrow? Who knows? Things are that tense.

Keep looking up! Our redemption draweth nigh

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Anonymous said...

Nuts like you should be put on the borders between Israel and Gaza, to give you a taste of The Coming (.. of Israeli fire charring your buttocks :))).

Anonymous said...

My comment is to the previous poster. It appears you either don't believe that the Syrian PM said these things or that the God breathed Scriptures are untrue. If it is the second, then you have only to wait and God will prove to you that what He says will indeed take place. The creator of all things cannot lie.


Scott said...

Sigh.....I think I'll leave this one up.

I can feel the love ! :)

Seriously - when people start coming out of the woodwork to make such statements, it shows me that we must be doing something right.

Ignorance is bliss for a period, and then, sooner or later (sooner in this case) the truth comes out.

I'll say a prayer for this person, that God will reveal Himself to that individual.

God Bless