Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Talk, No Action

The current U.S. administration is full of talk, but unfortunately hasn't taken any definitive actions with regard to the Middle East situation. We are facing a time now where tough decisions must be made, as the Iranian nuclear situation reaches the crisis stage. Additionally, we know from biblical prophecy - when the Gog-MaGog invasion takes place, no one will take Israel's side, as they will have God to protect them at that point. Zechariah 12 also stated clearly that Israel will be alone in facing a hostile world. This is shaping up right now exactly as the prophets stated:

"Clinton: U.S. has no plan to strike Iran over nuclear program"

At the same time, Iran (again) makes their intentions crystal clear:

"Iran earlier Wednesday said it will not give up uranium enrichment and the West must get used to an Iran that is a "master of enrichment," Tehran's envoy to the UN nuclear watchdog was quoted as saying."

"But the West just has to cope with a strong Iran, a country with thousands of years of civilization, that is now the master of enrichment. I know it is hard for them to digest, but it is the reality," he said.

So Iran has promised the world over and over - again and again - that they will not stop their nuclear progress despite any sanctions. The U.S. response? See these quotes:

"Obviously, we don't want Iran to become a nuclear weapons power, but we are not planning anything other than going for sanctions," Clinton told Al-Arabiya television.

"What we are focusing on is trying to change Iranian behavior, and the international community has been united in trying to send a message to Iran that it is time for it to clarify its intentions," she said.


This is bordering on bizarre...surreal...How many times does Iran have to make their intentions clear? Does the U.S. not read the same headlines that I (and everybody else) reads? Or - does the U.S. simply not care, and intend to "hide" behind the threat of sanctions knowing full well that they will not be effective?

Netanyahu responds:

"Watered-down sanctions, modest sanctions, will not do the job," he said adding that new measures must aim to curtail Iran's oil exports and energy supply. (Although an oil producer, Iran has limited refining capacity and imports gasoline).


It also seems clear that Mr Netanyahu understands the situation perfectly. If he is to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, Israel will stand alone. Just as our prophetic scriptures have already informed us.


We also see these headlines:

"Peres warns of a nuclear Mideast"

This quote stands out:

"Peres said that he was surprised by the foot-dragging of the international community which still seemed reluctant to recognize Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for what he is – “a dictator and a murderer who hangs people in the streets, shoots at unarmed civilians, calls for the destruction of a nation and travels the world as if he was a legitimate leader."

We also see this pertinent article:

"Nasrallah (Hezbollah) warns TA will be targeted in next conflict"


"Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah issued a new threat against Israel on Tuesday, warning that Tel Aviv would be targeted in the next conflict.

“If you attack the Rafik Hariri Airport, we'll attack Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv," he said in a televised speech to supporters in Beirut. "If you attack our ports we'll attack your ports."

Nasrallah added that if Israel attacks the Dahiya neighborhood of Beirut, a Hizbullah stronghold, the guerrilla group would bomb buildings in Tel Aviv."


Again, as usual, we see the Middle East shaping up exactly as the prophets predicted. The vice is clamping down around Israel by the day - and the world backs off leaving Israel alone. Sanctions will not work - that is abundantly clear - yet world leaders, including the U.S., play the game that somehow sanctions will work. At this point it seems exactly that. A game.

The administration can pretend that it is doing something to stop Iran's nuclear development, knowing full well that Iran will completely ignore any sanctions. Also, it is important to note that the UN security council includes Russia (who is building these nuclear facilities) and China. Neither country has warmed up to the idea of significant sanctions, for all of the usual/obvious reasons.

Israel will stand alone as she faces her enemies. We knew that all along. Soon the world will see what we prophecy watchers have known: Its Israel and God vs. the world.

I'm putting my money on Israel and God. If you have any doubt, just read the last few paragraphs of Ezekiel 38 and 39.

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