Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More news...

It has been relatively quiet as far as "prophecy news" for several days now, and interestingly, the earthquake story has also been quiet for several days. However, there are a few stories of interest in the news.

In the category of "pestilences" we see the following:

"Tuberculosis' deadly return to Europe"


"The disease has returned in a novel form that is quietly stalking Europe, beneath the media's radar, most of the time marching a soldier's slow but steady stride westward, but at times moving as fast as it takes for a plane to travel from Tallinn's Lennart Meri airport to Heathrow."

"Experts worry that Europe, which spent millions battling a Swine flu that killed 14,286 last year, is at a loss when dealing with the threat from the more mundane but far more lethal TB, which strikes down 1.77 million people annually worldwide."

"As many as half a million TB cases identified each year are resistant to multiple drugs, 40,000 of them XDR. This latter form has so far turned up in some 50 countries. Of the 27 countries most affected by MDR, 15 are in the WHO European region, with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Russian Federation having some of the highest rates of drug resistance amongst new patients."

"Paul Nunn of the WHO says XDR "is raising the spectre of something that we have been worried might happen for a decade - the possibility of virtually untreatable TB."


In other news...

"Oh, those Russians"

This story addresses the pending sale of "S-300" missiles to Iran. This is highly significant because these missiles represent an advanced anti-aircraft system and would significantly impair Israel's ability to destroy Iran's nuclear sites.

We also see this article:

"Russia: S-300 delivery delayed"

Despite previous occasions in which Russia implied that they may withhold the sale of this missile system, this article states otherwise:

"The Interfax news agency on Wednesday cited a top Russian defense official as saying that S-300 air defense missiles will be delivered to Iran once unspecified technical problems are resolved."

"Alexander Fomin, deputy head of the Federal Military-Technical Cooperation Service, was quoted as saying "the delay is taking place because of technical problems. The delivery will take place when they have been resolved."

"A day before the prime minister’s arrival, the deputy head of Russia’s National Security Council, Vladimir Nazarov, was quoted as saying the weapons systems would be delivered."

"Israel has said in the past that the sale of S-300s to Iran, which could be used to defend its nuclear installations, would tip the strategic balance in the region."

"The missiles would significantly boost Iran's defense capacity and the contract has caused great concern in Israel."


Last but not least - we see the rhetoric between Israel and Hezbollah continuing:

"Hezbollah warns Israel over future war"


The missile sale of the S-300 is highly significant and worth tracking closely. It is generally felt that Israel would need to "attack" Iran's nuclear facilities prior to any installation of this missile system. In fact, the progress of the S-300 and its sale to Iran will precipitate Israeli action as much or more than any other factor.

It is kind of interesting to reflect on the news today. I would consider this a very "slow" day as far as pertinent, prophecy-related news, yet we have a pretty serious story about pestilence (drug resistant TB emerging in Europe) and serious discussions regarding a major arms sale between "Gog-MaGog" partners; a weapons sale which could serve as the triggering mechanism for an epic, "biblical" war in the region.

...and it is considered as a slow news day.

My, how times have changed.

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