Friday, February 19, 2010

Paving the road to the Tribulation

An article came out today (Jerusalem Post) that is barely receiving any attention, but I believe should be viewed in the context of the coming Tribulation:

"Biometric law will make identity theft harder"

Interesting quotes:

"Effective use of biometric data could have prevented the apparent theft of Anglo-Israelis’ identities, MK Meir Sheetrit (Kadima), the architect of the country’s Biometric ID Law, and a former minister of intelligence services, told The Jerusalem Post Thursday evening."

“People attacked the law because they were afraid that someone could ‘break in’ to the biometric database and steal identities,” said Sheetrit, arguing that it would be harder, not easier, to do that once the law went into effect."

“Someone could steal a biometric identity card, but they simply could not make their fingerprint match the one stored in the government’s databases,” he said

"Once we have the smart chip in passports and identification cards, we will finally be part of the developments that we are beginning to see throughout the world,” he added. “It will become increasingly difficult to cross international borders with fake identification once more and more countries install fingerprint-reading devices at border crossings."

"On Thursday, Interpol Secretary-General Ronald K. Noble said that 'it is becoming clear that those who carefully planned and carried out the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh most likely used forged or fake European passports of innocent citizens whose identities were stolen.'”

“The majority of states in the world, including the United Kingdom and other European countries, are going in the direction of biometric identity documents and biometric scans at borders,” said Sheetrit.


This article reveals a lot of information:

- It is almost universally agree that some form of "biometric" ID is becoming more and more necessary in the world we inhabit today, as identity theft becomes a growing problem. Biometric IDs would be an excellent way to stop this crime, but there are exceptions.

- With the use of biometric identity cards and passports (using a "smart chip") it will be, according to the article, "increasingly difficult to cross international borders with fake identification" and more difficult for "terrorists and spies" to steal Israeli identification/identity.

- As quoted, "The majority of states in the world, including the United Kingdom and the other European countries are going in the direction of biometric identity documents".

- However, even with the use of biometric cards, the article warns that criminals may be able to "secure false IDs with their own biometric information listed on the chip" inside the cards. In other words, if the criminals can get involved during the early period in which the documents are issued, they could STILL successfully secure false IDs with their own biometric information". So even with the use of these "ID Cards", criminals could get around the system.

So we have some form of biometric IDs emerging in most of the industrialized countries of the world. As the first step in this process, we are seeing identity cards used in conjunction with people's fingerprint, which will help solve the ever increasing problem of identity theft. But this will still give criminals a way to steal identity if they can do so early in the process.

I believe the next step (which will occur during the Tribulation) will be to take this technology, and rather than issue ID cards, we will see the Mark of the Beast implemented - because use of an implantable microchip - the "loophole" that criminals can now use to continue stealing identities - would be effectively closed. With an implantable microchip, it would impossible for the criminals to steal identity this way. It is an obvious solution to the problem of identity theft.

It also seems clear that the Mark of the Beast will be a progressive "rollout" starting with an ID card, and then progressing into simply changing from a card to an implantable microchip - thus closing the door on the criminal element of identity theft.

Of course, the antichrist will have a much larger agenda - and with an implantable microchip, he (and the false prophet) will have a relatively easy way to control world finance and make such a biometric "system" mandatory.

For now, once again, we are seeing the road being paved. Once acceptance sets in for a ID card, with microchip technology, it will only be a small step into this chip being inserted into the right hand or forehead - for everyone. Home pets have been chipped for years now, and many people have received implantable chips already.


In other news:

"IAEA: Teheran may be working on nukes"

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has finally come out and admitted that Iran is working on nukes. How does one categorize this one? Suggestions:
- IAEA finally makes it to the party...incredibly late
- IAEA wakes up and enters the "real world"
- IAEA states the incredibly obvious


John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. is interviewed regarding the Middle East and had some interesting quotes.

"Secret Fears on Iran Realized"

" All of this work that the IAEA has been looking at is the engineering, basically, to go from having highly enriched uranium to actually fabricating it into a weapon and then fitting that weapon onto the top of a ballistic missile. These are all important steps, obviously, but not that hard to do."

"I think they're very close in Iran to getting a deliverable nuclear weapon. I'd emphasize again there's much in Iran that we don't know. That shouldn't make us feel better. What we don't know probably takes them closer to that capability."

"One reason that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel was in Moscow this week was to try and persuade the Russians of the seriousness of the situation and to have the Russians continue to withhold delivery of sophisticated new air defenses that the Iranians need."

"It doesn't end with Iran. If they get nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, other countries will, as well."


In defense of the IAEA, their main concern seems to be not just Iran's capability to enrich uranium, but their ability to actually take this technology and produce a "deliverable" nuclear weapon, including the ability to fit the warhead onto a ballistic missile.

The fact that now even the IAEA believes Iran is close to a deliverable nuclear weapon should send chills throughout the Middle East and the U.S. - particularly given their recent advances in missile technology.

Its all coming together - or you could say the road to the Tribulation continues to be paved. With each passing day, the shadow of the approaching Tribulation looms larger and larger. The set-up for the arrival of the antichrist is already well formed and it will be interesting to see how much more this road will be paved.

Fortunately, the Church has a different destiny. We may see more "road paving" but we won't be here for the beginning of the Tribulation: The Bible is crystal clear on that aspect.


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Scott said...

We've already had these kind of links posted before.
Thanks for the interest though.

Scott said...

Also, this is a pre-tribulation site. I'll never understand the "Mid-tribbers" the "non-tribbers" or the "Post-tribbers" obsession with trolling pre-trib sites in efforts to produce the same lame "arguments" over and over and over again. I've seen them all and read them all, and they never change despite solid scriptural arguments. I have no interest in trolling the above sites and attempting arguing - mainly because I am so comfortable in the pre-trib view, as the facts around it are overwhelming.

These folks will STILL dust off the ole' Darby argument, the usual straw-man arguments, using limited, selected scriptures with bizarre twisted interpretations that take 12 pages to understand, etc etc....Yet, they cling to it like the global warming crowd who still argue that "cooling = warming"..Arguments like that.

Its become tiresome, and I don't waste time with those arguments anymore. Its like we are watching a Tsunami approaching, with 50 ft waves off the coast, and their crowd tries to tell us that its an optical illusion, or its mass hypnosis, or perhaps mass hallucinations - all the while the Tsunami continues to approach at a rapid pace. In my opinion, we don't have time to waste on these silly arguments - we need to be reaching the lost and continuing to ring the alarm bells that the last days are approaching. The evidence is undeniable

Maranatha and God Bless