Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More "Rumors of War"

"Senators Warned of Terror Attack on U.S. by July"


"America’s top intelligence official told lawmakers on Tuesday that Al Qaeda and its affiliates had made it a high priority to attempt a large-scale attack on American soil within the next six months."

"Citing a recent wave of terrorist plots, including the failed Dec. 25 attempt to blow up an airliner as it approached Detroit, Mr. Blair and other intelligence officials told a Senate panel that Al Qaeda had adjusted its tactics to more effectively strike American targets domestically and abroad."


"Assad: Israel leading the Middle East to war"


"Earlier on Wednesday, Assad's foreign minister issued a strongly-worded warning to Israel that a future war between the two countries would be a "comprehensive" clash that would "come to your cities," CBS News reported."

"Just days after Defense Minister Ehud Barak cautioned that the stalled peace process with Syria is liable to deteriorate into all-out war, Foreign Minister Walid Moallem lashed out at Jerusalem."

"Israel is indeed planting the seeds of war in the region, I would tell them stop playing the role of thugs in the Middle East," Moallem told reporters Tuesday in Damascus.

"No doubt, if we assume that this war would erupt - and we should not exclude this possibility from an entity established on expansion - I would say it is going to be a comprehensive war, whether it starts in the south of Lebanon or from Syria," Moallem said.


"Iran Unveils New Sattelite Capabilities on Eve of Revolution Anniversary"


"Iran test-fired a new satellite rocket and unveiled a series of what it said were home-grown advances in a space program that has worried Western officials because of possible cross-over applications in the country's weapons program."

"Iranian claims of technological advances, especially in weapons development, are often viewed skeptically by outside analysts. Still, the test-firing could raise fresh alarms about Iran's weapons development. Many of the same technologies used in satellite development can be applicable to missile-delivery systems."


"Response to Hamas Rockets: IDF Strikes in Southern Gaza"


"In a joint operation of the IDF and the Shabak (Israel Security Agency), Israel Air Force craft attacked two Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza before dawn on Wednesday. One tunnel between Gaza and Egypt used for smuggling terrorists, and another one used for arms and weapons, were bombed and destroyed."

“This operation was in response to the recent Hamas terrorist attempts,” the IDF Spokesman stated, “and on the backdrop of the shootings of the past week.


In just a single day of news, we see the above stories, all relating to conflict of one sort or another.

A typical day in this prophetic age.


Tasarwen said...

Thanks, Scott. I read your blog every day and I appreciate you taking the time to write.

Scott said...

Thank you, it really is my pleasure.
God Bless