Friday, February 5, 2010

Just on the brink of war?

Headlines today from the Middle East:

"Israel warns Syria"

"Assad: Civil War in Lebanon Could Start in Days unless they change the Whole System"

"South Lebanon residents brace for new Israel war"

"Nasrallah backs Syria's anti-Israeli stance"

"Frustration in Damascus"

"Liberman Warns Assad as Syria, Israel Trade Threats"


There are actually more headlines pertaining to possible war in the region that could have been posted above, but the point is made. Having followed the Middle East closely for a couple of decades, I cannot recall a time such as this. Typically, local battles/war begin with missiles launched and Israeli counter offensives. This "war of rhetoric" is somewhat unusual in the build-up phase to war, and I am not sure exactly what it means. But certainly, as mentioned so many times on this blog - it serves as reference to the prophecy of "rumors of war" during the last days of this generation.

It seems that the region is just on the brink of war. I still contend that it will most likely occur during the summer months - simply based on historic patterns, but who knows at this point. Everything now seems unusual, so the previous patterns may not apply.

Either way, the region seems to be just on the brink. Once the powder-keg is ignited, I am betting that subsequent events occur in rapid sequence.

We'll see.

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