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Things To Come: CHAOS, Removal Of Cash, Digital Central Bank Currency, Total Control

Was Everything Carefully Planned? Analysis by Ernst Wolff

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said  Nothing happens accidentally in politics. And when something happens, you can bet on it that it was exactly planned that way.” 

When one looks at what has happened in the last year and a half, these words are especially alarming. 

After studying this topic in detail for 18 months, I must say that there is an impressive number of signs and indications, pointing in exactly in that direction. It’s this, and the consequences thereof that I want to talk about today.

The current situation we find ourselves in is unique in the history of mankind

Never before has the whole world been thrown under the rule of this type of coercive regime as we are experiencing now. And never have so many measures been taken which at first glance appears so unintelligible, partly so nonsensical, and in many cases, so contradictory.

This is about the most serious health crisis in living memory, but the measures being used against this have not improved the situation, but continuously made things worse. Every doctor today can confirm the health condition of people, the majority of people, is worse than before the crisis.

 Worldwide production hangs in complete disarray. As the consequence of all the lockdowns up to now, we have a severe global economic crisis to manage. Global logistics is on the floor. Supply chains are broken. Harvests are being lost, food supply bottlenecks, and on top of this, a scarcity for a large part of the economy of essential semiconductors. The problems are not being addressed and solved but multiplied and magnified, via the application of further measures and the constant threats of new restrictions.

The flood of money printing continues and will be further increased. Countries and central banks have, since the start of the crisis, thrown in almost USD 20 trillion into the worldwide monetary system without any end in sight, and the International Monetary Fund as the most powerful financial organization in the world will give out next Monday, USD 650 billion, the largest amount ever of its own currency under special withdrawing rights. In the USA, for example, the strongest economy in the world with almost 4 million people are threatened with eviction because they cannot pay their rent or cannot cover their mortgage costs.

Why were worldwide measures taken which have caused one disaster after another and pushed humanity deeper towards the abyss instead of lifting them out of their misery. To answer this question, namely, who has an interest in this global agenda and who profits from this? The answer to both questions is clear. The biggest profiteer of the current crisis and the most important string puller behind the scenes is the digital-financial complex.

The largest IT corporations include Apple, the Google parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. The market capitalization of these five companies alone at present amounts to an incredible USD 9.1 trillion. Just for comparison, the gross GDP of Germany, France and Italy is USD 8.6 trillion. Along with these digital concerns, we also have the large asset managers, namely BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Fidelity. They are significantly involved in all IT companies. Not only this, these 4 companies alone currently manage a total of USD 33 trillion.

Again, for comparison, the GDP of all 28 nations of the EU last year amounted to USD 15.7 trillion. But it is not just the monstrous financial clout of these concerns which makes the digital-financial complex so powerful. Let’s take first the IT corporations. They don’t just have enormous power themselves. They also control hundreds of thousands of other companies because they organize the digital systems of these other businesses, and in this way have a constant overview of their data streams. The industry is nothing other than a tumor, which in past years has metastasized into all other branches of the economy to make them dependent upon it, and in the meantime to completely dominate them. It is the same method with asset managers. They are involved in every large company in the world and able to influence every popular brand in the world. The largest of them, BlackRock supplies more than 40 years old data analysis system.

Since the beginning of the crisis, in the last quarter of this year, April, May and June alone, these companies have made the largest profits in their whole history. It is this digital-financial complex which is a global power centre which drives everything. The digital-financial complex stands far above all governments and is ready to bring every government cabinet in the world to his knees and make him compliant.

What we are currently experiencing is a formulated written agenda, with which it will accumulate, yet more money and power. A gigantic act of desperation, probably the biggest that has ever occurred in the whole history of mankind. The cause of this act of desperation, in that the system to which the digital-financial system with its existence can no longer be kept alive with the previous business model.

 The amount of money had to be continuously increased over a period of 12 years, and the interest rates had to be reduced several times so the system was made ever more unstable. In the long term, that could go nowhere, and last year it was to the point that the next collapse was threatening, and this collapse has been postponed through a final feat of strength, namely the reduction of interest rates to zero, and the injection of billions and billions for one final time.

With that, however, a qualitative new situation has come about. A further deferral would require interest rates to be dropped into the minus range, and this would destroy the foundation of the current banking system. Banks cannot operate long term with negative interest rates. This means that a further deferral, with the previously used approach will not be possible. In the present situation, one can inject billions and billions into the system. However, with the growing rate of inflation, it will be driven into hyperinflation.

That means historically, we have arrived at the point in which the digital-financial complex, in the framework of the existing system still has the choice between the two various forms of collapse.

Quite clearly, they have chosen to install a new system. In the background, away from public view, they are preparing a new system, and additionally, they are using the end phase of the present dying system to plunder it using all tricks at their disposal. This is exactly what we have seen since March 2020. The quite deliberate and premeditated destruction of the world economy for the exclusive expansion of the digital-financial complex with simultaneous preparation via the central banks of a new system, and in collaboration with the IT corporations. 

It is about the complete removal of cash, and banks in their previous form, and the introduction of digital money from central banks.

The end goal, as it appears, is that we will all have just a single account through which all transactions run. This account will not reside in a business bank, but with the central bank. The background to this plan is the following: Digital central bank money is programmable, and because central banks can create unlimited money out of nothing, one can indeed operate in this way with negative interest rates. 

Without having to destroy the system, digital central bank money will allow governments to watch over all transactions made, to assign various tax rates and impose upon individual fines.

Governments can also place an expiry limit on a part of our money and require that we spend certain amounts with certain time periods, but it can also require the money to be used for specific purposes and require that specific amounts be paid only for certain products, or that they be sourced only from certain regions. 

Above all, government will be in the position to cancel our ability to make all transactions with a single mouse click. They can shut us down financially. Digital central bank money would be the most efficient tax collection method for society that has ever occurred in the whole history of man—the realization of an all-encompassing dictatorship.

They won’t try to make the switch to digital currency so quickly, to avoid risking huge resistance. They will do it exactly the other way around. They will drop society into chaos in order to present the introduction of digital central bank money as a solution to all problems, namely, in the form of a universal basic income (UBI).

We have been experiencing the past 18 months under the pretext of fighting an illness, devastating and irreparable damages have been done to health, economy and finances whose full effects are only beginning to show up so far in traces. But at the same time, work is being done to increase these damages, and in parallel the social rift in society is being systematically deepened. By constantly driving new wedges between people, all of this leads us purposely in one single direction—social unrest to the point of a civil war, and indeed worldwide. This is what the elites want to see. We are experiencing today maximum social chaos, and then at the high point of this chaos, they bring in the universal basic income to affect change—from maximum chaos to maximum control.

What has been happening in the last 18 months and what is still going on is obviously following a prepared plan—the deconstruction of the present economic system to the benefit of elites.

The generation of the maximum economic and social chaos, and the establishment of a new system under the guise of wanting to provide humanitarian help. This concept is found in both books about the 4th Industrial Revolution and Covid-19: The Great Reset, by Klaus Schwab whose World Economic Forum plays a key role in this whole agenda. The WEF has succeeded over the past 50 years to become the most important control centre of the digital-financial complex.

Indeed, the agenda that is being followed here is obviously not only planned, but also can hardly be surpassed in terms of evilness and deceitfulnessWho would ever have suspected that under the guise of protecting mankind from the effects of a disease, the world economy would be driven to a total collapse? To take away people’s freedom to travel, their rights of association and free speech. The freedom to express opinions, and in addition to condemn more than 100 million people to starvation.

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