Sunday, January 16, 2022

Canadian Truck Drivers To Begin Strike 23 January: 'Store Shelves Will Go Bare'

January 23 - Store Shelves Will be Empty Until Vax Mandates are gone"
H Turner

Canadian Truck Drivers have announced a full nationwide strike beginning January 23 and continuing until ALL VACCINE MANDATES are removed.  They are openly saying "store shelves will go bare; food will be gone, and it will stay that way until the government removes these vaccine mandates."

There was widespread news earlier this week that the previously announced vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers would take effect January 15.   

Just a day or two before that date, the Canadian government announced they would NOT begin the requirement because it would create an instant trucker shortage.  Folks were happy and the issue seemed dealt with.  Not so!   The government turned around and said the mandate WOULD be imposed.

Truckers in Canada are now saying "Starve to death" because we're shutting down all trucking in Canada beginning January 23 and we will not return to work until ALL the mandates are permanently removed.

Most supermarkets have about three days worth of food stocks on their shelves.  Most gas stations have about that many days worth of gasoline in their tanks.  Hospitals would begin running out of bandages, sterile water, and then medicines within days.  Public water utilities only have about one week worth of Chlorine to purify public water supplies. This is just the tiniest list of massive impacts a trucker strike would have on __any__ country.

The truckers are saying they've had quite enough of the COVID nonsense: Ordering people to stay at home and denying them their God given freedom to go to work, visit family or friends, go shopping, engage in recreation.   Then, demanding people wear face diaper masks (that don't protect against virus transmission), demanding people socially distance from each other - which also does absolutely nothing to stop virus transmission.

Then, these so-called "vaccines" which are actually gene therapy that alters a person's DNA, turned out to not only NOT WORK, but gave tens of thousands of people blood clots, strokes, heart attacks and all sorts of other adverse reactions . . . only to have government turn around and order booster shots that also don't work, and make all the adverse effects even worse!

Now, that same government is demanding people take the deadly vaccines or face losing work; ending their livelihoods.

The truckers are saying "enough."

They are telling the government of Canada you serve us and either restore our liberty, or we will stop work and you will starve.


Trucking Giant to End Operations in Canada By March

One of trucking’s largest carriers is planning to wind down operations in Canada in the next couple of months.

In a statement on Friday, Schneider told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) it is changing course regarding its Canadian-based operations.

“Despite the dedication and best efforts over many years, Canadian-based operations do not fit within Schneider’s long-term strategic focus,” the mega carrier said. “This decision was difficult.”

The change will affect all 150 Canadian-based associates and drivers as the company trucks and equipment will soon transfer to the fleet’s U.S.-based network.

Additionally, Schneider is selling its 39-acre Guelph, ON, property at auction later this month.

“We expect Schneider will no longer have Canadian-based operations by the end of March. We have notified all our Canadian associates and will remain in regular communication with them over the coming months.”

The news comes as just last week the company announced its growing its dedicated operations with the acquisition of Ohio-based truckload carrier, Midwest Logistics Systems (MLS).

The deal was valued at $263 million and adds over 1,000 professional drivers operating 900 tractors across 30 central U.S. locations.

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