Friday, December 24, 2021

Thousands Of Quakes Hit Iceland

Thousands of Earthquakes Hit Iceland Days After Volcano Eruption Ends
Max Gorbachev

Local volcanologist Þorvaldur Þórðarson said it is difficult to predict what will happen next, but noted that the tremors are likely a precursor of volcanic activity. The expert said movement of magma has been detected in the area, but it is unclear whether it is an aftereffect from a previous eruption or a sign that a new one is coming.
Thousands of earthquakes have hit Iceland over the past 24 hours, several days after a months-long eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano ended, local outlets write. According to various media reports, between 1,700 and 2,000 tremors have shaken the Reykjanes Peninsula as well as the capital Reykjavík.
The earthquakes began with minor tremors measuring between one and two in magnitude on the Richter scale, before they intensified with the strongest one measuring 4.9, hitting at 9am local time. The origins of the earthquake were just a few kilometres from the Fagradalsfjall volcano at a depth of six to seven kilometres.

Some experts believe the earthquakes are the result of magma movement rather than a sign of an imminent eruption. Other researchers point to the fact that a similar swarm of earthquakes had been “terrorising” the region for a month before the Fagradalsfjall volcano began its lengthy eruption.

Authorities have changed the flight colour code to orange, meaning the volcano displays "heightened unrest with increased likelihood of eruption".

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