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Brave New World

The Brave New World

One of the world's best soccer players recently and inadvertently issued a frightening warning to the world, though neither he nor the world probably recognize it as such.

Argentina's Sergio Aguero announced his retirement Dec. 15 after suffering a heart attack six weeks earlier during a game. While playing for FC Barcelona on Oct. 31, Aguero bent at the waist, experienced breathing problems, grabbed his lungs, lay on his back and received treatment from trainers before going to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with an irregular heartbeat.

Aguero -- who played for Argentina in three World Cups and set Manchester City's career scoring record -- is 33. In two decades as a professional, Aguero never previously experienced heart problems that kept him off the field.

Aguero is not alone. This year, more than 300 athletes around the world -- some as young as 12 -- collapsed unexpectedly, mostly due to heart problems. Nearly 200 of them died.

What did they have in common? The vast majority, if not all of them, received the experimental COVID-19 vaccines based on mRNA spike proteins. That relationship appears not to be coincidental, despite attempts to dismiss the possibility.

Aguero, who contracted the disease in January, not only received an injection. He recorded a brief public-service announcement advocating that everyone 12 and older should get vaccinated. But Aguero's unexpected heart attack represents a more powerful message than the one he intended.

Aguero thus joins such fellow soccer players as Manchester United's Victor Lindelof, the captain for Sweden's national team. On Dec. 11, Lindelof, 27, had to leave a game after complaining of chest pains and an accelerated heartbeat.

"Lindelof was in respiratory distress for about 10 minutes," United coach Ralf Rangnick said. "His heart rate was higher than normal. He was shocked and didn’t know what to do."

Lindelof's wife said she and her husband were vaccinated, the website Real Science reported. Britain's Daily Express added that Lindelof now wears a heart monitor.

In July, a 16-year-old weightlifter from Singapore collapsed from heart failure after lifting heavy weights. Six days earlier, he received his first dose of Pfizer's vaccine. Information on the vaccine's insert warned that the shot could increase the risks of myocarditis and pericarditis "particularly within seven days following the second dose."

Myocarditis occurs when the heart muscle itself becomes inflamed. Pericarditis results when the tissue around the heart swells.

Two cyclists, road racer Greg Luyssens and mountain biker Kyle Warner, developed heart problems after receiving a second dose of Pfizer's vaccine. In September, the 22-year-old Luyssens had to retire after experiencing heart failure during a race. In June, the 29-year-old Warner contracted pericarditis.

"I fear that my career has officially been ended," Warner told a Senate committee in November. "I have been bedridden, unable to work and unable to exercise for months."

British ballroom dancer Maxwell Harrison, 21, also developedpericarditis after his second Pfizer dose. Leading British cardiologists told Harrison that the vaccine led to the condition. Harrison, previously a contender for international honors, now cannot compete for 8-to-12 months.

Health experts are noticing. In November, the American Heart Association warned in a study that mRNA vaccines "dramatically" increase acute coronary syndrome, which the Mayo Clinic defines as "a range of conditions associated with a sudden, reduced blood flow to the heart." Symptoms include chest pain and shortage of breath -- which Aguero and Lindelof experienced.

The study specifically mentions a dramatic inflammation of the endothelium and an increasing number of T-cells in the heart. The endothelium, a thin membrane that lines the heart, produces chemicals to control clotting, the contraction of blood vessels and the immune system. Excessive numbers of T-cells in the heart can prove fatal

On Dec. 4, Japan's health ministry also warned that Pfizer's and Moderna's vaccines could increase heart inflammation in young men. The ministry will order hospitals to report whether patients developed such problems within 28 days after their vaccination. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now admit that pericarditis and myocarditis are side effects from the two manufacturers' vaccines. Those side effects develop usually in young men and usually after the second dose, the CDC reported.


Cruise Ships Exposed COVID Fearmongering Deception In 2020 And Expose Vaccine Efficacy Deception Now

Authored by Adam Dick via The Ron Paul Institute,

Back in March of 2020, when the coronavirus fearmongering from politicians and big money media was taking off, an outbreak of coronavirus and several deaths on the Diamond Princess cruise ship was among the examples used to stir up dread of coronavirus among the American populace.

However, people who looked critically at the Diamond Princess situation realized that it suggested coronavirus did not pose an especially great threat.

Among those more levelheaded individuals was John P.A. Ioannidis, a Stanford University professor of medicine and professor of epidemiology and population health.

Looking at the infection and fatality numbers from the Diamond Princess, Ioannidis concluded in a March 17, 2020 Stat News article that the coronavirus case fatalityrate in the general population would be no greater than the one percent case fatality rate on the cruise ship and would most likely be much lower, noting that the Diamond Princess had “a largely elderly population, in which the death rate from Covid-19 is much higher.”

Ioannidis got it right. 

But that did not stop government from shutting down much of the American economy and violating freedom Americans had long assumed secure, all in the name of countering the hyped coronavirus threat.

Fast forward to December of 2021. We are now well into the phase of gaming the coronavirus panic where governments are applying intense pressure on people to take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots. Having already blown way out of proportion the threat from coronavirus, politicians and people in the big money media repeatedly assert the safety and effectiveness of these shots despite the abundant evidence that the shots are far from being either safe or effective.

Just as the Diamond Princess cruise ship coronavirus outbreak helped expose early on the preposterousness of the fearmongering regarding coronavirus, now outbreaks of coronavirus on cruise ships are helping expose the preposterousness of claims that the experimental coronavirus vaccine shots are effective.

Meryl Kornfield wrote Saturday at the Washington Post regarding the situation of coronavirus outbreaks on cruise ships whose crews and passengers are required to have taken the shots:

At least six sailings on Royal Caribbean, HollandAmerica, Carnival and others last week were altered by coronavirus outbreaks as cruise ships prepared for pre-pandemic levels before sailings were paused. Although vessels that have resumed cruising have beefed up coronavirus precautions — requiring vaccinations and testing passengers — the wave of new infections, fueled by the quickly proliferating omicron variant, has knocked the devastated industry and alarmed cruisers.

As in the early months of the coronavirus scare, considering critically what is happening on cruise shipsnow provides a means to see past the disinformation. The reality on cruise ships, in March of 2020 and in December of 2021, has provided a strong contrast to, respectively, the hyped danger of coronavirus and the hyped efficacy of the experimental coronavirus vaccine shots.

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