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Stop And Assess

Reality is penetrating the fog and fury of propaganda spewed out over cable-TV news in what may be the last desperate full-out campaign to sell “vaccines” to the credulous. Omicron is a bust, despite the shrieking about overstuffed hospitals (they’re not) in The New York Times.

Just as there is a crack-up boom in the final stage of a financial crisis, there is a climactic surge of hysteria in the Covid-19 war against Western Civ. Now, Dr. Anthony Fauci is pushing proof-of-vaxx for US air travel because, “[a] vaccine requirement for a person getting on the plane is just another level of getting people to have a mechanism that would spur them to get vaccinated…” he laid it out on ABC News’s This Week show Sunday with Jonathan Karl.

Monday morning on NPR, Dr. Fauci was beating the drum about the unvaxxed being a menace to society as maxi-spreaders of omicron. Is it possible he hasn’t heard that the vaxxed are catching it at a greater rate despite their vaxxes than the unvaxxed? Do you know why? Because their previous vaxxes have de-tuned their immune systems, that’s why. By the way, so far, one death has been attributed to omicron in the US — and even that case is a muddle. And Dr. Fauci is beseeching the twice-vaxxed to go get boostered? Is he determined to wreck absolutely every immune system in the land? Kind of looks that way, a little bit.

I confess I am torn between two views of this fiasco. The first is that the notoriously incompetent Dr. Fauci and his colleagues (read RFK, Jr.s book) simply blundered through the Covid-19 disaster making a series of reckless choices, and about halfway through the crisis made the dastardly decision to cover-up their errors by doubling and tripling down on these mistakes. For instance, the policy to suppress and ban cheap and effective treatments that would have un-horsed their stupendously profitable “vaccines” from the emergency use authorization that got the mRNA cocktails into the public’s arms without proper testing. Some months down the road we will learn that this Fauci combine caused millions of people to die unnecessarily both from treatments withheld and from the adverse effects of vaxxes themselves.

The other view — that is becoming ever-harder to disregard — is that the Covid-19 pandemic was a deliberate program by a gang of powerful international adventurers to install a regime of surveillance and extreme control over formerly free citizens — all in the service of “re-setting” the ailing global financial system, reducing the population of elder pensioners to relieve the West’s payment obligations, and stifling industrial economies as a cure for climate change. It has sounded a little preposterous to me that such manifest evil, as otherwise seen only in James Bond movies and newsreels of the Nazis, could actually be true. But it is looking more and more of-a-piece with actions like the years-long mischief between Dr. Fauci and the Wuhan lab; the preparatory positioning of the pharma companies for just such a pandemic, including patent filings, to enable the quick release of their dubious “vaccines;” the janky mail-in ballot election of 2020 with the installation of an obvious puppet President “Joe Biden;”

It may turn out to be various combinations of both views, with a uniting overlay of mass formation psychosis. In any case, I’m serenely convinced that we will learn the truth about all this, and perhaps not too far down the line. At this point, the official narratives are crazier than anything out of Alice in Wonderland, leading with the nakedly absurd idea that the vaxxed must be protected from the unvaxxed — though all are susceptible to Covid and equally capable of spreading it.

Gibraltar did Everything — The Diamond Princess did Nothing — The Growth of Intolerance [12-26-2021]

Gibraltar has a population of 33,000 people. It is essentially a military base with very strong controls over residents. It is easy to isolate and lockdown. By March 2021, it had a 100 % Covid Vaccination rate. Booster doses started on October 1st and 76 % of the population is now “boosted”.

In regard to Cases per Million, it is NUMBER 4 on World Rankings (Total – 7,900)

In regard to Deaths per Million, it is NUMBER 11 on World Rankings (Total = 100) – In regard to Tests per Million, it is NUMBER 2 on World Rankings

In Total — Gibraltar has had 7,900 cases which is 24 % of the population and 100 deaths attributed to Covid which is 0.3 % of population.  CASES = 24 % DEATHS (attributed to Covid) = 0.3 % of Population


The cruise ship was isolated in Japan while they just waited until viral collapse occurred. The Japanese were criticised for leaving the ship to its fate with effectively zero interventions. Total Cases = 712 Deaths 13 Total on Board = 3,711 (inc Passengers and Crew) CASES = 19 % DEATHS (attributed to Covid) = 0.35 % of Population

So, the Diamond Princess outcome where mostly elderly people were trapped in a cruise ship was almost EXACTLY the same as Gibraltar — a military base where there is great discipline and control of the population using maximum Public Health interventions.

The conclusions we can reach from this comparison are clear. Public Health measures did almost nothing to prevent the outcomes of the virus. But worse still, Public Health measures may have caused huge amounts of morbidity and mortality from delayed presentations and delayed diagnoses, from psychological impacts, from economic impacts, from vaccine adverse events. Data Source — Worldometers https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/


“We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.”   Carl Sagan

There is a steady growth of intolerance in the advanced economies especially amongst the fearful who are terrified of the “Covid Threat”. They are convinced that their virtue is for everyone’s benefit and they are completely convinced that their views are correct. Thus, there is a steady growth of their virtue combined with the strong expression of their views. Unfortunately, this devolves to intolerance if you will not listen or be easily convinced.

The Fearful claim that they “follow the science”. However, they (mostly) have no idea what the scientific process is. They have reduced it to a religion — a religion that worships authority. If anyone is fearful, their tendency to be suggestible increases via the generation of alpha brain waves. Initially, this makes them just more likely to follow suggestions but then their thought leaders slowly transform their message into “Believe ….. or Else” (!).

Presumably the High Priests of Covid Fear are Anthony Fauci who appears to pretend being a scientist when he is, in fact, an unelected public servant and Tedros Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization who has always worked in “public health” and is thus also an unelected public servant.

Or perhaps the Ultimate High Priest of Covid Fear is Bill Gates, a man with no scientific or medical background whatsoever. None of these priests have ever been elected to a position to represent The People. None of them have any significant personal experience in diagnosing and treating illness in sick patients. However, they are now telling the Global Fearful what to do in response to the perceived medical threat.

The Surveillance State

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