Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Soviet Style Political Prisoners In The U.S.

Nonviolent Jan 6 Prisoner Held 11 Months for ‘Thought Crimes’ in the DC ‘GITMO’ Solitary Hell, Now His Wife Gets Yanked from Plane

Guy Reffitt, a 49-year-old father of three and husband of 21 years been held in extreme lockdown at the Washington DC Gulag and denied bail for eleven months and counting.

The government’s allegations against Guy Reffitt are among its most fervently savored—deliciously offensive (and completely dystopian) thought crimes.

Despite never getting closer than 20 feet from officers at the Capitol, never entering the building, and only carrying a megaphone, Reffitt was arrested in a pre-dawn military-style raid on his home by FBI with guns pointed at his wife and kids.

Reffitt has a clean past of a lifetime without violent charges against him, yet has been held in the recently condemned D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility under inhumane and hostile conditions under 22-23 hour lockdown in solitary confinement for months on end.

He has been denied equal treatment under the law and due process of law, well documented among the roughly 40 other Jan 6 hostages treated similarly.

He has been vilified by a complicit media who purport to admonish him for his conduct, but in fact, hate him for his thinking.

Even Reffitt’s wife is now being abused by the US government.  She was recently yanked from a plane for being married to a January 6 protester in Washington DC who never committed any acts of violence.

Reffit has released a statement to the Gateway Pundit in hopes of balancing the one-sided bias of the broken media that has failed to report on the true offenses that have stemmed from that day—crimes against our people by our very own guardians.

His statement is published in full below.

When did America change? When did this experiment go terribly wrong? Words and statements of emotional discharge without reality. Since when do we put credence in a fool and his drink? Pelosi says Trump will be drug out of the White House “kicking and screaming.” Madonna says “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Hyperbole is acceptable for one party, elites, but for one in support of the opposition… prison. It’s okay for me but not for thee. That is the credo of the party. 

Anything I said prior to Jan 6 was believed by me to be fallacy in every possible way. I’m 49 years of age and my life has been obfuscated, in a sure sentiment, that the building housing the worlds most powerful legislators, must be impenetrable. Saying anything of the contrary can only be illusion. Such statements of fantasy would never be used to incarcerate Americans, right? Yet, I am sitting here writing you about a pernicious action against me and my family. I won’t deny saying questionable things with all my years. Most everyone can concede to doing similar.

Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoeller (jailed in Nazi Germany for speaking out) confessed that in a poem he penned after the war. “First they came for the Communist,” he wrote, “but I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.” He added, “Then they came for” the Jews, the Catholics, and others, “but I didn’t speak up.”Finally, “they came for me—and by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

That extrapolation comprised of going to the area of protesting and using the megaphone for a favorable voice. The line of protest had advanced to the steps of the west side before my arrival. The location was unexpected but also unchallenged. Fred Allen once said, ”What’s the matter with you, kid? Don’t you want to grow up and have troubles?”

I took a few robust breaths from being awestruck at the amount of people and proceeded unabated to the front. Seems legit, right? Well, I thought so… no problem. Said some silly things from a safe distance away so as not to engage officers. They shot me multiple times from a good distance away and them pepper sprayed me. Ouch! I dropped at that spot.

I went, protested and then I went home.

Moving on. I went to work, paid my bills the best I could, smoked briskets and did a little hunting. Life seemed normal…

In the early morning hour of January 16, 2021 my wife and children awoke to the sound of explosions. At around 0600 hours, the FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force, SWAT and Texas State Troopers performed a predawn military style raid on me and my family. Rifles and handguns trained on my wife and children, including their friends who had been staying the night.

Confusion clouded my mind. Did they confuse me with something nefarious that happened that day? Did they somehow get me confused with the bombs I heard about on the news? Surely not possible. I was just a protester, protesting! There must be some logical mistake.

Questions I couldn’t answer, and then a ride with agents to a county jail. Quarantined for COVID, precautions? Didn’t receive my medications and I was denied them completely for multiple days.

After a period of days without cholesterol, hypertension and anxiety meds—note, these meds have been a daily regiment for over 12 years—I had the first seizure of my life. Six days from the day of my arrest, and denied very critical medication. Medication that unequivocally states not to quit abruptly for fear of seizures and possible death.

Subsequently, after violently vomiting, I sat on a bench in the cell a moment before becoming disoriented and then falling to the floor. The last thing I remembered was twisting to land on my back. When I woke, I was wearing a hospital gown in shackles and chains with armed guard’s both inside and outside the ICU door.

Spent 21 days in that hellhole of a jail before being transported to Grady County County Jail Oklahoma. Wow! what a shithole… The water comes complete with an oil sheen in every cup. Complain, they tell you “that’s how the local water looks” deal with it. Housed in a pod with up to 29 others. 

I’ve lost my freedom, lost my family and it appears I may potentially never see my only son again. My heart may never mend and that’s only the half of it. My wife and best friend is devastated beyond comprehension. Lost her husband, her only son, and with all that has happened she has lost her ability to sustain normal life. Can’t go to work due to how bad this has affected her. The love of my life is taking the full force of this attack, not just at me but at my entire family.

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