Sunday, December 26, 2021

IDF vs Hezbollah:

IDF struck dozens of Hezbollah targets in Syria in past 3 years
In the past three years, the IDF has attacked dozens of Hezbollah targets in Syria, a senior security official said. Other senior officials also noted that Hezbollah did not respond to attacks in Syria that severely hampered its logistical and operational efforts to establish outposts, transfer weapons, ammunition and infrastructure for establishing itself in the southern Golan Heights and the border triangle with Jordan.
"The level of deterrence against the Shi'ite organization is high," the source said. However, others noted that Hezbollah, with the help of Iran, was preparing for the possibility of attacking the home front of the State of Israel and IDF soldiers on the border with Syrian territory in the future.

Some of the weapons come from Iran by sea, and some by land or air and pass in convoys to the Syrian Golan Heights. In some places, operatives in the name of Hezbollah managed to set up weapons depots that the Israeli Air Force attacked, according to foreign publications, and destroyed them. The Northern Command, the Intelligence Directorate, the Air Force, ground units and the Mossad are partners in this effort.

According to senior security officials, the Iranians in Syria are also deterred and witness foreign publications about an attack by the Israeli Air Force in the al-Tanf area of Syria and the destruction of unmanned aircraft and missiles including Iranian-made infrastructure without an Iranian response.

Meanwhile, the defense establishment is proud that despite the many reasons for breaking the calm since Operation Guardian of the Walls - more than forty killed, a flag march in Jerusalem, the escape of security prisoners from Israeli prisons, hunger strikes in prisons, the interception of UAVs over Gaza, the delay in payments to officials and the Qatari grant - Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have chosen to remain silent, due to the high deterrence that was placed in front of the organization.

"For the launching of four terrorist balloons, 12 tons of bombs were dropped on the Gaza Strip," a security source said of individual attempts to disrupt the peace that included the launching of three rockets by "rebellious people" contrary to the opinion of top Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials.

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