Friday, December 31, 2021

Orwellian Censorship:

Orwellian Update:

By now you’ve all heard that Dr. Robert Malone - who literally invented the entire concept of mRNA vaccines, has been perma-banned by the government agent thought police at Twitter. The reason for that banning was the video, linked here, in which he warns of the dangers of administering the current assortment of mRNA vaccinations to children. In the video, Dr. Malone warns of “irreversible and potentially permanently damaging” impacts from administering these vaccines to children, a move that Anthony Fauci, has been advocating in his myriad media appearances for weeks. Who would you rather trust with this question: A life-long, self-promoting, egomaniac bureaucrat like Fauci, or the highly-respected medical doctor who invented this form of vaccine to begin with?

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