Tuesday, November 23, 2021

This Is What Madness Looks Like

Hardscrabble Farmer

If you are unable to process the cues given by this man and see clearly that he is mentally unhinged, you should stay in your house. Outdoors, among people is too risky for someone like you.

Physiognomy is one of the greatest gifts human beings possess. It allows you to understand at a glance which human beings are healthy and which ones pose an immediate threat to your safety and well-being.

How you deal with them once you recognize your ability to discern these things is up to you, but to pretend that we are incapable of judging a book by its cover is simply false.

They call people who believe that medicines and therapies should be optional and consensual, rather than coerced, 'anti-vaxxers'. This label is now so broad that it even includes many people who are very pro-vaccine. Don't trust people who misuse such labels. They're dishonest.

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