Monday, November 22, 2021

Lockdowns vs Epidemiology

Why I spoke out against lockdowns

I had no choice but to speak out against lockdowns. As a public-health scientist with decades of experience working on infectious-disease outbreaks, I couldn’t stay silent. Not when basic principles of public health are thrown out of the window. Not when the working class is thrown under the bus. Not when lockdown opponents were thrown to the wolves. There was never a scientific consensus for lockdowns. That balloon had to be popped.

For society at large, the conclusion was obvious. We had to protect older, high-risk people while younger low-risk adults kept society moving.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, schools closed while nursing homes went unprotected. Why? It made no sense. So, I picked up a pen. To my surprise, I could not interest any US media in my thoughts, despite my knowledge and experience with infectious-disease outbreaks. I had more success in my native Sweden, with op-eds in the major daily newspapers, and, eventually, a piecein spiked. Other like-minded scientists faced similar hurdles.

Instead of understanding the pandemic, we were encouraged to fear it. Instead of life, we got lockdowns and death. We got delayed cancer diagnoses, worse cardiovascular-disease outcomes, deteriorating mental health, and a lot more collateral public-health damage from lockdown. Children, the elderly and the working class were the hardest hit by what can only be described as the biggest public-health fiasco in history.

Throughout the 2020 spring wave, Sweden kept daycare and schools open for every one of its 1.8million children aged between one and 15. And it did so without subjecting them to testing, masks, physical barriers or social distancing. This policy led to precisely zero Covid deaths in that age group, while teachers had a Covid risk similar to the average of other professions. The Swedish Public Health Agency reported these facts in mid-June, but in the US lockdown proponents still pushed for school closures.

In July, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article on ‘reopening primary schools during the pandemic’. Shockingly, it did not even mention the evidence from the only major Western country that kept schools open throughout the pandemic. That is like evaluating a new drug while ignoring data from the placebo control group.


Pandemic of the Unvaccinated?

Lex Greene

Now we are learning that there will be more boosters coming, and that if you are not current on their latest booster injections, you’re still not vaccinated.

So, when you hear these folks say again and again that “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” realize that in their opinion, no one is actually fully vaccinated yet and no one will be until they reach the end of their planned vax and booster protocol, which is still being developed.

When we were all told that the Wuhan Flu came from a Chinese wet market, we thought, well, that’s happened before, so it’s possible. But then we saw reports of patients zero and one in China were employees of the Wuhan Lab and we researched “gain of function” work. It took over a year for Fauci to admit what we knew in the first months of 2020, that this was a lab created (gain of function) bioweapon, funded by Fauci’s NIH in that CDC-CCP Wuhan Lab.

When intelligent people saw that nine-inch swab test…we said why? We all knew you could test for any virus with a simple saliva cheek swab, which is what they are using now. There never was any legitimate reason for a swab all the way to the blood-brain barrier, unless for some other reason. So, we said, no thanks!

When intelligent people were told to put on a mask, we looked at the mask manufacturer information and read numerous mask efficacy research studies, all of which concluded that none of the masks were at all effective in preventing the spread of any virus. So again, after checking the real science, we said, no thanks!

When we were told that Operation Warp Speed was going to deliver vaccines to save us all from a virus that already had a 99.8% survival rate, we knew that this meant that all of the normal testing to make sure that any vaccines would be safe, was being bypassed in order to get it fast, instead of safe. When we started reading thousands of VAERS Reports of deaths from the vaccines, we knew that we were right to opt out…no thanks!


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Anonymous said...

Very good Article. So, IMO, what we have essentially are Criminal Minds with power, positions of power, traitor's colluding with Foreign adversaries, liars with no regard for humanity pushing fear through fake MSM propaganda to deceive, corrupted Criminals Unconstitutionally unlawfully pushing experimental jabs that kill, harm, and segregate humanity into vaxxed versus unvaxxed, right?

So, IMO, when are those corrupted criminals getting arrested, trials, punishments handed down, their madness coming to a complete halt? In my opinion, this whole mess is the biggest Terrorist Act against the masses on a Global Scale! Those criminals are terrorizing all society while robbing our resources, getting wealthier by illegal means, and now that their plots have been exposed, why are they still talking, walking, and not in a cell or other Military means to be dealt with?? This has been the biggest security breach of National Security committed in the USA as ALL info reputedly has been poured forth, and ongoing IMO?

Expectations are, either our Military, Senator's, scrape this evil, or the masses have the right to do whatever it takes to circumvent this evil and set up another Governing body, IMO! Dictatorships can be taken down as they should be! IMO, It is equal to Hitler's Reign taking hold, now what sane country allows this? Never seen a reputed crisis used to control human lives in such a diabolical manner as witnessed over this Covid Jab push with no accountability for deaths, injuries, etc. caused by some unknown ingredients not made transparent for all to make personal decisions! American's need to make decisions about their Freedoms first and foremost, stopping stupid will be a start and in my opinion, slowly it's happening. Unfortunately, our Government did not have American's back, or we would not be in such a mess, IMO!

Sad State of Affairs, and we still do business with CCP? Strange, Communist China sent viruses over last twenty years, a real nasty this round, and this makes no sense to still use their products to do any testing, etc. IMO! Greed for money is the root of all evil, as we are witnessing big time!