Saturday, November 27, 2021

Things To Come: Building Back Better

Build Back Better

Back in July, legendary geopolitical and financial cycle analyst Martin Armstrong boldly said, “The system has come to an end.” 

What are we seeing now? 

There is massive inflation, huge defaults of debt in China, a badly broken supply chain and a hostile government against “We the People” here in America. 

It sure looks like the end of this system is near.  

Armstrong contends it is not an accident that all this is happening now to the United States because Marxist globalists want to overthrow our Constitutional form of government.  Armstrong explains,

This is getting to be really absurd.  Biden is the perfect President.  I warned that this election had nothing to do with Trump versus Biden.  It was Trump versus a foreign entity that was trying to take over the United States.  Biden is absolutely the perfect President.  They got their wish.  They got somebody in there that really would not be able to figure out left from right. 

I am not making derogatory statements against him. 

This isn’t even Biden’s agenda.  You are lucky if he even understands what’s going on.  It’s the people behind him.  It you look at his polls, they are down to 33%.  A politician would normally care about that.  You don’t see any change because he’s not the one doing this.  They know he’s just a place holder. , , , They are just moving their agenda through—period.  The United States is being orchestrated from Geneva. 

All this ‘Build Back Better’ stuff was a slogan created at Davos. . . .The United States is under attack from a foreign entity.”

Armstrong says his predictive Socrates computer program does not see the Marxist globalists succeeding.  Armstrong says,

They think they can take over the world and create this fictional wonderland of Marxism.  It’s not going to work.  Our computer is showing that they have failed.  In 2022, this whole thing is going to start blowing up.  Bill Gates . . . actually said that the vaccines don’t work.  He said we are going to have to create a new sort of R&D.  There is too much evidence now that the vaccines do not prevent you from getting Covid or spreading it.  Data coming out of Israel shows the majority of people vaccinated are the majority of the people that are dying.  Gates is being confronted with this behind the curtain.”

Armstrong says the Marxist globalists are trying to create a Great Depression.  Why?  Armstrong says, “The reason why they are trying to create a Great Depression is they are now desperate..." 

Armstrong also says the Marxist globalists have a plan to default on all debt.  Listen to how they are going to sell this to the public.  Armstrong says,

“They pretend they care about you.  You won’t own anything.  We are going to eliminate all mortgages, all credit card debt and you are going to be happy.  


Because that’s the cover for them to default.  They can’t default without wiping out everybody’s pension fund.”



Bruce Bridges said...

How are they going to do this before the Rapture without bringing about conditions very much like Revelation 6:6? If it happens before, obviously it ISN'T Rev 6:6. But if it goes down now what will be left to collapse later after we're gone?

Anonymous said...

So like, having had an awesome day, being aligned with awesome people where ever I went, whatever I did, being blessed with all was needed to do what was needed, it's quite possible, we can create, with God's blessings of course, our very own joy!

No going back? Are we sure it's time to throw in the towel? There is a real joy in being an individual, bit trying at times, but hey, why stop now; Everyone is on a roll right now, as described, it just depends which way your rolling, IMO!