Thursday, November 25, 2021

Interesting Ruling In Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: 'Elite' Co-Conspirators Will Be Named At Trial

Judge Rejects Ghislaine Maxwell Plea Deal: Elite Co-Conspirators to Be Named at Trial

A federal judge has ruled that embattled British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell can forget about a plea deal to escape her upcoming child sex trafficking trial. 

Federal prosecutors say they are refusing to offer Jeffrey Epstein’s 59-year-old accused madam any kind of a deal before her trial gets underway this month.

The judge in her explosive sex-trafficking case is now also playing hardball with her, too, by agreeing with prosecutors.

The wealthy publishing heiress has long been suspected of being a pimp to late billionaire pedophile Epstein.

U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan has ruled against some of the government and Maxwell’s proposed redactions of materials for her upcoming child trafficking trial, characterizing them as “overbroad.”

The ruling opens up the possibility that A-listers who have been rumored to be associated with Epstein—including former President Bill ClintonPrince Andrew, business executives, and celebrities—could be named in a case that’s surrounded by intrigue and conspiracy theories.

Judge Nathan also delivered another blow to the fallen British socialite — who was led into court in shackles.

Nathan ruled that prosecutors can refer to Maxwell’s accusers as “minors” and “victims" and that the women can use pseudonyms when they testify at her trial later this month. 

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