Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Today's 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'

Plandemic 9 from Outer Space

Guest Post by tr4head

This is from the North Carolina Covid Executive Order Dictate: “There is growing evidence that wearing a face covering can help reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially because people may be infected with the virus and not know it.”

Think about that last part. Only in the annals of Science Fiction could we have come up with something so effectively sinister. It’s the perfect disease for the perfect plan. Has there EVER been a disease with severe or even deadly health consequences (by itself) meeting this new found “novel” characteristic: a disease with no symptoms for up to 80% of people can be spread to someone who then might also have no symptoms but could spread to someone that eventually might die, or just might have no symptoms? And, so on. And so on. And so on…..

I would suggest the answer is no simply because there has been no such disease ever existing in human beings. So, it must have been made up unless someone bio-engineered a disease to attack people only with a heretofore undiscovered Gene X. With a near Civil War going on in America, I think its much more likely to believe the fake-out motive of people intent on defeating Trump, taking over the country and replacing American Liberty with Global Fascism. The CDC, leading the Totalitarian charge, has to now refer to “co-morbidity” in the same breath as “morbidity” to combine the two into a new undistinguished definition for the people. They know that Covid acting alone, not as a “co-morbid” factor, has caused less deaths than seasonal Flu and that won’t work well with Plandemic 9 from Outer Space

For those not familiar with this famously bad movie (actually called Plan 9 from Outer Space) it opens with a statement from a guy named Criswell. Criswell was a “clairvoyant” Hollywood futurist in the 1950s. He reminds me a little of Schumer. With a few slightly altered changes, Criswell’s opening monologue applies to today’s mess and, as they say, history does rhyme...

This movie is a cult favorite, directed by the late and not so great Ed Wood. It even starred Bela Lugosi in his last role, sort of. He died just before the film was released and Ed interspersed short clips of Bela doing inconsequential things throughout the movie at wholly inappropriate places. That’s our Ed!
I think we are living the Plan 9 dream. We are all in this bad movie, one of the worst of all time. Its so bad you have to laugh, just like the real flick. But I have to admit I am having a hard time laughing anymore seeing my fellow Americans brainwashed out of their minds with never ending 15 minute ABC Disney radio spots frightened to walk down streets or even in parks without cloth masks. Forget that viruses easily enter exposed eyes and hardly anybody is wearing eye protection. Or that masks are not considered Bio Hazard waste by County Health Departments when you are drooling into it for hours at a time and can just toss in the trash can once a week and kill the Garbage man. Lather, rinse, repeat. Some on my streets in Hendersonville NC even look like Mummies for God’s sake (give ’em credit for the eye protection):

COVID is the perfect creation of the Mainstream Media whose goal is to dehumanize and segregate the population. You must stay clear of fellow human beings that might just KILL you. Aaaahhhhhh!!! This media created monster beats even the power of Leftist Federal Judges in it’s implications. You see, when you have a disease with no symptoms that can therefore be spread without knowing it you can rightly say that virtually everyone must be traced, monitored and quarantined with ankle bracelets for their own good and to protect others.

And, since you can unwittingly KILL someone when you don’t even have a runny nose, we have a Plan for you. Do not fear! We won’t arrest you for manslaughter (yet). The Government will protect you, from yourself, and everyone else, with a Totalitarian state.

Now, please understand. As your elected representatives, we really don’t want to do the Totalitarian State thing (Wink Wink) but we are forced make you do dehumanizing things to in order to make everyone safe, from each other. This is the New Normal where you can’t go to funerals. Or weddings. Or seeing your own kids sick in the hospital. You know. For the children. This must continue until we have a perfect vaccine created by the Gates/Fauci/NIH syndicate who will implant tracemakers inside you along with the ineffective Vaccine.

But how will we know the efficacy of a Vaccine when most people have no symptoms from a disease it is supposed to protect us from? I guess if you aren’t dead yet we have saved your life. Plandemic 9 from Outer Space is upon us.

So, the perfect Plan 9 is unfolding, just as Criswell predicted. And, part of the Plan also includes getting rid of all that dangerous legal tender cash money that can spread Covid and make you die. The Banks are doing this right now and nobody is stopping them. This helps the Motherland know where you are at and what you spend money on. Phase 2.5 of Plandemic 9.

I leave you with some fitting last words from Ed Wood and Plan 9:
Col. Edwards: This is the most fantastic story I’ve ever heard.
Jeff:: And every word of it’s true, too.
Col. Edwards: That’s the fantastic part of it.
I wish it wasn’t just a bad script for a bad movie. As I have said before in these blogs, none of this would happen without a compliant mainstream media which needs busting up big time.

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