Sunday, July 26, 2020

Anticipating Hezbollah Attack, Gantz Warns Terror Group

Anticipating Hezbollah attack, Gantz warns terror group: Don’t test us

Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued a clear threat to the Hezbollah terror group while overlooking the northern border on Sunday, saying that the Jewish state was prepared to take harsh action against “anyone who tests us,” as the Lebanese militia was suspected of planning to strike Israel in retaliation for the death of one of its fighters earlier this week.
Gantz also indicated that Israel would continue to act in Syria and Lebanon, despite the tensions, in order to ensure its security.
“We will continue to ensure our security interests, which include removing Iranian entrenchment in Syria, blocking the transfer of advanced [weapons], and preventing the development of precision [guided missiles] anywhere in the region — in Syria or in Lebanon,” he said.

Asked about reports that Israel conveyed messages to the Lebanese terror group that it had not meant to kill its fighter — Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad — in an airstrike on Damascus International Airport last Monday, Gantz appeared to drop Israel’s policy of ambiguity about its activities in Syria.
“We acted against the entrenchment of Iran in Syria. If someone involved in Iran’s activities in Syria — which we will continue to act against — this is liable to happen. We take that into account,” he said.
Gantz again warned the governments of Syria and Lebanon that they would be held responsible for any attacks against Israel coming from their territory.

“The situation in Lebanon and Syria is not good — economically, in terms of the coronavirus and in terms of their infrastructure. I remind both Lebanon and Syria that they are responsible for what happens in their territory and what comes out of it,” Gantz told reporters on a hill inside the Israel Defense Forces’ Northern Command headquarters in Safed.
“We don’t want any unnecessary escalations [of violence], but anyone who tests us will be met by a very high capability to take action, and I hope we won’t need to use it,” he added.
On Sunday night Hezbollah’s deputy chief brushed off Israel’s warnings, while keeping quiet on whether the terror group would retaliate against the Jewish state.

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