Saturday, July 25, 2020

Bill Gates pushing for 7 billion mandatory experimental RNA injections that re-program human cells to produce coronavirus spike proteins

Operation Warp Speed is underway in the United States as the federal government moves forward with approximately $2 billion in contracts with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to produce and deliver up to 300 million experimental vaccine doses by January 2021.

In the meantime, state governments and health departments are coercing people into indefinite mask wearing, contact tracing, restrictions on personal liberty, and continued shutdowns and restrictions on certain activities, until new experimental vaccines are consumed en masse.
US President Donald Trump, seeking stock market growth for reelection, is caught up in a conflict of interest as he becomes Big Pharma’s greatest spokesperson to advance new biologics and RNA injections.

Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci are pushing an experimental RNA technology to the front of the line. This technology, delivered via injection, is a type of genetic engineering called germ line editing. Bill Gates has been pushing this technology for over a decade and has the financial resources in place to carry out these genetic alterations on populations around the world. The technology inserts coronavirus genetic code into each person, forever changing genetics and cellular processes in their body. The coronavirus RNA reprograms human cells to produce spike proteins, forcing the immune system to fight properties of a virus that are being artificially manufactured by the body’s own cells. The effects of this technology are trans-generational; the cellular manipulation can be passed down to future generations. Leading ethicists and scientists called for an end to this kind of trans-generational human genome editing in a January 2020 Geneva Statement.
January 2020 was also the time when Dr. Fauci and the NIH moved forward with licensure of this controversial technology to be used in Moderna’s experimental RNA coronavirus vaccine. (The NIH owns half of Moderna’s vaccine and stands to profit.) Even though Moderna has never brought a product to market, their latest controversial technology has been irresponsibly pushed through clinical trials, bypassing animal studies that are critically important to understand toxicity, histopathology, and disease processes. (Previous attempts to manufacture a coronavirus vaccine for SARS resulted in animal fatalities after injection and upon subsequent infection.)

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