Saturday, October 19, 2019

Worship Of The Wrong god

‘EXTINCTION REBELLION’ – The World Has Gone Mad – Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Did you know that millions around the planet have been marching and will continue to march in many countries to make it known that Climate Change deniers are going to make mankind extinct and our planet with go up in flames and be utterly destroyed?

Here is what is at the heart of “Extinction Rebellion.” Listen carefully to the words spoken in this short video.  You should be able to discern that these people are coming together to form the One World Government (NWO). When a young lady says she wants worldwide “Democracy” what she is really saying is World Wide Communism. But she is calling for this global government to be run by citizenry.

She has no idea WHO will be in charge.  We know.

This is an upper-middle-class death cult and we should ridicule it out of existence.

Yesterday, in London, I witnessed an eerie, chilling sight: I saw a death cult holding a ceremony in public.
My comments will be bolded and indented:
The men and women gathered outside King’s Cross station and formed a circle. They swayed and chanted. They preached about End Times. ‘What will you do when the world gets hot, what, what?’, they intoned, conjuring up images of the hellfire they believe will shortly consume mankind. They sang hymns to their god – science. ‘We’ve got all the science / All that we need / To change the world / Hallelujah’, they sang, rocking side to side as they did so.
Isn’t this so sad and ironic? They talk of heat and hellfire. They sing songs to their god – “science.”  They want to change the world and even sing “Hallelujah.”  Isn’t this obvious that this movement has become a religion?  These people have been indoctrinated – perhaps Common Core curriculums have finally brought the young people of the world to the goal – they have become good global citizens. They are brain washed.

They demanded repentance. ‘Buy less, fly less, fry less’, said one placard. Catholics only demand the non-consumption of meat on Fridays, as an act of penance to mark the day of Christ’s death. This new religion demands an end to meat-consumption entirely, as penance for mankind’s sins of growth and progress.

And now there is repentance. This new global “religion” demands an end to the eating of meat.
And like all death cultists, they handed out leaflets that contained within them ‘THE TRUTH’. The leaflets foretell floods and fire: ‘We are in trouble. Sea levels are rising… Africa and the Amazon are on fire.’ The only word that was missing was locusts. They can’t be far behind these other ghastly visitations to sinful mankind.

Ah, yes………TRUTH.  How incredibly sad that these people do not know the real TRUTH. His Name is Jesus Christ.  The death cult has disdain for Him as well as His followers.
And if you question their TRUTH? Then, like those heretics who were hauled before The Inquisition 500 years ago, you will be denounced as a denier. A denier of their revelations, a denier of their visions. ‘Denial is not a policy’, their placards decreed. Spotting me filming their spooky, apocalyptic ceremony, one of the attendees waved that placard in my face. A warning from the cult to a corrupted outsider.

This is a millenarian movement that might speak of science, but which is driven by sheer irrationalism. By fear, moral exhaustion and misanthropy. This is the deflated, self-loathing bourgeoisie coming together to project their own psycho-social hang-ups on to society at large. They must be criticised and ridiculed out of existence.

I want to take the reader back to a time in 2016. The longest tunnel – The Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland was being unveiled.  All of the heads of state of the EU were there to celebrate.  Most of us were so totally shocked by the “Show.”
Here is the article I wrote about this:
I want the reader to compare what is happening today with the “Extinction Rebellion” and this very satanic production during the unveiling of the tunnel back in 2016. Tell me if these people do not resemble one another.  It’s all satanic. It’s all Globalism.  The world is getting ready for Antichrist.

By now, most everyone has seen the NWO Satanic show to celebrate Switzerland’s longest train tunnel which goes directly through the Alps.  Many European heads of State attended this bizarre and blatantly evil production, including Angela Merkel of Germany. A standing ovation was given at the end of the show.  I wonder, were they applauding for the actors or perhaps for Lucifer himself?

If you have not seen this Illuminati style production, brace yourself: