Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Soros Money Behind 'Climate Change' Groups, Data Reveals Human Activity Has Minimal Impact On Climate

Soros Gave Global Climate Strike Partners More than $24M

While 16-year-old Greta Thunberg has become the face of the climate strike movement, it's no longer gatherings of children. A litany of well-funded, left-wing activist groups have partnered to generate a week of climate protests known as the “Global Climate Strike:” Sept 20, through 27, bookending the U.N. climate conference.

At least 22 of those partners have been funded by liberal billionaire George Soros who spends nearly $1 billion a year on groups pushing a variety of left-wing causes. Together, 22 organizations listed as international or North American partners of the Global Climate Strike received at least $24,854,592 from Soros’ Open Society Network between 2000-2017.

Strikes are scheduled in 150 countries for Sept. 27. Undoubtedly, the promotion and partnership of hundreds of liberal groups including 350.org (which hosts the Global Climate Strike website), EarthJustice and Friends of the Earth helped the strikes balloon in size. The Sept. 20, strikes drew around 4 million activists, with 2,500 protests scheduled in 163 countries around the globe, according to Vox. Democratic candidate Tom Steyer’s NextGen America was also a partner, along with the Sierra Club which has gotten millions from former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
In recent years, Soros funding went to at least 22 of those partnering groups including 350.org, Amnesty International, Avaaz, Color of Change and People’s Action. Those groups had various climate-related agendas from reducing global carbon emissions to less than 350 parts per million, campaigning for 100 percent “clean energy,” banning new fossil fuel projects to a “green civil rights movement.”
Known more for its pro-abortion, pro-gun control, LGBTQ rights advocacy and opposition to Israel, Amnesty International was another Soros-funded strike partner. Its website confirmed it “will be taking part in the climate strikes,” because “Human rights are intimately linked with climate change because of its devastating effect on not just the environment but our own wellbeing.”

The climate change hoax has collapsed. A devastating series of research papers has just been published, revealing that human activity can account for no more than a .01°C rise in global temperatures, meaning that all the human activity targeted by radical climate change alarmists — combustion engines, airplane flights, diesel tractors — has virtually no measurable impact on the temperature of the planet.

Finnish scientists spearheaded the research, releasing a paper entitled, “No Experimental Evidence for the Significant Anthropogenic Climate Change.”

The paper explains that IPCC analysis of global temperatures suffers from a glaring error — namely, failure to account for “influences of low cloud cover” and how it impacts global temperatures. Natural variations in low cloud cover, which are strongly influenced by cosmic radiation’s ability to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere due to variations in the strength of our planet’s magnetosphere, account for nearly all changes in global temperature, the researchers explain.

As this chart reveals, more cloud cover is inversely related to temperature. In other words, clouds shield the surface of the Earth from the sun, providing shade cover cooling, while a lack of clouds results in more warming:

This is further supported by researchers at Kobe University in Japan who published a nearly simultaneous paper that reveals how changes in our planet’s magnetic field govern the intensity of solar radiation that reaches the lower atmosphere, causing cloud formation that alters global temperatures.

That study, published in Nature, is called, “Intensified East Asian winter monsoon during the last geomagnetic reversal transition.” It states:

Records of suborbital-scale climate variation during the last glacial and Holocene periods can be used to elucidate the mechanisms of rapid climate changes… At least one event was associated with a decrease in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Thus, climate records from the MIS 19 interglacial can be used to elucidate the mechanisms of a variety of climate changes, including testing the effect of changes in geomagnetic dipole field strength on climate through galactic cosmic ray (GCR)-induced cloud formation…

In effect, cosmic rays which are normally deflected via the magnetosphere are, in times of weak or changing magnetic fields emanating from Earth itself, able to penetrate further into Earth’s atmosphere, causing the formation of low-level clouds which cover the land in a kind of “umbrella effect” that shades the land from the sun, allowing cooling to take place. But a lack of clouds makes the surface hotter, as would be expected. This natural phenomenon is now documented to be the primary driver of global temperatures and climate, not human activity.

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