Thursday, May 31, 2018

Soros Proposes The EU Should Borrow Money To Pay For Unrestricted Migration Into Europe

George Soros Wants the EU to Borrow Money to Pay for Unrestricted Migration into Europe

George Soros has published a new article. It is paywalled, but the Hungarian versionis not.
In the article he recommends a Marshall plan for Africa, and he seems to recommend acquiring the money for it by putting the EU into debt.
He also says, among other interesting things (and whining against Orbán):
“My opinion has always been that refugees must be distributed strictly on a voluntary basis. Member states must not be forced to take them in, nor must refugees be directed to countries where they don’t want to go.” (my translation)
This is the diametrical opposite of what he proposed just thee years ago, when he said, among other things:
“First, the EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future. And, to do that, it must share the burden fairly — a principle that a qualified majority finally established at last Wednesday’s summit.”
Our Hungarian translator CrossWare declined to translate the source document linked above — she said she didn’t want to help Mr. Soros spread his [expletive redacted]. Instead she volunteered to translate this report from the news portal
The “philanthropist” Soros would have Europe take out a loan for the reception of migrants
George Soros has had another perverted collection of ideas. According to him, he has now come up with the latest idea for money-laundering, because he is afraid of the European Parliament’s defeat of the immigration forces he supports, by the patriotic forces in agreement with Viktor Orbán. That is why, before it is done, the US billionaire wants to pull tens of billions of dollars from EU pockets to move migrants in bulk to Europe.
The American billionaire, who only communicates with the world through open letters, speaking declaratively of the EU’s migration plans which now being threatened with failure, reappeared with one of its favorite cannons: the EU should take out loans for the supply and reception of migrants. Soros would resolve the migration crisis by allowing more migrants, moreover, at the expense of EU taxpayers.
“How to Save Europe?” — this is the ringing title of the billionaire’s opinion piece, where he slipped his demand for money into a glaze of honeyed drool.
Surprisingly, Soros also explains why he came up with his latest plan. The great financial conspirator is very afraid of the victory of the anti-immigration forces of European nation-states, as represented by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, at the next European Parliament election. Therefore, if he could, he would do a little business on the migrants with the EU until then.
“In Hungary, Viktor Orbán based his campaign on falsely accusing me of flooding Europe and Hungary with Muslim refugees. Orbán is now defending his own Christian vision of Europe. This vision is in contrast with the EU principles,” writes the probably desperate Soros, who is the self-proclaimed defender of the EU’s non-established principles.
The financial construction advertised by Soros, “giving Marshall aid to Africa”, is essentially about making financial resources available to Soros in the amount of 30 billion euros annually from the European Union, to support the import of African migrants (he calls them “refugees”) into Europe.
George Soros describes his own model fairly euphemistically as an infinitely positive process about reducing illegal migration and organizing legal migration. Indeed, the American billionaire’s plan is about making mass migration legitimate and publicly subsidized.
Obviously, for his own financial gain, George Soros has devised an astonishingly naughty and wicked political-economic plan. The wealthy immigrant investment magnate would force EU citizens to pay for massive imports of migrants into the EU to make an even larger profit. A sumptuous idea!
“In order for an African Marshall Plan to succeed, at least €30 billion would be needed annually. Member states could cover only a small part of this. Where do we get money from? Keep in mind that the refugee crisis is a European problem, and requires a pan-European solution. The EU’s creditworthiness is high, but unused. When do we have the opportunity, if not in such a historic crisis? We know from history that public debt rises in times of war. Of course, the borrowing is against the prevailing orthodoxy, which calls for austerity…” writes the stock-market shark, camouflaged as a philanthropist.
But again, the main problem with the whole of Soros’s plan, and with all of his other ideas — why does Soros think that he has the right to speak for the lives of 500 million people in the EU, without any electoral mandate?
With the usual bold, thick skin on his face, Soros, in his open letter, in addition to his important financial plan, deliberately misrepresents and lies about many other political issues.
For example, while Soros is pushing immigration around the world, he ratiocinates why Brexit is an important for the EU, that is, to prevent the British from leaving, and to reverse the decision. All while Britain’s population has decided to exit the EU due to the overwhelming effects of uncontrolled migration. And what else does George Soros have to do with British citizens’ decision? Why does the American billionaire think he has the right to override the British decision?
The Hungarian-born stock market speculator, however, in his most recent open letter, also expresses his intention of eliminating nation states using the global network of civilian organizations that he maintains and uses to represent his interests.
“A joint effort is needed; the management of EU bodies combined with the civilian movements,” states Soros, who obviously does not spare money from his private network of Open Society Foundations, which works to achieve unlimited and unrestricted migration.

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