Friday, May 25, 2018

G Soros Acquires Stakes In Netflix As Censorship Ramps Up, Soros Also Involved In Plot To Overturn Brexit

George Soros Acquires Stakes In Alphabet, Netflix As Both Corps Ramp Up Censorship, Propaganda

George Soros’s hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, bought stakes in Netflix and Google’s holding company, Alphabet, in the third quarter of 2016 according to a November 14 report by MarketWatch last year. Soros also liquidated shares of Disney and General Motors in the same period.
Both Google and Netflix have engaged in recent censorship of information and engaged in propaganda campaigns to support various government initiatives. The timing of these campaigns to promote disinformation is concerning considering his new investments.
On February 6th, 2017, Google News Lab announced CrossCheck, a new project aimed at fighting so-called “fake news” prior to the French presidential election as a collaborative effort between journalists, newsrooms, and social media companies alike. What CrossCheck appears to be is a function that has taken the liberty of appointing various groups to collaboratively decide what is true or false in real-time. Google called CrossCheck “a coalition news verification project”. The announcement claims journalists in France and abroad will be involved, with their goal being:

George Soros’s new stake in Netflix is equally concerning. Netflix’s audience is incredibly broad, reaching a total of 86.7 million people in the third quarter of 2016. Numbers outside the United States have exploded in the past few years thanks to Netflix’s global expansion strategy. About 37.7 percent of Netflix’s subscribers are estimated to be located outside of the U.S.
Last September, Netflix ran a documentary about the Syrian White Helmets. The documentary portrayed the group as selfless heroes. However, research by Disobedient Media has indicated that the group is a propaganda tool, have been involved in numerous war crimes and has members who have appear to be fighters of various militia groups with in Syria. The willingness of Netflix to engage in distribution of propaganda supporting government initiatives raises questions about how George Soros is using his new influence with the company.

George Soros has faced recent international backlash against his Open Society Foundation. Most recently, Macedonia has taken steps investigate and resist Soros aligned NGOs while Hungary has entirely banned the Foundation and other related NGOs from the country. The central reason for the investigations and expulsions in both states was Soros’s purported role in meddling with national elections and improperly seeking to influence public opinion.

Leaked papers have revealed how the foreign-funded group ‘Best for Britain’ hopes to spend a £5.6 million war chest on subverting or overturning the British people’s vote to leave the European Union (EU).

The group, backed by the billionaire open borders advocate George Soros, is to launch a six-month campaign, including a massive advertising and social media propaganda push and a speaking tour by Europhile politicians.
They have already amassed a £2.4 million fortune and are asking a further £3.2 million from wealthy and foreign donors to interfere in UK politics, telling them: “We have less than six months to stop Brexit.”
They aim to convince MPs to vote down Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, whatever is agreed, claiming it is “not what we voted for”, and mobilise leftist unions into convincing Labour to not back Brexit, the Daily Mail reports.
According to the 26-page leaked document seen by the paper, they will claim Brexit will pose a national security risk, blame Brexit for funding cuts to local councils, and claim that Leave voters are rejecting Westminster politics rather than Brussels.

Former Cabinet Minister Owen Paterson commented: “The cynical plan to manipulate the British voter and stop Brexit has now been laid bare.
“Leave voters up and down the country will be disgusted that George Soros thinks he can spend his fortune to determine the direction of our great country. Most Remain voters too just want us to get on with it.
“My colleagues in Parliament, whether they were for Leave or Remain, must denounce this brazen attempt to undermine our democracy.
“Those MPs who are seeking to dilute or delay Brexit must now admit that their meaningful vote is really just their plan to stop Brexit – as this document sets out unambiguously.”

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