Monday, May 21, 2018

Iranian Electronic Warfare Facility Blown Up South Of Damascus - Second Explosion In 4 Days

Iranian electronic warfare facility blown up south of Damascus, second explosion in 4 days

Powerful explosions were reported early Monday, May 21, in the Naijah area south of Damascus. A Syrian military academy situated there serves as an Iranian/HIzballah intelligence war room and an Iranian electronic warfare facility. The explosions were reported by Sky News in Arabic with no official confirmation or indication of what caused them. If confirmed, this would appear to be the second pinpointed attack in four days on an Iranian military target in Syria. 

On May 18, fuel, arms and ammunition depots at a Syrian air base near Hama were blown up, causing massive explosions. Despite Syrian official denials, a number of Iranian officers were killed in this attack on one of Iran’s most important bases in Syria.  DEBKAfile’s military sources learned later that the attack was carried out by an unnamed ground force, which fired eight missiles at the base.

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