Thursday, April 6, 2017

U.S. Launches Air Strike On Syria, 60 Tomahawk Missiles Hit Syria, Russia Warns Of 'Negative Consequences'


US Launches Air Strike On Syria: 60 Tomahawk Missiles Hit Syria

[Looks like the neocons are going to get their wish for a war with Russia...We'll see how that works out]

As previewed earlier tonight, the US has launched air strikes against Syria, with NBC reporting that under instructions from President Trump, US ships have launched over 50 Tomahawk missiles, striking Syria. NBC adds that only tomahawks missiles fired, no fixed wing aircraft involved, for now.

According to CBS, the U.S. launched about 60 Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian airfield where the plane that allegedly carried out the chemical attack took off from; hangars and planes were targeted, a U.S. official says.  Two Navy destroyers launched Raytheon missiles against Syria two days after Bashar al-Assad’s regime used poison gas to kill scores of civilians

The decision to strike in Syria marks a stark reversal for President Trump, who during his presidential campaign faulted past U.S. leaders for getting embroiled in conflicts in the Middle East.

The U.S. military has launched more than 50 missiles aimed at Syria, NBC News reported.
A U.S. military official told NBC that 59 tomahawks had been fired, which hit an airfield near Homs.
Earlier Thursday, Reuters reported that a British diplomat had said the United Nations Security Council would not vote on Thursday on a draft resolution to condemn a deadly gas attack on Tuesday in a rebel-held area of northern Syria, but will continue negotiations.
Russia's deputy U.N. envoy, Vladimir Safronkov, warned that day of "negative consequences" if the U.S. carried out military strikes on Syria over the attack.
"We have to think about negative consequences, negative consequences, and all the responsibility if military action occurred will be on shoulders of those who initiated such doubtful and tragic enterprise," Safronkov told reporters when asked about possible U.S. strikes, adding that such consequences could be seen in Iraq and Libya.
Western countries have blamed President Bashar al-Assad's armed forces for Tuesday's attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in a rebel-held area of northern Syria hit by government air strikes. Syria's government has denied responsibility.
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio appeared to be tweeting about an American offensive action in Syria, posting at 8:44 p.m. ET, "'Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished' Proverbs 11:21 SyriaChemicalAttack"

Russia's deputy U.N. envoy, Vladimir Safronkov, warned on Thursday of "negative consequences" if the United States carries out military strikes on Syria over a deadly toxic gas attack.
"We have to think about negative consequences, negative consequences, and all the responsibility if military action occurred will be on shoulders of those who initiated such doubtful and tragic enterprise," Safronkov told reporters when asked about possible U.S. strikes.
When asked what those negative consequences could be, he said: "Look at Iraq, look at Libya."

The Truth About Syria Is Out - Look What A GOP Senator Just Revealed

Senator Dick Black (R-VA) does not believe Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons on his own people due to lack of motive. Senator Black stated ISIS could be using this as a propaganda tool to take out their biggest enemy which is Assad. According to a 2013 Washington Times report, this isn't the first time terrorist organizations used chemical weapons and blamed it on Assad.

The Art of the Deal: Get Me Some Syria

[This is a very interesting audio and worth listening to]

Did President Trump strike a deal with the Neo-Con Deep State over Syria? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles discusses the unraveling plot to decapitate the Assad regime at the risk of starting a World War with Russia. After the break, Fior shares an update with the 'Code Blue' Sheriff's Deputy and his warning about terrorism on the church's doorstep.

America launches airstrikes on Syria

  • The military fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles at al-Shayrat military airfield
  •  Moves comes just hours after Trump said 'something should happen' following gas-attack atrocity
  • Trump had been weighing up the possibility of launching military strikes after 72 were killed and countless more were injured in the sarin poison gas attack
  • 'I think what happened in Syria is a disgrace to humanity. I guess something should happen,' he said
  • Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said earlier today that the U.S. was already exploring the enlistment of an international coalition to oust Assad

America has launched airstrikes against a Syrian air base.
The US military fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles at the al-Shayrat military airfield near Homs on Thursday. Officials confirm that no fixed wing aircraft were involved.
The move comes just hours after President Trump denounced this week's horrific chemical weapons attack as an 'egregious crime', saying 'it shouldn’t have happened. And it shouldn't be allowed to happen.'

President Trump is expected to give a brief statement from his Mar-a-Lago estate where he is currently entertaining the Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng as part of a two day summit. 
Russia now has more than 30 helicopters operating in Syria, including a fleet of around eight Mi-28N Night Hunter and Ka-52 Alligator gunships stationed at its Shayrat airbase southeast of Homs city, according to satellite images posted online by IHS Jane's analysts. 
Trump had been weighing up the possibility of launching military strikes against Syria, after 72 were killed and countless more were injured in the sarin poison gas attack.
CNN reported that Trump had been 'making calls to senior members of Congress saying he is seriously considering something he said he would never do, not that long ago, which is military action in Syria.'

'What Assad did is terrible,' the president told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Florida, before he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping this evening. 
'I think what happened in Syria is a disgrace to humanity. I guess something should happen.'
Secretary of state Rex Tillerson told reporters Thursday that the U.S. had already been exploring the enlistment of an international coalition to oust Syrian Presidnt Bashar al-Assad.

‘Take Out His Airfields’: Hillary Clinton Comes Out of Woods to Warmonger

Defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a rare public appearance on Thursday evening — to come out and push for the US to bomb Syria.

The former secretary of state called for more US international intervention while speaking at the Women of the World Summit in New York, saying that the US should target Syrian airfields.

U.S. strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad’s government


Mrs.C said...

All these speculations/denials that Assad did do the evil deed. Saddam gassed his "people" on at least two occasions, and probably more. What is extremely telling, is that Bibi has been completely silent :) Israel has been going in on night bombings to Syria. Bibi has paved the way. 100% guarantee that Bibi & President Trump coordinated this. This was TEAMWORK at the highest level. Jordan was in on it too, as were others in the region. Russia, they knew about this too, they had to be notified...WOW...this could lead to Isaiah 17 so easily...and then Brothers & Sisters we are outta here :)

Anonymous said...

War is rearing it's many heads.

Now may be the only time to repent and pray for forgiveness.

Christo con tigo, mis hermanos y hermanas.

Unknown said...

Agreed....any morning now, we are going to wake to the pictures of the smoking ruins of Damascus.

TED said...

Prophesy being fulfilled full steam ahead👍

Sparky said...

Clearly the chemical attack is an illuminati false flag , stated ALL ALONG THAT TRUMP HAS BEEN PUT THERE BY THE ELITES TO START Ww3 , AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT JUST ABOUT TO HAPPEN ! Trump is their ww3 trigger man , this was planned along time ago ( Albert pike planned 3 world wars

Scott said...

If anything, I think Trump has been duped into this by the "intelligence" provided

Mrs.C said...

Oh for goodness sake....Brother Mark, President Trump was "put there by the elites to start ww3"? Are you serious? President Trump was elected by the People of this Great Nation, NOT any "elites". He took out what 16 opponents, and that was your idea of being "put there by the elites'? Gods Hand is all over President Trump, and He has raised him up for such a time as this. You are fabricating an absurdity with this ww3 nonsense, to fit your idea,(as we know from previous posts), that the Church will go through the Trib. Up next will be the Isaiah 17 war, and when that happens we His Church will be outta here! But then again, you ignore Scripture, and you dont believe in the pre-trib Rapture...

WVBORN56 said...

I'm sure this is all fitting nicely into end time Prophecy but as one who loves President Trump I find this strike disappointing. While it might not be the work of the elites and neocons it certainly fits their MO and probably has their fingerprints at the scene of the crime. Assad has been brutally killing his people for years and now Trump is concerned? That does not make sense to me.