Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Update: Chemical Attack In Syria

What the Media Isn't Telling You About Yesterday's Chemical Attack in Syria

On Tuesday, yet another chemical weapons attack occurred in Syria. This particular attack took place in the Idlib province, and dozens have reportedly died as a result.
Syria is no stranger to chemical weapons attacks. In 2013, there were two notably devastating attacks, both of which the Obama administration used to try to justify a direct strike on the Assad government.
The U.N. thoroughly investigated the first 2013 attack. The U.N Commission of Inquiry’s Carla Del Ponte ultimately said the evidence indicated the attack was carried out by the Syrian rebels — not the Syrian government. Despite this, support for the Syrian rebels from the U.S. and its allies only increased, raising serious questions about Obama’s sincerity when condemning chemical attacks.

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh found the second major attack was committed in a similar manner. Hersh found that the U.S. quite deliberately attempted to frame the evidence to justify a strike on Assad without even considering al-Nusra, a terror group with access to nerve agents that should have been a prime suspect.

In 2016, the U.N. concluded that the Syrian government had, indeed, used chemical weapons during the years-long conflict, but that ISIS had, too. This is in light of the fact that in 2013, the U.N. also declared that the regime no longer possessed chemical weapons.
These facts are largely missing from any serious commentary on the most recent attack in Syria. Despite these reports being accessible and available, the world has instead decided to blatantly ignore them and rush to blame Assad once again. 

It is also worth noting that one of the sources blaming Syria and/or Russia for this attack is the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), an organization run by a single anti-Assad dissident in Coventry, England. 

Having these claims bolstered by the White Helmets does nothing to aid its credibility given the group’s leadership is reportedly driven by a “pro-interventionist agenda conceived by the Western governments and public relations groups that back them,” according to Alternet.
Yet without directly confirming any of the intelligence, the media and politicians are out in full force condemning the Assad government. As of this article’s publication, the Guardian has three top headlines: one reporting on the attack and the next two condemning Assad directly (see hereand here).
Even a New Zealand newspaper, the New Zealand Herald, ran an ambitious article entitled “Donald Trump is the only leader who can stop Syrian atrocities.” No – it is not The Onion.
In the article, the writer ignores all of the aforementioned reports regarding attacks in 2013, claiming that in that year, “the Syrian regime used sarin.” She also claims “Obama did nothing” in response.
The claim that Obama “did nothing” makes no sense. In 2016 alone, Obama dropped over 26,000 bombs — almost half of which landed in Syria. These bombs also rained on Syrian troops in direct violation of international law. As president, Obama also oversaw the CIA’s expenditures of about $1 billion a year training Syrian rebels.
As fears of “fake news” perpetuated by both the mainstream media and the president threaten our democratic institutions, how else can we describe these biased reports on Syria, if not “fake news?” News should be based on evidence, not molded around a foreign policy agenda of regime change.
Perhaps the Syrian government did use chemical weapons in a stupid move that would immediately attract international condemnation and calls for war just days after the U.S. openly acknowledged they would consider leaving Assad alone. But what if the Syrian government wasn’t responsible, and the attack was, once again, committed by the Syrian rebels? Will the world unite and join Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard in her calls to stop arming terror groups in Syria?
Or is it that we only care about chemical weapons attacks if there is an indication that the Syrian government was behind it?
One should bear in mind that if the rebels did commit the attack, the U.S. could actually do something about it considering America and its allies actively support them. Withdrawing support for groups that resort to these tactics would contribute to Syria’s safety and security. This is not a concern, however, because it appears the media’s ultimate focus on this story is to garner support for further war and bloodshed in the Middle East — not less of it.

Could Russia’s Unwavering Alliance with Syria Start WW3?

Russia’s unwavering support of Syria, even after the Chemical attack, killing over 70, could draw the conclusion that war could be on the horizon.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov cited the opinion of the Russian military, which said the contamination may have been caused by damage to a rebel chemical weapons storage site.
“You have heard the statement from the Russian Defense Ministry and I have nothing to add to the facts they stated. The Russian Federation and its military are continuing the operation to support the anti-terrorism operation and liberation of the country, which is being conducted by the Syrian armed forces,” Peskov said.
The acting Russian envoy to the UN will voice this position during an emergency meeting of the Security Council on Wednesday, which was called following the chemical incident, Peskov added.
At least 70 people, including 11 children, have been reported killed in the town of Khan Sheikhoun after a suspected chemical weapons attack on Tuesday morning. Rebels accused the Syrian government of bombing the town with chemical munitions.
The accusations have been backed by a number of Western governments.
Staffan de Mistura, UN’s special envoy for Syria, said reliable evidence would be needed to confirm the alleged use of chemical weapons, let alone establish who was responsible for it.
“We have no yet any official or reliable confirmation,” he said on Wednesday. “We will be stimulating all those who have the capacity of finding out technically what had happened.”

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini also said there was no evidence yet to draw any conclusion on what had happened in the Idlib governorate, but stated that the Syrian government held “primary responsibility” for the situation.

Amid the public condemnation of Damascus for the attack and Moscow and Tehran for their support of the Syrian government, some experts pointed out that the Syrian Army had no rational reason for using chemical weapons against rebels in Idlib.
Iran, an ally of Damascus, condemned on Wednesday any use of chemical weapons and offered help to the victims.
“We are ready to bring the victims to Iran and help them,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said, as quoted by Tasnim news agency.
Earlier Turkey, an opponent and frequent critic of Damascus, reported treating dozens of victims of the alleged attack in hospitals located in the border province of Hatay, AP said.
The incident in Khan Sheikhoun happened days after Washington stated that ousting Syrian President Bashar Assad was no longer a priority for the US. The “Assad must go” premise was one of the cornerstones of Washington’s Syrian policy under Barack Obama. The Trump administration has been dismantling many of Obama’s policies.


Anonymous said...

I have very troubling news for all who had hopes for an American Revival. Our current president has accused Assad of gassing his own people, in other words, he is threatening to punish Assad who he now believes to be an enemy.

As I said, let us never vote for any one ever again. America only needs guidance from Christ Alone.

Scott said...

Lets see how this plays out - things are just starting and I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of twists and turns - all ultimately consistent with prophecy. Regardless of what happens, its all part of a bigger plan at this point.

Mrs.C said...

Brother Ivan - What? Where we are in the Prophetic timeline, says nothing about any "American Revival", and ALL of America has never been fully in "Revival". There are Revivals occurring across this Great Nation even as we speak, for the time is short, and God doesn't want any to perish.President Trump calling out Assad is what he should do for Assad committing such a purely evil act once again. In fact, the tensions building with Syria is very Prophetic indeed, and could very well lead to the Isiah 17 war. Should the Isaiah 17 war happen, we His Church will be outta here...thats how close we are to the Rapture.
We are in a period of immense Grace, and the Presidents response to Assad is a reminder that within this Grace period, His Plan continues towards the closing of the Church Age.Speak for yourself, but to encourage other to "not vote" is absurd. That kind of mentality is why satan spawned ovomit was in office for 8 years! Its always astounding, that those who promote this "dont Vote" nonsense, are the first to whine and complain when the left gets elected. It is an HONOR & a PRIVILEGE to Vote in this Great Nation...thousands upon thousands gave their lives for that privilege, yet some folks discard their Votes like trash....smh We are in a Republic, NOT a Theocracy. We all need guidance from Jesus, but the facts are in this fallen world that we live, not everyone believes in Jesus and that applies to every nation in this world not just America. One day Jesus will indeed rule ALL the Nations, but that time is not yet...

TED said...

Yep your right Scott. God himself is going to intervene shortly. There will be amazing fireworks soon๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Carol said...

I strongly believe your presidents are selected not elected regardless of whether you vote or not. This is going back many years

Unknown said...

If it were by selection it would have been Hillary don't you think lol

Scott said...

Im not so sure anymore. It looks like the deep state has gotten to Trump. Very concerning.

Mrs.C said...

Curious Brother Scott, how is it you believe that the "deep state" has possibly "gotten to Trump" ?

Scott said...

Ill update with some posts tonight. The rhetoric over syria right now over this obvious (obvious to me) false flag chemical/gas attack in syria and our subsequent threats to syria/russia which is a 180 flip from statements a few weeks ago. We have been down this road before. Syria has nothing to gain (and everything to lose) by a chemical attack like this and it makes no sense. It only benefits the deep state and neocons. Same with rhetoric towards russia recently. Then the treatment of Bannon also deeply concerning. We'll see but the last few days are very troubling. Dont forget the deep state has everybody information. U believe this was used on our supreme court reversal in obamacare but obviously cant prove that. We'll see how this evolves but to me (and now many others as well) this chemical/gas attack in syria stinks to high heaven and is SO convenient for those who are obsessed w going to war with syria/russia.

foretastes said...

I agree, Scott. The deck is getting stacked against Mr. Trump and it seems the real powers that be are attempting to force him into a confrontation with Assad, not to mention the Russians, North Korea, etc.

Scott said...

Lets face it. They have all information on everybody. And obviously they use it. That may be in play. Or maybe they have simply convinced trump of their point of view. Or maybe trump has an ace card up his sleeve as yet to be revealed. All we can do is speculate. But based on who seems to be influencing him now. Also the treatment of bannon (if true). Now the words of our UN ambassador, which was QUITE inflammatory towards russia before any imvestigation or facts have come out (which has been a recent trend). Seeing how many Goldman Sac people are influencing admin. And the neocons. And the number of obama appointees who inexplicably still in key roles - all of this is just giving me concern. Again, its early and a lot can happen. And im not ready to sound any alarms ar this point. But not to have concerns at this point - you'd have to be blind. We'll see but i dont like how things seem to be trending

Mrs.C said...

Forgive me, but I have to respectfully disagree :) The Syrian attacks were real, not fake by some other entity attempting to do whatever. There are far too many variables for this to be some kind of "deep state" set up. One thing for sure, Israel knows for sure, as they have surveillance of when these evil people even eat breakfast.Assad is trying to eliminate the "rebels" to place himself in continued power, and also if needed, a position in bargaining power.Assad just lies and tells the world someone else did the evil dead, just like Saddam. We know, Israel knows, that Assad has these weapons. There was apparently yet another gas attack today, with witnesses/media filming it. They were Assad's helicopters dumping "barrel bombs", with yellow smoke rising after impact.This is the same tactic Saddam used in Iraq. Assad is attempting to kill as many as he can, while he still can. Israel knows the footprints as it were, of all the evil terrorists in the neighborhood.
President Trump all along has not insulted Russia, as he saw them as a possible partner in the full destruction of Isis. He has left all options open for negotiations, and has been observing the players in this mess.What Assad has done, is a complete in your face to President Trump, and he wont tolerate such horrendous murders of innocents, nor unlike ovomit, telegraph what he will do in response.
The "deep state" or more so, ovomit and his evil minions keeping blackmail info on people, is far different than this. This is rogue nations NK, Syria testing President Trump without question. There are far too many players in Syria, for any "deep state" to control, far too many...
As for Bannon, he was put in the position he was, to keep an eye on Flyn whom others had warned could not be trusted. His job in that capacity, is done, and he has seen to it that Susan Rice has been exposed. The MSM is reporting "booted" "removed" when Bannon himself said this:
"In fact, his changing role in the Trump administration was planned, according to Bannon.
“Susan Rice operationalized the NSC during the last administration,” Bannon said in a statement. “I was put on to ensure that it was de-operationalized.”
“General [H.R.] McMaster has returned the NSC to its proper function,” Bannon said, referring to Trump’s National Security Adviser."

Mrs.C said...

This headline just from today:
"Trump Top Adviser Steve Bannon Attends NSC Meeting One Day After Being ‘Removed’"

Mrs.C said...

Oh, and FWIW, so grateful to God that President Trump retained, kept on, his own personal Security Detail :)

Scott said...

Hope you are right but syria had nothing to gain from this. Their war (which was created by the US neocons) is essentially won. We instigated this whole thing for the purpose of eliminating assad just like we did in Libya and attempted to do in egypt before they kicked out the muslim brotherhood. Recall we pinned a chem attack on assad a couple of years ago before it was determined that the "rebel" faction actually did it. Either way we are now back on the brink of war with syria/russia and may live to regret it.

On another note. There are worse atrocities happening around the world including the wholesale murder of Christians such as nortthern africa. China. N korea. Why are we not concerned about those regions?

Mrs.C said...

From a Scriptural perspective on all this, we know the next "war" will be the Isaiah 17 war. The absolutely horrendously painful truth of that war, is that we, nor anyone else will be there for Israel. :( No one, including the U.S. :( In Gods description of the events of that war, it is very chaotic, and happens quickly involve multiple nations surrounding Israel. Im hoping, that the speed and chaos of that event, doesnt provide the time that would be needed for the U.S. to respond...Im hoping thats why. When it occurs, Russia will not be messing with the U.S., but rather quickly invading Israel. Should the Lord tarry, think about what we are about to witness...Damascus gone in one night, JMHO, but I believe it will be Israel that will be the ones who attack and destroy Damascus...we are so very close to the Rapture its stunning!

Scott said...

I totally agree - the rate at which things are happening is staggering

Carol said...

Hi tent no it wasnt supposed to be hilary if it was she would have won. Nothing is in the hands of the voters anymore

Unknown said...


I'm just reading of these attacks by the US. I support Trump 100%, and I believe it is only by God's devine hand that he is in power. That said, the first article I read talked about Lindsey Graham & John McCain offering their strong support for Trump's actions. I think both of these guys are closet globalists, and that gives me pause to the reality of what is going on here. I believe the unsaved masses are being manipulated into the slaughter houses of this world. I don't believe anything is as it seems....hidden agendas are at play. Did Syria execute chemical attacks? I don't know, but the evidence is pretty damning. I do think it is exteremwly convenient that there is footage of Syrian helicopters barrel bombing refugees. In short, I don't believe much of what I see, hear, and read these days. I know who is in control, but i'm still tired of this world & it's deception. Discernment is what I'm praying for these days....regardless, we are oh so close IMO. Not much longer now.