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The New Russophobia, Russia Mobilizes Troops And Equipment To N Korean Border, Operation Gotham Shield Goes Live From Lincoln Tunnel

Confronting Russophobia

There is a paranoid, hysterical quality to the public discourse on Russia and all things Russian in today’s America.  The corporate media machine and its Deep State handlers have abdicated reason and common decency in favor of raw hate and fear-mongering.  We have not seen anything like it before, even in the darkest days of the Cold War.
The roots of Russophobia’s emotional appeal to the left seem clear: It comes as a huge mental relief to the ultrasensitive liberal mind to be able to hate an outside group with impunity, and even to appear virtuous in the process.  Of course, the object of that animus is a Christian and European nation that stubbornly refuses to be postmodernized, or become gripped by self-hate and morbid introspection; a nation not ashamed of its past and unwilling to surrender its future to alien multitudes; a nation where nobody obsesses over transgender bathrooms, microaggressions, and other “issues” indicative of a society’s moral and intellectual decrepitude.

The liberals’ ideological and emotional Russophobia has blended seamlessly with the bread-and-butter hostility to Russia shared by Deep State operatives in the intelligence and national-security apparatus, in the military-industrial complex, and in the congressional duopoly. 

The result is a surreal narrative that mixes supposedly unprovoked “Russian aggression” in Ukraine, hostile intent in the Baltics, serial war crimes in Syria, political destabilization in Western Europe, and gross interference in America’s “democratic process”. 
The result is an altogether fictitious “existential threat,” which has made President Trump’s intended d├ętente with Moscow impossible.  He may have been serious about turning over a new leaf, but the Deep State counterpressure proved just too great.  A solid rejection front emerged, left and right, conservative and liberal, which extends even into his own team and finally inhibited him from making moves that could have appeared too friendly to Putin.
The Russophobes’ narrative is unrelated to Russia’s actual policies. It reflects a deep odium of the elite class toward Russia-as-such. That animosity has been developing in its current form since roughly the time of the Crimean War, when in his Letters From Russia the Marquis de Custine said that the country’s “veneer of European civilization was too thin to be credible.”

The Russophobic frenzy comes at a cost.  It further devalues the quality of public discourse on world affairs in the United States, which is already dismally low. It has already undermined the prospects for a mutually beneficial new chapter in U.S.-Russian relations, based on a realist assessment that those two powers have no “existential” differences — and share many actual and potential commonalities.  It perpetrates the arrogant delusion that there is a superior, “Western” model of social and cultural thought and action that can and should be imposed everywhere, but especially in Russia.
Saddest of all, Russophobic mania prolongs the European civil war that exploded in July 1914, continued in 1939, and has never properly ended — not even with the fall of the Berlin Wall.  It would be in the American interest, as well as Russia’s and Europe’s, for that conflict to end, so that the existential challenge common to all— that of resurgent jihad and Europe’s demographic crisis — can be properly addressed.

We can all pretend like there is nothing going on around the Korean Peninsulaand hope that cooler heads will prevail, but if history is any guide, when the militaries of multiple nations begin to mass troops at borders, it takes only a single, often seemingly inconsequential, catalyst to plunge the situation into all-out war.

That’s exactly what’s happening in North Korea today. Two weeks ago China deployed some 150,000 troops to the North Korean border and put their entire military on high alert in anticipation of a U.S. military strike on Kim Jong Un.
Now we learn that Russia is rapidly deploying troop and equipment to their border with North Korea, as well.

A video purports to show one of three trains loaded with military equipment moving towards the 11 mile-long land frontier between Russia and the repressive state.
Another evidently highlights military helicopter movements towards the North Korean border and manoeuvres across rough terrain by army combat vehicles.
Other reports suggest there have been military moves by road as well.
There have been concerns that if a conflict breaks out Russia could face a humanitarian exodus from North Korea.
But Putin has been warned, too, that in the event of a US strike on Kim Jong-un’s nuclear facilities, contamination could swiftly reach Russia.
‘Railway trains loaded with military equipment moving towards Primorsky region via Khabarovsk have been noticed by locals,’ reported in the Russian far East – linking the development to the North Korean crisis.
‘The movement of military equipment by different means of transport to southern areas is being observed across Primorsky region over the past week,’ said military veteran Stanislva Sinitsyn.

According to recently leaked U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) documents, a simulated nuclear attack exercise dubbed Operation Gotham Shield starts Monday, April 24, and will be running through Wednesday, April 26.
The exercise encompasses nine state and federal agencies that seek to “evaluate the ability of RAP 1 to coordinate with New York City, New Jersey, and New York State emergency response organizations” to better prepare and safeguard against domestic nuclear threats.

Voice of Reason reports: “[Operation Gotham Shield is] a major nuclear detonation drill in the New York-New Jersey area, along with the U.S.-Canadian border. During this exercise, 4 nuclear devices, 2 of which are rendered “safe” during the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Vital Archer Exercise, and one successful 10kt detonation in the NYC/NJ area, along with one smaller detonation on the U.S./Canadian border are to take place.”

To get a better feel for what we are actually talking about here, if a 10 kiloton nuclear device were to be detonated in Manhattan’s Lincoln Tunnel, for instance, the estimated death toll from the immediate blast would be 13,400 people and over 72,000 more would be injured.

According to a 10 kiloton simulation of a ground-based nuclear explosion using NUKEMAP, we can clearly see just how devastating such a blast would be and how a projected 6 mph wind would carry the fallout.


Amazingly the NUKEMAP projections coincide with DoE projections which are labeled “Not For Public Dissemination.”

nuclear blast image

FBI director James Comey has arrived in Queenstown for a 'top-secret' spy conference.
Comey, wearing sunglasses, a light blue shirt and chino pants, arrived on an FBI chartered Gulfstream Aerospace.
Comey was last in New Zealand in March 2016, when he met with Minister for the Government Communications and Security Bureau and Security Intelligence Service Chris Finlayson and Police Commissioner Mike Bush.
Before Comey's arrival, a CIA jet touched down on the tarmac at Queenstown Airport.
And, just like a scene out of an action flick, two security personnel stood guard as a number of men and women in suits exited the plane before being quickly ushered along the tarmac into waiting vehicles.
A quick Google search of the registration number on the white, Gulfstream Aerospace's tail revealed United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) owns the jet.
The Gulfstream has joined a second private jet at the airport, acting as added confirmation that the "Government conference" set to play out at luxury Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown in the coming week, is a meeting of spying network Five Eyes - the global alliance of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
A fleet of undercover police cars and a security vehicle drove onto the tarmac ahead of the jet arriving.
CIA director Mike Pompeo is among members from 15 agencies believed to be attending the conference and may well have been among those onboard the plane, which jetted in via Wellington.

Police and security have been scattered across the grounds of Millbrook Resort this weekend, keeping a close eye on the comings and goings.
Millbrook Resort manager Ross McLean confirmed on Saturday that a "Government conference" was taking place at the venue but denied to provide any specific details.
"Millbrook is who we are because we do not disclose any information about any guests whether VIPs or just any couple," McLean said.
McLean said important visitors typically enjoyed the fact that the resort was quite a "relaxed area", unlike the "hustle and bustle of Queenstown".
The Herald believes the conference will take place for a week starting on Monday.
A number of police officers roamed the resort grounds on Saturday morning, while security stood at a temporarily blocked internal road that runs down the side of the reception area.
Marked and undercover police cars were spotted at various locations around the property.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Internal Affairs told the Weekend Herald that they were not involved in the visit, which was just as much of a mystery to them as the public.
The spokeswoman said if the highly secretive visit involved a head of state or ex-head of state, the department would typically be involved with organising vehicles and security with police.
Prime Minister Bill English's office this week confirmed there would be not one, but a number of VIP visitors.
A group of about 18 police officers and security guards dresses in casual attire were spotted outside the reception area at Millbrook yesterday afternoon and locals reported seeing snipers and bodyguards in Arrowtown earlier in the week.
It is not known which government ministers are attending the Queenstown conference, however Minister for the Government Communications and Security Bureau (GCSB) and Security Intelligence Service (SIS) Chris Finlayson's is expected to make an appearance.

George Soros has been the Machiavellian puppet master behind a lot of evil for decades.
If you saw a ‘protest’ in Ferguson or a ‘Resist’ march against President Donald Trump, you may not have known that the ‘grassroots’ uprising was likely underwritten by groups connected to George Soros. 

All with the aim of undermining U.S. interests and pushing the progressive agenda. 
He has not restricted his efforts or agenda to the United States, he has done the same all over the world as well.

Congress is now investigating the involvement of his Open Society Foundation in interfering in elections in Macedonia, to undermine the conservative government and help the left. What was worse, was the Obama USAID through the State Department gave American tax dollars to his organizations in order to do it. 

The U.S. has done nothing about this man for decades. Indeed one reason is because he has been a huge donor to such people as Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party. 
We wanted to share with you this clip of an interview he did years ago, with “60 Minutes” on December 20, 1998. Soros is being interviewed by Steve Kroft. 
It’s a window into the soul of the man. And after looking at it, you may say, as I did, wow, does he even have a soul?

Steve Kroft says to him that he watched “lots of people being shipped off to the death camps.” Soros acknowledged that he had. “Yes, I was 14 years old. And I would say that’s when my character was made.” 
Kroft asks, “In what way?” 

Soros responds, “That one should think ahead, one should understand and anticipate events. And one is threatened, it was a tremendous threat of evil, it was a very personal experience of evil.” 

“My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.” Kraft said. “Went out and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.” 

“Yes, that’s right,” Soros admits without a trace of remorse. Kraft tries to help him, “That sounds like the kind of experience that would send someone to the psychiatrist’s couch for many years. Was it difficult?”

At which point, Soros smiles broadly (smiles!) and says, “No, not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child, you don’t see the connection. But it created no problem at all.”
Kraft tried to push it further, saying didn’t he feel any form of guilt or feel being Jewish,”watching these people go” that he could be in their, should be in their position?

The answer is just astonishing.

“Well, of course, I could be the one on the other side, I could be the one from home the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there. Eh, that was, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets, that if I weren’t there, if I wasn’t doing it, somebody else would be taking it way anyhow, whether I was there or not. I was only a spectator. The property was going to be taken away.”

The clip stops there, but he continues, “So the — I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.” But he had just said that he had in fact helped in the confiscation. 
His demeanor is perhaps even more shocking then his words. 
Here’s the full video, where you can see Hillary Clinton bringing him to Haiti, him admitting that yes, he operates amorally and some official saying Soros is “Donald Trump without the humility.”

US President Donald Trump's change of heart towards Syrian leader Bashar Assad indicates that the new US presidential administration seems to continue Barack Obama administration's plan of dividing Syria, Italian activist Patrizio Ricci told Sputnik.

Commenting on the reported chemical attack in Syrian Idlib, United States President Donald Trump called Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad an “animal.” Previously, the Pentagon launched a missile strike on an air base in Homs, in response to the Idlib incident. Washington and its allies have blamed the incident on Damascus.

This marked a U-turn in Trump’s foreign policy, from the initial promises to focus on domestic policy and cooperate with Moscow in the fight against terrorism. 

In an interview with Sputnik Italy, Patrizio Ricci, co-founder of the National Committee for Peace in Syria, shared his thoughts on the situation, suggesting that Trump continues the policy of the previous administration. 

“If Trump’s real goal was to remove Assad from power, he would not escalate the situation with a missile attack. It looks like Trump continues the plan of the previous administration to divide Syria into zones of control,” Ricci said.

In order to justify the missile strike, Trump reminded of the chemical attack in Ghouta in 2013 and said that then-President Barack Obama made a mistake not starting an intervention. 

“However, we do not have evidence that the Syrian government was involved in those incidents. Moreover, several independent probes showed that Damascus was not responsible. Taking these facts into account, I guess that the US strike in Syria was aimed at gaining a political advantage in the current situation of uncertainty,” he said. 
According to Ricci, Trump yielded to pressure from elites in Washington and the European Union. 

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