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Immersed In Sighs - And They Are Rapidly Reaching Conclusion

It is stunning how rapidly things are moving now. Big big changes are coming - whether you look at the EU, the U.S., the Middle East, Russia, China, N Korea, the constant, rumors of wars, the move towards globalism, the CIA being exposed for what they are doing world wide, the shocking developments relating to the surveillance-society police state thats been exposed, the volcanoes and earthquakes, the increasing famine, the imminent economic collapse, the internal turmoil in various countries (UK, France, Italy, Greece, U.S., S Africa, etc), terrorism, the threats of WWIII being triggered, persecution, and on and on it goes. 

In just one afternoon we see the following news stories and this is just a quick glance at the news. I can recall years ago, 6 months wouldn't provide this much pertinent news (as relating to prophecy):

North Korea could soon have the capacity to launch an attack on Hawaii that would devastate America's Pacific military bases, accelerating the need for the United States to upgrade missile defenses in the area.
The United States today relies on ground-based ballistic missile interceptors deployed in California and Alaska to protect Hawaii, but these defenses would do little to guard U.S. territory in the Pacific against a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which officials believe is nearing completion.
The U.S. Missile Defense Agency in February test fired a new SM-3 Block IIA missile from Hawaii that successfully intercepted an incoming ballistic missile, but the Pentagon does not maintain a permanent missile defense installation or detection capabilities on the Hawaiian Islands.

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency in February test fired a new SM-3 Block IIA missile from Hawaii that successfully intercepted an incoming ballistic missile, but the Pentagon does not maintain a permanent missile defense installation or detection capabilities on the Hawaiian Islands.
The Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii hosts an experimental, land-based ballistic missile defense system called Aegis Ashore. The facility served as a prototype for the U.S. missile defense facility in Romania, which was declared operational last year, and another in Poland that will be completed in 2018.

"Senior national security leaders have stated that the U.S. needs to work off the assumption that North Korea will have ICBM capabilities soon..."This question is, do we need to wait until North Korea successfully launches a test ICBM to know that they have that capacity? The answer is no … The [Aegis Ashore] is a proven system. Why would we protect our European allies before we protect the homeland?"

When the apartheid regime collapsed in 1991, it was hoped that racial tensions could finally heal in South Africa, and prosperity would finally be had by all. Unfortunately, South Africa was promptly taken over by socialists who have been running the nation into the ground ever since. Now we may be witnessing the flash point that could disintegrate the multicultural nation.

Last Friday, South African president Jacob Zuma called for the confiscation of land owned by whites, who are a minority in the country, and who own a disproportionate amount of land and wealth. Specifically, he called on parliament to change the constitution, so that the government could confiscate white owned land without compensation.

Clearly, land confiscations could lead to an ethnic civil war in South Africa. Moreover, it would most likely lead to the economic collapse of Africa’s wealthiest nation. Zimbabwe for instance, successfully confiscated lands from whites decades ago. The wealth flight from that country, coupled with the fact that the land was given to people who weren’t qualified to work it, contributed to the financial collapse of Zimbabwe and the hyperinflation that followed.

"A total of 8,000 NATO soldiers have been deployed to the Finnmark region of northern Norway, 160-300 km from the Russian border, for a series of joint military exercises ... expected to last until March 15 ... A total of 8,000 troops are taking part, including 700 soldiers from the US Marine Corps, US Army and the British Royal Marines, which have been integrated into Norwegian units" ... ia-norway/ 

"Exercise Joint Viking, an exercise which brings together reconnaissance, infantry, armor and artillery assets for a NATO joint and combined arms exercise, simulating high-intensity warfare in challenging artic conditions ... Exercise Joint Viking takes place over an exceptionally large geographic area, with a maneuver area covering more than two-hundred square kilometers of forested and mountainous terrain. 'Looking to the future, we don't want to wait until we are having to operate together in a combat environment to learn how to integrate and be effective. Joint Viking is a unique opportunity to conduct maneuver operations over an extremely large maneuver space in a multi-national setting.' said Huens." ... tic_circle 

Nils Bøhmer, nuclear physicist formerly with the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA), Mar 3, 2017 (emphasis added): October 25th brought reports that there was a release of radioactive iodine from the Halden Reactor [in Norway]… 

The iodine emission began when the IFE [Institute for Energy Technology] should have dealt with damaged fuel in the reactor hall. This led to a release of radioactive substances via the ventilation system… 

The next day, the NRPA conducted an unannounced inspection of the IFE. The situation was still unresolved and radioactive released were still ongoing… The ventilation system was then shut off to limit further releases into the environment. This, in turn, created more serious problems… Pressurize air kept the valves in the reactor’s cooling system open, which in turn stopped the circulation of cooling water. In the following days, the NRPA continued to monitor the reactor’s safety [and] received notice from the IFE that the reactor was in “a very special condition.” What that meant was that the IFE had discovered temperature fluctuations in the reactor vessel indicating an increased neutron flux in the core, and with that the danger of hydrogen formation. Bellona would like to note that it was hydrogen formation in the reactor core that led to a series of explosions at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant… 

The IFE therefore had to ask the NRPA for permission to open the valves again, even if that meant releasing radiation to the public… It seems [the IFE] further didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation… [We at Bellona are] concerned that the reactor core may become unstable by just closing the vents. Hydrogen formation in the reactor core is very serious, as Fukushima showed…

  • The IndependentRadioactive leak reported at Norwegian nuclear reactor… Staff at the facility were evacuated immediately after the incident… “We will investigate how this could happen and why we were not warned until the following day,” the NPRA said in a statement. Its head of safety, Per Strand, added: “We need to gather more information … But we are not happy with the situation, that we were not warned immediately”…

  • The Local (Norway): Those who were in the reactor hall during the incident were evacuated when an alarm sounded. Workers have since been back in the hall in an attempt to identify the cause and extent of the radioactive discharge… “Our focus now is that IFE gets the leak stopped,” NRPA director Per Strand said…

Five new volcanoes have erupted in the last two days around the world.

Bogoslof volcano in the US Aleutian Islands, Reventador in Ecuador, the Popocatepetl in Mexico, Sabancaya in Peru, and Kilauea in Hawaii, US.


After several days of calm, the data of the seismograph located 80 km away and the lightning detector show an important volcanic activity in the island. Alert Level changed to RED


The volcano maintains its high activity. On March 6, 2017, the volcano erupted sending a plume of steam and ash was 1000 meters above the crater. No lahars have been triggered.


Kīlauea Volcano continues to erupt at its summit and at the Puʻu ʻŌʻō vent on its East Rift Zone.
On Sunday morning, March 5, 2017, a small swarm of earthquakes began on the Upper East Rift Zone of Kīlauea Volcano. Sharp jolts from four earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 3.1 to 3.9 awakened residents between 6:06 and 6:17 a.m (Hawaii time).

90 smaller events have occurred since the initial shocks, all with depths of 2-3 km (1-2 mi) beneath the surface in the Devil’s Throat area southeast of Kīlauea’s summit between Hi‘iaka and Koʻokoʻolau Craters on the Chain of Craters Road in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.


Over the past 24 hours, 173 low-intensity exhalations, accompanied by steam, gas and small amounts of ash, have been recorded. Six minutes of harmonic tremor of low amplitude have also been recorded.


There was an average of 19 explosions per day, with maximum displacement values of 77 cm2. Since February 13, there is an increase in hybrid type earthquakes, which could indicate a rise in magma.

Has U.S. intelligence been irreparably damaged by the release of Vault 7, to the point where it puts America and it’s operations at risk?
Well, to a certain extent, yes. But that’s only a problem if you think the CIA was targeting and manipulating the right people and entities.

You have probably heard by now of the Wikileaks release of Vault 7, a CIA arsenal of cyber weapons including viruses and malware. The capabilities the CIA has been utilizing include taking over smart TV’s and smartphones to use their microphones, and control their operations. The CIA can also get around popular encrypted messaging services like Whatsapp and Signal if they are used on an infected phone.

Among the list of possible targets of the collection are ‘Asset’, ‘Liason Asset’, ‘System Administrator’, ‘Foreign Information Operations’, ‘Foreign Intelligence Agencies’ and ‘Foreign Government Entities’. Notably absent is any reference to extremists or transnational criminals.

Emphasis added. Basically, this release confirmed everything we had already assumed was being done by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The interesting part, is how the CIA used these espionage tools.

But the French Election did interest the CIA. We know they monitored the candidates to intercept communications. The CIA was especially interested in the prospects of French economic growth, specifically which candidates would follow “the German model of export-led growth.”
What does that say about the faltering French economy under Francois Hollande?
Exports have been shaky at best, with large differences month to month. Unemployment is up over 10%, and economic growth has failed to meet expectations.
So in addition to spying on the candidates, did the CIA use their cyber weapons to influence the election?
The CIA mission seems to be controlling the world economy and choosing who will win elections of foreign governments. Where is the focus on Isis, China, and Iran coming from? The leaked documents specifically mention 10,000 targets from North America, Europe, and South America.

Matt Blaze suggested a way to steer clear of the hacking tools, “Don’t become a CIA target.”
And I think that says a lot. The fact is, the CIA can target whoever they want for whatever reason they want. How much–or how little–does it take to become a CIA target?
Do those exercising the right to free speech or freedom of the press run the risk of becoming targets… or have they already?
Basically, this confirms what were already the highly suspected capabilities of the CIA. It is really not surprising that they had these cyber weapons, and not a shock that they were less interested in using them to stop terrorists than to influence elections.

In reality it is the CIA creating and disseminating these weapons in a disorganized insecure way that makes us all more vulnerable to whoever’s hands the cyber weapons have fallen into. We have been less safe since the CIA built the hacking arsenal.

Rattled by North Korean military advances, influential Japanese lawmakers are pushing harder for Japan to develop the ability to strike preemptively at the missile facilities of its nuclear-armed neighbor.
Japan has so far avoided taking the controversial and costly step of acquiring bombers or weapons such as cruise missiles with enough range to strike other countries, relying instead on its U.S. ally to take the fight to its enemies.
But the growing threat posed by Pyongyang, including Monday's simultaneous launch of four rockets, is adding weight to an argument that aiming for the archer rather than his arrows is a more effective defense.
"If bombers attacked us or warships bombarded us, we would fire back. Striking a country lobbing missiles at us is no different," said Itsunori Onodera, a former defense minister who heads a ruling Liberal Democratic Party committee looking at how Japan can defend against the North Korean missile threat. "Technology has advanced and the nature of conflict has changed."

Currently, more than three missiles at one would be too many for Japan's already stretched ballistic missile defense to cope with, another source familiar with Japan’s capability said.

One serious concern for Japan is North Korea's development of solid fuel systems demonstrated last month that will allow it to conceal preparations for missile strikes because it no longer needs fuel its missiles just prior to firing.

With the election of Donald Trump, a huge roadblock was thrown into the plans of the globalists with regard to their completion timetable with regard to the takedown of the United States. However, the forces of the Deep State have reared their ugly heads in unison and are preparing to depose Donald Trump and reassert their progressive march toward brutal totalitarianism.
The concern is almost universal. Everyone from Paul Martin to ex-CIA Robert Steele to Paul Preston, we all feel the same. The game is almost over and America is about to experience its darkest days. Trump must lead the way with very bold and decisive actions directed against the Deep State and their elected figureheads.

Do you remember when Hillary made a joke, which really wasn’t a joke, about her belief that many could benefit from going to a “fun” camp? Everyone knew that Clinton meant FEMA camp and we all know what that means.
That belief is bolstered by the fact that the man who launched Obama’s political career, convicted felon Bill Ayers of the Weathermen Underground, once told FBI Special Informant, Larry Grathwohl that he would have to put 50 million American in re-education camps if they ever took over. Ayers also stated that he would do away with, meaning murder, 25 million. In light of the Trump populist movement, those numbers would be far higher. It should be noted that Ayers visited Obama, several times, at the White House, during the long 8 years of his reign of terror.
The United States came very close to experiencing a purge like none other in our nation’s history. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the guns would have been the first thing that she would have taken. From all that she stands for and all that she said, many would have lost their property and their First Amendment right to speak out. The Internet would have been well on its way to being controlled, and I mean that control would have extended way beyond the liberal-motivated, monopolistic social media stranglehold that presently exists.

In regard to the plans of the New World Order, Obama was opening act, the set-up man, if you will. Clinton was to have been the closer. These plans were interrupted by the “accidental” election of Donald Trump. Trump’s election temporarily interrupted the march toward the destruction of the country in order that global governance would be introduced and the world, as well as the USA, would have slipped into a modern form of neo-feudalism under the auspices of extreme environmentalism (ie carbon credits replace the dollar and all other paper currency).

There would have been push back from the people, but that is why
Obama fired over 300 command officers in the military. There could be no loyalty to the Constitution and the people if the coming revolution was to succeed. This is also why Jade Helm 15 was activated. This is why we saw new malls and shopping centers, post 2014, that began to appear that resembled prisons with their guard towers that were not aesthetically pleasing and were very costly.

I want to remind America, the Obama/Clinton/Ayers threat is only a stone’s throw away, just like Obama is from the Capitol as Obama and his OFA have taken up residence only two miles from the White House.
George Soros is organizing the thugs of America to riot and pillage. These thugs are beta testing whether or not they can get local law enforcement authorities to stand down during the coming American Spring.  America is 4 to 10 weeks away from this event. We will see rioting in this country like which will make the 1960’s anti-Vietnam protests look like an elementary recess.
Trump Is on the Way to Being Rendered Impotent

His administration is under attack like no other. Trump has mortal enemies in the Deep State. He has enemies within his own ranks who are actively helping the revolutionaries to take over this country.
The Deep State has, to a large extent, reduced Trump to a defensive posture and have taken him off point.
If Trump does not change the momentum by the end of April a
nd the American Spring is allowed to begin, this will mark the beginning of the end for Trump. This will also mark the beginning of the end for many of you and our country as a whole.
If the Democrats and the Deep State manage to reduce the Trump administration to a quagmire, the Democrats will be take over the House of Representatives and impeach Trump in 2018-19.  The game, at that point will be over and America will return to its journey towards its final demise.
The so-called Pizzagate arrests need to be increased ten-fold. Deals need to be made. The turning point will come when the first Congressmen is indicted and does the perp walk. It will get ugly, but this is the price of freedom because if Trump does not begin to do something, our collective futures will go up in flames. Many of us will be headed to FEMA Camps under who would replace a deposed Trump.

An army of subversives is attempting to undermine the Trump administration from within the government, and at the same time a whole host of prominent leftist leaders are fueling the flames of hate against Trump and are promoting riots, civil uprisings and in some cases even violence. And of course the mainstream media is a more than willing accomplice, because pretty much everyone that works in the mainstream media absolutely hates Donald Trump. On a fundamental level, the United States is more divided today than it has been in any of our lifetimes, and the radical left is treating the presidency of Donald Trump as if it was the end of the world. We are seeing terms such as “Nazi”, “racist” and “dictator” thrown around very casually, but people need to understand that words really matter. When subversives on the left use such inflammatory language, there is a very real danger that they could actually spark a violent insurrection against the United States government.

Just think about this for a moment. If a “Nazi” had really become the president of the United States, what would the appropriate response be?
When the left calls Donald Trump and his supporters “Nazis” and “racists”, they are suggesting that people should act accordingly, and that is extremely dangerous.
Yesterday, I wrote about how the “deep state” is attempting to destroy the Trump administration from the inside, but meanwhile others are trying to spark an uprising from the outside.
Something that former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently said is extremely disturbing. She recorded a video message in which she suggested that in the struggle against Donald Trump there is going to be blood in the streets and some people are going to have to die
Remember, this is not just some passionate young leftist radical saying these things.
This woman was the Attorney General of the United States not too long ago. For her to make statements such as these is irresponsible to the extreme. If you have not seen this video yet, you can find it on YouTube right here.
The mainstream media is also working very hard to fuel the flames of hate. MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi made headlines all over the world when she declared that Trump’s presidency “is fake and failed”, and she followed that up by boldly declaring that we are now “at a low point in American history”…

Many believe that a civil war has already started in America.
Americans may not be shooting at each other yet, but without a doubt we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. The following comes from an excellent article by Dennis Prager
It is time for our society to acknowledge a sad truth: America is currently fighting its second Civil War.
In fact, with the obvious and enormous exception of attitudes toward slavery, Americans are more divided morally, ideologically and politically today than they were during the Civil War. For that reason, just as the Great War came to be known as World War I once there was World War II, the Civil War will become known as the First Civil War when more Americans come to regard the current battle as the Second Civil War.

The fake news blitz by a Deep State, flailing about trying to retain their power and wealth, has reached frantic proportions. The left wingers, egged on by Obama and funded by Soros, hold increasingly inane protests with themes like: wear a vagina hat to support feminazis; hug an illegal immigrant; everyone I hate is a Nazi; and women take another day off and no one notices. The traitorous neo-con warmongers like McCain, Graham, and Kristol see their enormously profitable never ending global conflict agenda at risk. The military industrial complex needs enemies. The left wingers and neo-cons have joined forces to utilize the fake Russian election intervention propaganda in a last ditch desperate attempt to derail the Trump presidency before it starts.

The relentlessness, bitterness, and blatant disregard for the truth exhibited by Trump’s vast array of opponents have made TV virtually unwatchable. I’ve found myself mentally checking out. Why waste mental energy debating hacks, mental midgets and paid trolls for the establishment? Confronting left wingers and neo-cons is like wresting with a pig, you both get dirty and the pig likes it.

I’ve always been an observer. I’ve been observing how certain both sides are regarding their positions on illegal immigration, Muslims, Russia, Obamacare, Supreme Court nominees, executive orders, jobs, taxes, climate change, school choice, oil pipelines the First Amendment, Second Amendment, the rule of law, and the Bill of Rights. I find it exhausting. We’re lost in a blizzard of lies. I’m not certain about anything. I will remain skeptical of everything uttered by all politicians, all government bureaucrats, all corporate executives, all central bankers, all media pundits, all religious leaders, all corporate paid journalists and especially Wall Street shysters.

The dissonance between what I have been observing and what is being flogged by the establishment mouthpieces in the corporate mainstream media has never been greater. Some of my observations are anecdotal, others are based on real unadulterated truthful data, a few are based on simple common sense and the rest are based on my understanding of what happens during Fourth Turnings.

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