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Turkey Moving Troops Into Syria?, U.S. To Stockpile Munitions Near China

Russia to keep S-400 in Syria until Saudi warplanes leave Turkey

Our military sources disclose that the initial Saudi deployment of four warplanes to the Turkish air base of Incirlik earlier this month, has been expanded to sixteen, while Saudi officials declare that Riyadh and Ankara are preparing to intervene jointly in the Syrian conflict. 

According to our sources, Turkish armored and infantry troops have already crossed the border and set up positions in the northern Syrian province of Idlib, just a few hundred meters inside the border.

According to our sources, Turkish armored and infantry troops have already crossed the border and set up positions in the northern Syrian province of Idlib, just a few hundred meters inside the border.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov referred Sunday, March 14, to evidence of “a creeping expansion by Turkey in the sovereign nation of Syria.”

This was taken as a warning that Moscow would not tolerate any further Turkish encroachments in Syria, any more than it would accept Saudi air force intrusions of Syrian air space.

The Russians infer from Turkish military movements that Ankara aims to establish enclaves inside Syria as no-fly or security zones, which Moscow has consistently opposed. The presence of the top-grade S-400 anti-air missiles in Syria is meant to obstruct this plan and discourage Turkish and Saudi aerial flights over Syria.

At the same time, the presence of the S-400 missiles close by is a worry for the Israeli Air force.  The batteries, currently positioned at the Latakia base, would cover a broad stretch of air space over northern and central Israel if they were moved further south.

US Army announces plans to place munitions stockpiles in Vietnam, Cambodia, and other area countries in a bid to contain the regional expansion of Chinese influence.

On Wednesday, the US Army announced that it plans to stockpile munitions and military supplies in Vietnam, Cambodia, and several other undisclosed nations including, experts believe, the Philippines, as the US adopts an increasingly aggressive military posture toward China.
US officials state that the munitions caches, placed within areas China considers to be within its "sphere of influence," are necessary to respond to regional "threats" by Russia and North Korea, and allow for more rapid deployment. 

Army Material Command Chief Gen. Dennis Via emphasized that, in addition to munitions, the sites will contain Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) supplies. The decision to place an American Army cache within Vietnam, the site of a bloody and largely unnecessary US war that ended in 1975, is a startling turn of events that has left Beijing incensed.
The move comes in response to what the US has alleged are repeated steps by China to militarize the region in what is seen as a push to dominate the South China Sea.

Former CIA chief General Michael Hayden expressed the need to expand US influence in the South China Sea, in an effort to contain Chinese expansion. Hayden suggested that to mishandle the rise of China "would be catastrophic."

The Center for Strategic and International Studies echoed Hayden’s concerns, observing that the South China Sea would become a "Chinese lake," by 2030, especially following Beijing’s recent placement of surface-to-air missiles on a manufactured island within the disputed territory.  China maintains that it has every right to build within what it considers to be its own territory, and that the islands will be used primarily for humanitarian purposes.
Not everybody sees the wisdom of President Obama’s move. Washington Post opinion writer David Ignatius on Wednesday published the headline, "The US is heading toward a dangerous showdown with China," in which he cites former assistant secretary of state for Asia Kurt Campbell expressing concern that the Obama administration’s posturing could trigger World War III.

Polls continue to show the world that by a wide margin, we the people of the United States believe Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, or anywhere else. By large percentage margins, we have made it known that we want America to continue to embrace the Jewish state as a close friend and ally –the only true ally we have in that violent part of the world. Yet, lame duck, Mr. Obama, and those he sends as interlocutors in that one-sided, so-called peace process consistently lock arms with Israel’s blood-vowed enemies to try to bully that nation to give in to demands that will never end as long as Israel exists.
Israel’s enemies, who encircle the nation except on the Mediterranean side –and that list includes most every Arab state– want Israel destroyed. the God of Israel has promised that will never happen.
This presidential administration has time after time touched the apple of the Almighty’s eye, and continues to do so as Mr. Obama will dispatch his vice president to insinuate his will upon the Netanyahu government in the so-called peace-making process.

Wall Street Journal report has it that Obama will make a last-ditch effort during his last year as president to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. This pressure is likely to include a UN Security Council resolution which would set a framework for a viable deal.

Any observer with an ounce of understanding must conclude that Vice President Joe Biden’s Israel trip at this time is an integral part of Obama’s lame-duck effort to force Israel’s compliance with the presidents and the U.N.’s demands.

Biden is going for the first time in 6 years to Israel. His main objective for the visit is working to convince Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding between Israel and the United States, which will ensure Washington’s continued security aid to Jerusalem for the next 10 years. Again, any observer of the way this administration has dealt with Israel’s prime minister and the Jewish state over the past 7 plus years cannot not but conclude that the Biden trip will bring with it threats for non-compliance in the administration/U.N. initiatives.
This president is again going to directly dare the God of heaven to do anything about his (Obama’s) obdurate stance against Him. The quaking in the nation’s capital is a mild forewarning of what is to come, if his actions, and lack of action, continue on the course he has chosen with regard to Israel.

Economic cataclysm looms on the national horizon to such a degree that this great nation’s fall when it happens will literally bring the entire world down. And, it’s not a matter of if that will happen, but when. We have been experiencing an economic earthquake for months–even years–and the shaking is getting worse. Now the quaking is shaking the very foundation of Washington, D.C. in one of the most turbulent political seasons in U.S. history.
But, the tremblers are mild–very mild, my spirit tells me—compared to the shaking that is coming upon this country and world. Much of the quaking–socioeconomic and geophysical–is a direct result of the way America and the world are dealing with the nation that the God of heaven has, in His absolute authority, determined cannot be destroyed. Satanic forces are ratcheting up everything possible to keep God’s promises to Israel from being fulfilled. There is bound to be such titanic shaking as we are presently experiencing while the biblically prophesied battle between what secularists call good and evil takes place. Be assured–the outcome of that battle is already determined.
Mr. lame duck President, please do all within your power to see to it that America comes down on the victorious side –not on the side destined for the dustbin of history.

The Chaldean bishop of Aleppo, Antoine Audo, reported Wednesday that in only five years of conflict and persecution, the Christian population in Syria has been reduced by two thirds, from 1.5 million to only 500,000 today.

Speaking at a press conference at the UN headquarters in Geneva, the bishop said that the situation in Aleppo is even worse than in the rest of Syria, with only a quarter of the Christian population remaining since the beginning of Syria’s civil war in 2011. Ravaged by the fighting and persecuted by Islamic extremists, the number of Christians in Aleppo has fallen from 160,000 to just 40,000. Most of the Christians population lives in areas controlled by the government.
Audo, who is also president of Caritas Syria, said that Aleppo’s three cathedrals have been almost completely destroyed, and hundreds of people were carried off and later released in Chaldean villages.
“You cannot imagine the dangers that we face every day,” he said.
Wealthy Christians have all left, while “the middle classes have become poor and the poor have become miserable,” he said.
The bishop wondered aloud why militants always felt compelled to target Christian sites in their attempt to destabilize the population, such as they have done in Homs and other cities.

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the White House was working on plans to revive long stalled peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians before Obama leaves office. The disturbing part of this is that Obama's tactic, similar to the tactic he adopted in concluding the nuclear deal with Iran, is not to have the parties sit down and deal with each other, but rather to go directly to the United Nations Security Council and have his way enshrined in international law.

As we all know, the United Nations is not a friendly forum for the state of Israel. It is dominated by the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, formerly called the Organization for Islamic Conference, which is the largest group within the United Nations comprising 57 member states. Furthermore, this group frequently allies with the nonaligned members states, such as Cuba, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, and Iran. These nations often ally themselves with the former Soviet block states, as well, and make for an impressive, and usually insurmountable, bloc.

One of last fall's resolutions actually went so far as to say that Israel was to return the Golan Heights to Syria. Syria? What is left of that devastated nation? Which part of the Syrian chaos is Israel supposed to return the Golan Heights to? The corrupt and bloody regime of President Bashar Assad? The beleaguered rebels? The Islamic State?

Israel is the only nation of the 193 United Nations member states that has a designated committee that targets it -- the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian people.

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