Sunday, March 20, 2016

Media's Global Anti-Trump Coverage Proves The Matrix Is Real, Impotent Parasites

Considering all of the recent events involving politics - one thing has become indisputable - and covered below:

Have you noticed? The media has actually created a magical “news bubble” around us like a mythical rainbow unicorn where nothing else is happening in the world besides what would appear to be all-out WORLDWIDE anti-Trump propaganda spewing from every corner and crack of the planet, as if American citizens live in a tiny box where the only news that’s happening right now is how evil, horrible, and hated by the Establishment, world leaders, movie stars, etc. Trump is. (Which, by the way, just makes everyone want to vote for him more, so if the plot is to destroy the GOP so Hillary takes it, then bravo, it’s working.) The propaganda is so thick, if you watch it too long you might go blind.
The fact that these same reporters across the country on both sides of the political aisle and even across the world in countries where America’s presidential elections shouldn’t matter can sit up there on TV and find it within themselves to pretend to be shocked and outraged by Trump’s rhetoric now, as if that’s the worst possible thing in the whole world that he… says… WORDS…
When they sit up there night after night and pointedly fail to care about our so-called leaders ripping our constitution and bill of rights to shreds and destroying our country in every way possible while drone striking thousands of innocent civilians in unconstitutional offensive wars without due process as they empire-build across the Middle East is beyond laughable… it’s quite possibly all the proof you need we really are living in the Matrix because this simply cannot be reality.
It’s just like the Simpsons episode where the billboards come to life and try to kill us all… the only way to stop them is to look away! And somewhere, something important is happening right now that actually matters unrelated to Trump and the faux election. In the meantime, we don’t blame people for getting behind Trump because for those who haven’t quite fully grasped yet just how purposefully rigged this whole system is, this situation is a huge wake up call to how corrupt and horrible everything has become around here. It looks like people are actually waking up.

Using the ongoing situation in Syria as an example, this particular incursion of the parasitic western powers, never mind their other psychotic maneuvers, serves as a perfect example of how the so-called powers that be are simply pissing in the wind.
It’s ultimately futile.
It never succeeds in the tides of time. We just happen to be living in the immediate moment.
That the whirled can stand by idly watching this ongoing madness is amazing, if not stunning. As if there’s any reason to this insanity. Yet onlookers literally entertain whatever comes at them, being boxed in by their previous and ongoing engineered mental and spiritual allegiances, however subconscious or conscious.
Daily news items are bad enough, from people being jailed for collecting their own rainwater to UN mandates for global control mechanisms, or cops shooting innocent people, or the mass media fawning over clearly satanic ritual demon-strations at major events, it’s nuts.
But the global and personal implications are resounding. People feel it but can’t put their finger on it because of engineered disorientation from fundamental morals and their estranged sense of truth. It’s a whirled that has essentially lost its free will.
Something to seriously consider.
Yet, despite the fanfare, these imposed mechanisms will fail, being based on faulty, fear based and fully fabricated lies and deception, founded on the imposed deep seated mandate to subvert, destroy and control what’s left.
A clear recipe for self immolation.
When will this cascade into its own demise? I don’t know. But it can’t be that far away and appears to have clearly begun this process already as evidenced by their desperation.
The funny thing is they’re falling all over each other to be the first to bring on the next phase. Psychopaths in a pissing contest to be the most obedient to their masters’ commands. Just amazing.

Same old, same old. Orwell had all this nailed in 1984.

The current reality remains that besides the ongoing NATO insanity, revved up armed, aided and abetted proxy governments are working willingly to effect and accomplish this same globalist agenda, the engineered ISIS scare being the prime example. Something to seriously think about with serious questions pending. What is the mainstream news narrative really conveying and what is the truth of the matter?

When paradigms collapse it’s a good thing. Clearly disconcerting to the uninformed less conscious individual but so be it. Bring it on. The blatantly obvious psychotic US election mayhem is shaking more people up by the day, finally, and the idiotic false choice between obvious psychopaths with the reality that dark forces ultimately have their fingers on the lever anyway they want to shape it is shaking people up.

People are flocking to alternative news by the minute. Never underestimate that. Information is just the beginning, but when truth resonates things happen. Mind levers click, heart sensing is affirmed, convictions are strengthened, and people slowly awaken.

This is how it starts.
People lose their fear of non-conformity and reality starts to sink in…it’s a process. And when it activates big things happen. Unanswered or answerable questions arise and the vacuum for truth expands.
Expect a lot more. And let’s be there to reinforce it and fill in the gaps. Wisely and lovingly.

It’s a very hard time for most people. They haven’t had a clue for a long time. Keep filling in the obvious spaces with clear truths, however disconcerting to their mass programming.

The last few months have not been particularly good for Turkey. Ankara has to deal with the blowback from its decision to sever ties with Moscow, to back radicals in Syria and to crack down on the Kurds, much to international condemnation. But the Turkish leadership seems to be learning the hard way that diplomacy is better than belligerence.

At least this is the impression one could get from Turkey's attempts to woo Iran despite a frosty relationship between the two, primarily over Syria. And Tehran apparently does not mind.
"It is in this context of multiple failures that we must read Turkey's 'positive' diplomatic overtures to Iran," political analyst Salman Rafi Sheikh wrote for New Eastern Outlook.

On Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Davutoglu and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu during his one-day visit to Istanbul. Zarif called Turkey "a very important neighbor," adding that "Iran's top-ranking officials pay special importance to the relations with Turkey."

Both countries have emphasized that they want to promote cooperation in various areas, including economy, energy and security. Turkey, according to the expert, needs Iran for alternative sources of oil and gas. Ankara also hopes that Iran could help Turkey to resolve the Kurdish issue, since both countries will make every effort to prevent the ethnic group from establishing an independent Kurdistan.

For its part, "Iran is confident that Turkey has lost the war in Syria and a new phase in Ankara's policies is about to begin," Salman Rafi Sheikh explained, adding that both countries want to receive greater access to their markets. "Turkish business elite sees in Iran, just like the European entrepreneurs, a big market to invest in," he added.

The analyst warned that this diplomacy will most likely result in a fragile marriage of convenience that could easily shatter under certain geopolitical developments.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union were shocked earlier this week as German patriots, who are angry with her immigration policies of allowing Muslim migrants into the country, came out in mass this week to rally around the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), an anti-immigration party that was once a fringe group, but has now become Germany's third most popular party. However, Germany is not the only place experiencing those standing up to their governments because of the increased invasion of Muslim migrants.

As the AfD won large percentages of the vote in three regional elections, Merkel's party has lost considerable support in the wake of the violence and preferences shown to Muslim Migrants rather than the people of Germany… and the Germans seem to be having enough of it.
While Merkel has pledged to stay the course and accept more and more refugees, even the mainstream press has turned on her policies, with the German magazine Der Spiegel arguing Merkel created a "German society that is more divided and disgruntled than it has been in years… [and] a Europe that is no longer united."

But don't expect Merkel to back down. In fact, WND columnist and internationally renowned anti-Islamization activist Pamela Geller expects Merkel to respond with further repression.
"Merkel's migrant policy is wildly unpopular," Geller told WND. "She has already conspired with Mark Zuckerburg to censor dissent from her policies on Facebook. She will crack down further. She cannot win debates or convince people of the rightness of her course, because it is so wildly wrong. Force is all that's left for her to employ."

Geller, the author of "Stop the Islamization of America," argues the elections show the German people are resisting Merkel's plan to import thousands of refugees. However, she does not expect the elections to change Merkel's course of action.
"Merkel is too deeply committed to her suicidal policies to change," Geller said. "She will go down with them."

Nearly 20 Russian combat aircraft, an air defense system and some 2,000 personnel will stay at Hmeymim airbase in Syria. According to experts, the task force has several goals – fighting terrorism, supporting President Bashar Assad, and control over the region.

A squadron of Su-24 tactical bombers, including 9-12 aircraft, will be kept on duty in Syria. During the main stage of the campaign, those aircraft were responsible for the bulk of the airstrikes.
The newest Su-30 and Su-35 jet fighters will also stay at the Hmeymim airbase for aerial protection, a Defense Ministry source told the Russian newspaper Vedomosti. A source close to the military command confirmed to RBK that Su-35 4++-generation jets will stay at the base.
Moscow will also keep its air defense system in Syria. "Russian air defenses will be on combat duty in Syria and will be used against all targets posing threats to the Russian forces," Putin said. According to him, an S-400 medium- and long-range complex and a Pantsir-S1 air-defense system will stay on duty in Syria.
In addition, Ka-52 and Mi-28N attack helicopters have been spotted at the airbase, but their exact number is unknown.

In addition to the jets, Syrian airspace and Hmeymim air base will also be protected by an S-400 air defense system, Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Analytic Center for Strategies and Technologies, said.

"There could be three sudden threats – coming from Turkey, Israel and the US," he assumed.

He added that with an S-400 deployed to the base the Russian Aerospace Forces could not only establish a no-fly zone not over the Hmeymim airbase but also the entire province of Latakia where the bulk of the Syrian Army is concentrated.

What is more, some 200-300 civil specialists will remain at Hmeymim base. Military personnel will not be able to maintain aircraft and helicopters on their own.

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Anonymous said...

Are Christians really voting for Trump?? The man has zero tangible plans for this country and spews nothing but fantasy policies hinged on hatred for minorities and foreigners. He claims to be a Christian, but admitted to never asking God for forgiveness because "he's cool with God". The media is evil, but their hatred for trump is well deserved. Some of us Christians have put America before God and need to realign our political views with Godly hearts. Trump has made some good points and have forced us to address some real race relation problems in this country, but he's doing it through hate and incitement. If trump wins, there will be race wars in America.

Scott said...

I'm not going to allow any more political posts, but Cruz is in the lap of Goldman Sac and if you look at his past voting record and what he has pushed - we will have more of the same with him - we aren't voting for a religious leader, we are voting for a president and at this point in history, need someone other than establishment, unless you like where the last 25 years has taken us. Thats not putting America before God - its common sense. The "label" of "hate" is coming from the intolerant left and the media - closing the borders has nothing to do with "hate" - again, its common sense. Incitement? Protesters show up and try to shut down freedom of speech and assembly and somehow thats Trumps fault? Protesters who are funded by Soros? LOL Again, you are buying the superficial MSM talking points.

ally said...

Non saint, hmm, I can see you have swallowed the lamestream medias lies hook line and sinker as the old fisherman's saying goes.......And the fact the Trump has met with Christian leaders and asked for prayer coupled with his strong support for Israel makes me like him at least somewhat. These days ya take what you can get! ;) and pray pray pray pray pray that God heals us and forgives us as a nation.

WVBORN56 said...

I'm a washed in the blood follower of Jesus who supports Trump! The evil one world government we see coming in Revelation is fast tracked by all the candidates but Trump.

Scott said...

non-Saint ----> This isn't a political forum. For goodness sakes we can't even have open discussion on the timing of the rapture without seeing heated arguments, much less politics. To be honest, at this point - its so late in the game, it doesn't matter who gets elected - it won't change the prophetic development of events one bit. Whoever gets elected will be there due to the overall plan as set forth by God and I rest comfortably in that.

There are plenty of political forums where you can express your views.

Our job here is to watch for the coming Christ, not debate politics.