Sunday, March 6, 2016

In The News: Sunday Headlines

This is one of those days in which the headlines tell the story.  I still marvel at the number of highly pertinent headlines that we see on a daily basis - all telling the story of prophecy for our age. It is astonishing to consider the sheer volume of stories that bear a direct relationship to biblical prophecy for this last generation - particularly when considering how much this has increased over the last 2-3 years. As mentioned before, we see more pertinent news on a daily basis now than we used to see in a month. It is truly astonishing to view the acceleration of events - just like birth pains. 


ally said...

I know for certain that Trump has been warned that there are plans to assasinate him. I wish I could remember who told him (darn old timers lol, can't always retrieve the info I need too sometimes :\) but it was Christian who told him. If you remember when he had that group of prominent preachers pray for him, that was one of the things they prayed about. They annointed his head with oil too. (Giggle, wonder how the Donald do looked after that! ;)
It's getting so real and so crazy out there.....
And I'm expecting a rather decent size earthquake fairly soon too out west. Have the feeling the only reason it hasn't happened yet is due to much prayer.....I'm thinking a lot of prayer is the only thing holding this nation together currently.

Scott said...

Yea, sadly that has been written about in other publications, so it seems to be a concern of a lot of people, I hope and pray he has adequate security