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N Korea Threatens The U.S. With Nukes

Nuclear War With North Korea Coming?

On Sunday, North Korea warned the United States that it could wipe out Manhattan with a single hydrogen bomb, and earlier this month North Korea threatened to make a “preemptive and offensive nuclear strike” on the United States in response to aggressive military exercises currently being jointly conducted by South Korea and the U.S. military.  So does nuclear war with North Korea actually pose a significant security risk to this country?  Well, according to the Washington Post the entire west coast of the United States is within reach of North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missiles.  The only question is whether or not North Korea’s ultra-paranoid leader Kim Jong Un would ever actually press the button.
Most Americans don’t realize this, but nuclear war with North Korea is now closer than it has ever been before.  In the past, North Korea’s technical capabilities were greatly limited, but now all of that has apparently changed.  Just consider what has taken place within just the past few months. 

In response to these moves, South Korea and the U.S. military have launched the largest military exercises in the history of South Korea.    More than 300,000 troops have gathered to simulate an invasion of North Korea and practice the elimination of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction.  These military exercises being held over a period of eight weeks, and this is precisely what caused North Korea to threaten us with a “preemptive and offensive nuclear strike“.
And on Sunday, North Korea boasted that they could reduce Manhattan to ashes with a single hydrogen bomb
“Our hydrogen bomb is much bigger than the one developed by the Soviet Union,” DPRK Today, a state-run outlet, reported Sunday. DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea’s official name.
If this H-bomb were to be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile and fall on Manhattan in New York City, all the people there would be killed immediately and the city would burn down to ashes,” the report said, citing a nuclear scientist named Cho Hyong Il.

I don’t know about you, but I find statements such as these to be quite alarming.
Earlier this month, Kim Jong Un put his nuclear weapons on alert “for use at any time”, and Reuters is reporting that he has just ordered his military to conduct even more nuclear weapon tests.
So why is there so little concern about this in the United States?
Sometimes it is the enemy that you underestimate the most that ends up being your greatest threat.
Meanwhile, in the midst of everything else, a North Korean submarine “has gone missing”
At a time when tensions on the Korean peninsula are near an all-time high, this is a very disturbing development.  The last thing that we need is some sort of “trigger event” that could cause the North Koreans to want to start pressing buttons.
Most Americans don’t realize this, but hatred for America is one of the centerpieces of North Korean society.  In fact, they have an entire month each year during which they celebrate how much they hate us.  
So let us not underestimate the threat that North Korea poses.  They hate us enough to want to completely destroy us, they now have the technological capability of hitting major west coast cities with nukes, and they have an ultra-paranoid young leader with his hand on the trigger.  Meanwhile, we have an increasingly aggressive leader of our own sitting in the White House that seems to like to yank Kim Jong Un’s chain.
If push came to shove, North Korea would attempt to hit American targets with nukes.

As international condemnation of the North’s acts mounted, culminating this month in the United Nations’ toughest sanctions yet against Pyongyang, Kim’s regime has become increasingly belligerent, firing missiles into the Sea of Japan — also known as the East Sea — and issuing a new threat or denunciation almost every day.
The sanctions coincide with annual spring drills between the U.S. and South Korean militaries, which Pyongyang considers a rehearsal for an invasion. The ongoing exercises are viewed as particularly antagonistic because special forces are practicing “decapitation strikes” that target Northern leaders and the destruction of Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile sites.
Then in February, Kim oversaw the launch of what North Korea said was a rocket that put a satellite into orbit, a move widely considered part of a long-range-ballistic-missile program.

North Korea has made advances in its intercontinental-ballistic-missile program, and though experts generally conclude that the United States’ West Coast could be within reach, there has been no suggestion that the North would be able to hit the East Coast.

U.S. stage Korean drills: North threatens "to wipe out enemies

Rhetoric between North Korea and the United States and its ally South Korea have risen to new levels, as North Korea threatens to retaliate physically to staged physical drills on their border.
U.S. and South Korean troops staged a big amphibious landing exercise on Saturday, storming simulated North Korean beach defenses amid heightened tension and threats by the North to annihilate its enemies.
The landing and assault drills on South Korea’s east coast were part of eight weeks of joint exercises between the allies which the South has said are the largest ever. The North has denounced the exercises as “nuclear war moves” and threatened to respond with an all-out offensive.

Tension on the Korean peninsula has been high since the North conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and followed that with a long-range rocket launch last month, triggering new U.N. sanctions.
About 55 U.S. marine aircraft and 30 U.S. and South Korean ships, including the USS Bonhomme Richard and USS Boxer, which carry AV-8B Harrier attack jets and V-22 Osprey aircrafts, took part in the assault on beaches near Pohang city, the U.S. navy said.

“They will penetrate notional enemy beach defenses, establish a beach head, and rapidly transition forces and sustainment ashore,” the U.S. military based in South Korea said in a statement before the exercise.
The North’s military said it was prepared to counter the U.S. and South Korean forces “with an ultra-precision blitzkrieg strike of the Korean style”.

“The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK holding tightly the arms to annihilate the enemies with towering hatred for them are waiting for the dignified Supreme Command to issue an order to launch a preemptive strike of justice,” it said in comments carried by the state KCNA news agency.

A Military Coup In North Korea Could Trigger World War III 

A snap military exercise is one in which a potential combatant executes a known military exercise, against a known enemy, in the proximity of an enemy or its resources. The exercise quickly turns from a drill to a live event. In the Asian region, we are witnessing the potential for several “snap” exercises that could easily go live. In fact, suffice it to say, that two of my most trusted insider sources believe that this is a definite possibility in the present time and World War III could commence with almost no warning. In fact, one could say, with some degree of accuracy, that World War III, in many ways has already commenced.

Since I first reported on World War III scenarios in Asia, involving Korea, the fluid events keep shifting. However, the basic premise I ran with 10 days ago, remains in play only with more concrete detail.

China has approximately 250 operational nuclear weapons

Previously, China has kept the majority of nuclear  weapons at a low state of readiness. If, for example, the Chinese were to be attacked by a pack of American Los Angeles subs and their payload of 8-16 nuclear missiles, the Chinese would have approximately 3-6 minutes to respond before their major capability to respond in kind with land based nuclear missiles before the war would be over. 

China, however, has a nuclear submarine fleet that is adept at stealth and the avoidance of being tracked by American satellites. From several incidents off of America’s west coast, it is known that the US cannot track these subs. This was frightening enough. 

However, there is some stronger circumstantial evidence that China may have upped the ante and is beginning to put its land based ICBM’s on high alert. Here is a report that surfaced on March 7th, six days ago. One of my insiders sources tells me that China would need 10-15 days of assembly and preparation to get their land based ICBM’s fully operational. Since the rumors of Chinese nuclear readiness is rumored to have started on, or about March 1st, we are in the time frame when this task is, or nearly complete. 

Interestingly, here is a report that surfaced this past week regarding this very topic and it went almost unnoticed.

Late last fall I wrote about two military exercises to be conducted in South Korea involving a record number, over 300,000 troops consisting of American and South Korean military personnel in exercises known as  ‘Foal Eagle’ and ‘Key Resolve’. Each exercise takes place for several weeks.

Remember, the two military drills in South Korea are predicated on the fact that the leadership of North Korea has been removed and that the drill is simulating an invasion of the North. No wonder, North Korea is firing off missiles into the ocean in response to this drill.
The scenario, that was being practiced, in secret, was based upon the following: he US has moved a carrier task force into the area, they will surely be targeted with nukes. American submarines are located off of the coast of China and North Korea and will launch a pre-emptive strike to neutralize North Korea’s nuclear capability and this will protect the fleet. Presumably, the US has already taken out a Chinese-supplied North Korean submarine in preparation for this event.

The expectations is that the Chinese will use their newly constructed military islands and their navy build up to to block all shipping in the South China Sea. It will cut off Australia and New Zealand. It will also immediately isolate Taiwan from the South, which is China’s real goal. China desperately wants to attack Taiwan and  I have previously written an article which addressed this point based upon this scenario. Taiwan is essential to what is left of the U.S. economy. Ignoring the long-term significance of Taiwan in the South China Sea controversy is like ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room.
China’s military is developing EMP weapons that the Chinese plan to use against  targeted U.S. aircraft carriers with regard to any future conflict over Taiwan. Parts of the National Ground Intelligence Center study on the lethal effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons revealed that the arms are part of what China refers to as the “assassin’s mace”. This  arsenal of EMP weapons allows a technologically inferior China to defeat U.S. military forces while leaving much of the surrounding infrastructure intact. The report further states “ For use against TaiwanChina could detonate at a much lower altitude (30 to 40 kilometers) … to confine the EMP effects to Taiwan and its immediate vicinity and minimize damage to electronics on the mainland.” And if I am incorrect about China being willing to go to war over the implementation of the TPP in their backyard, then why is the globalist mouthpiece,The Brookings Institute calling for China to join the TPP?

If the U.S is forced to go nuclear, Korea, armed with Chinese EMP weapons could likely attack the US  power grid.This is something that I have previously documented on November 5, 2015, extensively, based upon receiving this intelligence. A declassified intelligence report, obtained by the private National Security Archive, provides details on Chinas EMP weapons as well as the plans for their use. the situation is even more dire if these weapons are turned upon the American mainland. I was provided documentation which showed that China is preparing EMP weapons which will attack humans. The results of the mammal directed EMP test results produced eye, brain, bone marrow and other significant organ injuries. It stated that “it is clear the real purpose of the Chinese medical experiments is to learn the potential human effects of exposure to powerful EMP and high-powered microwave radiation.”  The report also concluded that these human based EMP tests may have been conducted to determine safety or shielding standards for military personnel or weapons.My sources tell me that Chinese plans for nuclear EMP strikes against the United States are part of Chinese military doctrine and there is also evidence that China has already developed a set of super-EMP nuclear weapons that produce powerful EMP fields, but with EMP related effects that can be contained to specific geographic locations. There is no doubt  that the Chinese are perfecting task-specific EMP weapons to a degree that is now known outside of classified circles.


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