Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ISIS Sends Trained Attackers Into Europe For More Terror Attacks, Netanyahu Links Palestinians And ISIS, Soros Disruption - American Style

Officials: Daesh Has Released at Least 400 Trained Attackers on Europe

New reports reveal that Daesh, also known as IS/Islamic State has allegedly trained at least 400 fighters to target Europe in a series of terrorist attacks.

According to security officials speaking to the Associated Press, the Daesh terrorist group has a number of semiautonomous cells spread across Europe.

The warning comes from a number of European and Iraqi intelligence officials, as well as a French lawmaker familiar with jihadi networks.

Approximating at least 400 individuals, these fighters have been given orders to find the right time, place, and method to carry out their mission, according to officials.

Earlier on Wednesday, the US State Department issued a travel alert for all of Europe, warning that "terrorist groups continue to plan near-term attacks throughout Europe."

"European governments continue to guard against terrorist attacks and conduct raids to disrupt plots," the alert added.

Suicide bombers in Brussels attacked the Belgian capital's airport and a metro station on Tuesday, killing at least 30 people people and injuring approximately 260. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Fears are growing for a priest believed to have been kidnapped by ISIS as sickening reports suggest he may be crucified on Good Friday.
Father Tom Uzhunnalil was seized when four armed militants stormed an old people's home in Aden in Yemen on March 4.
The gunmen killed 16 people, including four nuns, in the brutal attack on the home run by the in a brutal raid which killed 16 people including four nuns.
No group has come forward to claim responsibility for the kidnap of the priest, who was a member of the Silesian order in of Bangalore, India, but a survivor said ISIS was to blame.

Now reports shared on social media suggest the priest faces being brutally tortured this Friday as Christians mark the day Jesus died.
The Franciscan Sisters of Siessen , based in South Africa, posted on Facebook: "Was informed that the Salesian priest, Fr.Tom who was kidnapped by ISIS from the Missionaries of Charity Home in Yemen is being tortured and is going to be crucified on Good Friday.
"This calls for serious concerted prayers from all of us."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a direct link Wednesday between the devastating attacks a day earlier in Brussels, for which Islamic State claimed responsibility, and Palestinian terrorism, positing that both phenomena pursue the same goal.

“I already said many times that terrorism is caused not by occupation and despair, but by hope — the hope of the Islamic State terrorists to establish an Islamic caliphate in all of Europe [and] the hope of Palestinian terrorists that they will succeed in establishing a Palestinian state in the entire territory of the State of Israel,” the prime minister said.

Speaking at a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, Netanyahu began by expressing condolences to the people of Belgium, and offering any possible assistance.

“We’re in a global war against terror. It’s a war of the civilized word versus the sons of darkness. Terrorism strikes everywhere,” he added.
“I think the point of departure in the fight against terrorism is this: Nothing justifies terrorism, absolutely nothing. In Paris, Brussels, San Bernadino, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Terror must be condemned equally and it must be fought equally.”

The prime minister continued: “In all of these places, terrorism does not stem from deprivation. It does not come from frustration. It stems from a murderous ideology — the desire to destroy the enemy and to uproot him.

Eastern Europeans and Arabs are all-too-familiar with the political street hooliganism sponsored by global “provocateur” George Soros and his minions. Lately, middle-class Americans have had a taste of the type of violent protest provocations during the current US presidential campaign that have previously been visited upon governments from Macedonia and Moldova to Syria and Libya.

Recently, Donald Trump campaign rallies have seen highly-coordinated and well-planned political demonstrations in Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Dayton, and other cities. The rallies were disrupted by highly-coordinated and well-planned protesters waving freshly-printed protest signs before awaiting television cameras. Such “rent-a-mob” actions are trademark signs of the involvement of George Soros and the “godfather” of political street violence, Gene Sharp, in disrupting the normal political process.
One of the favored methods proposed by Sharp and embraced by Soros-financed groups is the taunting of individuals. Sharp’s advice to taunt speakers is being played out in the US presidential campaign: “instead of predominantly silent and dignified behavior… people may mock and insult officials, either at a certain place or by following them for a period.” Sharp suggests that taunting individuals, such as presidential candidates, be combined with a refusal to disperse when either asked or ordered to do so. Sharp claims that these methods are “non-violent.” However, when the US Secret Service, charged with protecting presidential candidates from assassination or bodily harm, order protesters to leave a campaign venue and there is a subsequent refusal to do so, violence is a certainty.

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