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China Ramps Up Military Space Program, IRS Still Targeting Christians, More Ebola Deaths

Get Out of My Space! China's Extraterrestrial Goals Prompt US Ire

China plans to initiate 20 space missions this year including the testing of its most sophisticated rocket and the launching of a habitual space module. But security analysts in the US are expressing suspicions they have military implications.

China is already testing surface-to-air missiles that could strike targets in orbit and it’s also working with experimental lasers that can scramble or “blind” satellites. But as China keeps looking up to space, it’s raising some concern down below. Particularly from the US, according to China Cheat Sheets.
The United States is already at odds with Beijing over cyber-warfare accusations and China’s militarization in the South China Sea. Now, security officials are worried that China’s armament might spread to outer space, home to US satellites vital to American interests.
The U.S. relies on these devices for various military and civilian implications including gathering intelligence, and targeting weapons. Some analysts worry they may soon fall into Chinese striking distance.
This year, China intends to launch the Tiangong 2 space laboratory. China plans to later send astronauts to this habitual module, which will serve as a stepping stone toward a major space station. Chinese officials plan to have this station fully operational by 2020.  Some security analysts fear the station will have military implications.  
Could this mean we’ll be living Star Wars soon?
China still trails far behind Russia and the US in terms of space technology. But in the last 12 years, China has sought to rapidly reduce the gaps it holds with both nations, and it’s showing no intentions of slowing down. 
Moreover, the extent of the military implications behind its rapidly-growing space program remains a mystery.
"There are a lot of avenues to go after satellites, and what worries people is that the Chinese are pursuing all of them," said James Andrew Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies." The question becomes: If they're so into peace, why are they building so many weapons?"

Of all the federal agencies that strike fear and loathing in the hearts of Americans, the Internal Revenue Service is at the top of the list for many.
It’s one reason why several Republican presidential candidates this year have proposed simplifying the tax code so people can submit their returns on a postcard and eliminate the IRS entirely.
Now, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has set April 14 for oral arguments in a request to reopen a case brought by tea-party, conservative and Christian groups deliberately targeted by the IRS because of their faith or political positions.
A lower court threw out the lawsuit because the IRS claimed it had discontinued its attacks, but attorneys representing the groups beg to differ.
“The government’s claim [the] IRS has already done … what plaintiffs want the court to order the IRS to do, in contravention of mootness principles,’ … could not be further from the truth,” says a new brief filed by the American Center for Law and Justice.
“Fatal to the government’s mootness arguments are the two plaintiffs still suffering unconstitutional delay, the plaintiffs that withdrew applications because of the IRS’s unconstitutional conduct, and plaintiffs’ facial and certain as-applied challenges,” the brief explains. “The IRS’s past conduct, coupled with the legal arguments it has made in this case, highlight the very mentality continuously rejected by courts, including this one.”
The government, the brief charges, has submitted documents in the case that “are riddled with statements which fail to support the government’s assertion that it has permanently ceased all components of the Targeting Scheme and, at best, simply create a dispute of fact in the face of plaintiffs’ allegations that the Targeting Scheme is ongoing.”
“As millions of Americans prepare to file their individual income tax returns with the IRS, the ACLJ will present oral arguments on behalf of 38 conservative and pro-life, non-profit organizations in its largest lawsuit against the IRS challenging the agency’s unconstitutional discrimination and widespread targeting of conservative groups,” the legal team said.
For one thing, the ACLJ said, two of the non-profit organizations it represents on appeal are still awaiting a determination on their applications for tax exemption after many years.
“That’s right. One group has been waiting for more than six years, another for nearly six years – in limbo – still no decision from the IRS,” the ACLJ said.
“In addition, 36 of our non-profit clients were only granted tax exemption following significant delay or withdrew their applications for exemption after the IRS pummeled their First Amendment rights to free speech and free association through unconstitutional delay and intrusive and unnecessary requests for information. These unconstitutional information demands required the disclosure of donor lists, Internet passwords and usernames, and the political and charitable activities of family members.”
The IRS sometimes demanded to know the content of prayers among members of Christian groups, and in at least one case demanded that Christians promise they would not protest a local Planned Parenthood abortion business.
“The IRS simply cannot demonstrate at this point with absolute clarity that the unconstitutional violations it committed have fully ceased and will not occur again. Crucially, the fact that the IRS has such wide-ranging authority ‘only serves to heighten a reasonable expectation of a repeat violation,'” the brief says.
“Directly contrary to the district court’s opinion dismissing the case, is the fact that the targeted organizations continue to suffer the chilling effects of the Targeting Scheme on their First Amendment rights to the freedoms of speech and association,” it says

 A fourth person has died of Ebola in Guinea in the latest flare up of an epidemic that has killed more than 11,300 people in that country, Sierra Leone and Liberia since 2013 but now claims few victims.
"The young girl who was hospitalized at the Ebola treatment centre in Nzerekore is dead," said Fode Tass Sylla, spokesman for the centre that coordinates Guinea's fight against the virus.
Three others have died of the virus since Feb. 29. Health workers on Saturday also stepped up efforts to trace anyone who could have come into contact with the family.
The world's worst recorded Ebola epidemic is believed to have started in Guinea and killed about 2,500 people there by December last year, at which point the U.N. World Health Organization (WHO) said it was no longer actively transmitted.
WHO warned, however, that Ebola could resurface at any time, since it can linger in the eyes, central nervous system and bodily fluids of some survivors.

The mask is coming off the established career criminals within the U.S. government. Everyday we hear of more and more people attending Trump’s Presidential campaign rallies, Sander’s Presidential campaign rallies and questioning hillary’s record. The stench is rising and the people don’t like what they have been fed for the past 50+ years by these career criminals. They didn’t start out as career criminals; they began their life of crime as public servants, a politician, I believe most wanting to do something good for their community, their state and their country. The power corrupted their thinking and, more importantly , their actions. These embedded ticks/leeches that are attempting to suck the last few drops of life from their victims are being outed. The victims are awakening and seeing these criminals for what they are – criminals.

When does a person finally begin to see the light of truth? For a great many people, if not 100% of the people, it is when they have hit rock bottom. When an alcoholic hits bottom he knows it, he can feel in his soul that he has been defeated by something that has taken complete control of his life. This is what has happened to the people who are turning out in droves at Trump and Sanders Presidential campaign rallies. These people are broke, enslaved and pissed. More importantly they are seeing how they arrived at this station in life. Not because they are lazy or ignorant, because they have been sold down the river by the people they trusted to represent them. It turns out, these people are not worthy of trust and the only interests they represent our their own.

If anyone thinks this planned coordinated attack on Donald Trump each time he appears somewhere is going away, they would be wrong. The victim hood industry owned by the Democratic/Communist Party USA is as threatened as the dirty traitors called the Republican establishment elites who have worked hand in hand with Demorats in the Outlaw Congress to destroy this country. That is what Americans are finally waking up to and what is driving the movement launched by Trump.

Unfortunately, tens of millions of black Americans as well as Mexican, South American and others who were either born in this country or legally became citizens don't understand: the Democratic/Communist Party USA wants you to stay poor. They want you to stay dependent on mother government so you will keep voting their incumbents in the Outlaw Congress back into office. They do not want you to be successful despite all the braying by lying pieces of crap like Hillary Clinton. That's what all those minorities at the Trump events just don't understand because they've been through the government's indoctrination centers they call public schools, they read sewer web sites like the Huffington Post and watch propaganda on the book tube on CNN and MSNBC.

A small percentage have awakened and switched to vote Republican. Hopefully they will pass on the message of freedom and liberty to their friends and family. Hopefully they will listen and start rejecting the global agenda of the impostor in the White House and dirty dogs in Congress who care nothing about them. They only lust for power and money.

Many of these protesters are unhappy - especially black Americans who were going to hit the jackpot under racist, Barry Soetoro (Obama) - because they can't find work, because wages are stagnant and can't keep up with inflation. I feel confident in saying none of them understand the disabilities of our monetary system so they can't process the problem with the dollar. They are so dumbed down from public schools and so brainwashed by the boob tube, Hollywood mouthpieces and corrupt politicians they simply cannot see how they've been led down the path to their own destruction.
Trump has promised to stop the complete destruction of our most important job bases, manufacturing, industrial and agriculture, from destructive trade treaties like NAFTA and bring jobs home to America. Trump has never said those jobs would not go to black or Mexican or Asian Americans. He stands before you with the promise to stop the bleeding of jobs and bring jobs back to America for ALL Americans.

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