Monday, January 20, 2014

More Rockets Fired Into Israel

We can expect to see more of this in the coming weeks:

Three rockets from the Gaza Strip were fired at the western Negev shortly before midnight on Monday.

Earlier Monday evening, two Grad rockets were apparently fired at the Red Sea resort town of Eilat, striking an open area close to the city.
The blasts were initially thought to be centered near the Le-Meridian hotel in the city’s crowded waterfront area.
The cause of the explosions was not immediately known, and Israel Defense Forces troops were dispatched to the area to search for rocket remains. The blasts came just as visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was finishing a speech at the Knesset in Jerusalem.

Israeli officials have warned of a possible escalation in violence with Palestinian militants out of Gaza, after the last week saw an uptick in rocket attacks.
On Sunday, an Israeli strike seriously injured three people, including a member of Islamic Jihad.
Earlier in the day, an Iron Dome anti-missile battery was moved near the city of Beersheba to protect it against rocket attacks. Students who attend schools without rocket protection in the coastal city of Ashdod were told to stay home Monday, signs that the military expects Gazan militants to strike back.

China's military build-up Continues:

The new hypersonic glide vehicle of the People’s Liberation Army — dubbed the WU-14 — is designed to strike large military targets including US aircraft carriers around the globe, according to the state-run China Central Television (CCTV), citing Chinese military expert Chen Hu.
Officials from the Pentagon stated that China had tested an ultra-high speed missile vehicle designed with cutting edge military technology in an unknown region of the country on Jan. 9. Following the report, the Chinese defense ministry officially confirmed its test of the WU-14 on Jan. 15.
Chen said that the new advanced weapon system is designed mainly to extend the range of the country’s missile strike capability against potential enemy targets. Meanwhile, Pentagon officials told the Washington Freedom Beacon that “the hypersonic craft appears designed to be launched atop of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and then glides and maneuvers at speeds of up to 10 times the speed of sound from near space en route to its target.”
The test of the ultra-high speed missile vehicle was not aim at any particular country, according to the Chinese defense ministry. However Chen stated that the weapon can surely be used against US carriers in any region around the globe.
Chen added that the US is designing various hypersonic vehicles including the X-51 and HTV-2, and China must have similar weapon systems to ensure its national security and maintain the balance of power in East Asia. Since a weapon system with a speed up to Mach 10 is impossible to intercept, the only way to prevent the United States from using its hypersonic vehicles against China is to develop its own, he said, adding it is a very similar to the doctrine of mutual assured destruction during the Cold War.


David H said...

Can anyone help me with this..
Is the tribulation 7 years long or is it the last 3 and a half years into the 7 year peace treaty?

Scott said...

The Tribulation is 7 years long. You can find this in Daniel 9. There are 7 years remaining on the overall 490 year clock for Israel - which was suspended at the time of the cross. It will begin again upon completion of Daniel 9:27.

The last 3.5 years, beginning with the abomination of desolation, begins the 'Great Tribulation' - often this is confused.

The Tribulation is also referred to as the 'time of Jacob's trouble' which is also a 7-year period.

Scott said...

At the time of the AOD, when the AC proclaims himself as god - the Jews will need to flee to Petra. It is at that time that the very intense, unabated persecution begins, thus Jesus referred to this period as great tribulation. Not to be confused with the final 7 year period of the 490 year clock.

David H said...

Thanks Scott...