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Peace Talks Appear To Be Stalled: Palestinians Refuse To Recognize Israel's Right To Exist

Gloom In Kerry's Party Over Widening Israeli-Palestinian Gaps. Jordan Rejects Palestinian Security On Its Border

Kerry has ordered his team to shelve the proposed framework accord he presented to Netanyahu in 12 hours of talks and eight with Abbas Friday and Saturday. He concluded that the gaps between them on the core issues of the dispute were getting wider instead of narrower.
The Palestinians reject any Israeli security presence on the West Bank. However, in Amman, Secretary Kerry found Jordan’s King Abdullah just as adamantly opposed to any Palestinian security presence on their common border along the Jordan Valley, or their participation in future security arrangements for the West Bank.

The monarch told Kerry in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t trust Palestinian security and intelligence organs. According to our sources, the Jordanian ruler said he found totally unacceptable the Palestinian plan for defending their future borders, which Palestinian intelligence chief Gen. Nidal Abu Dohan presented last week in Amman.

The Secretary proceeded from Jordan to Saudi Arabia later Sunday in search of some lead for energizing his Middle East peace effort. According to our sources, he planned to ask Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah for a public gesture, such as a joint economic enterprise, for luring Netanyahu into accepting a greater measure of his proposed framework. However, it is doubtful whether he found the 92-year old monarch and his advisers in any mood for attending to Israel and the Palestinians, after the Obama administration had offered Iraq’s Shiite prime minister advanced weapons for fighting - not just Al Qaeda but also the Sunni Arab tribes of western Iraq.

John Kerry Sunday night faced five major difficulties:

1. The Palestinians insist on Jerusalem being registered in any agreement as the capital of their future state. The Prime Minister is flat against this.

2. Mahmoud Abbas is totally opposed to recognizing Israel as the Jewish State. His last conversation with the Secretary in Ramallah Saturday morning is described as “very tough.” Kerry informed him that Netanyahu’s demand for Israel’s recognition as the Jewish state had been adopted as official American policy. When he heard this, the Palestinian leader dug his heels in still deeper against relenting on this point.

3. Abbas turned aside the critical refugee question by telling the US secretary that the decision was not up to him and would in any case not be binding on a single Palestinian refugee.

4. The clause in the US framework relating to the Jordan Valley border is opposed by Israel, the Palestinians and the Jordanians.

5.  Neither has agreement been reached on the sum total of land the Palestinians will receive or Israel will cede.

The Palestinian leader accused Israel of establishing a new settlement bloc stretching from northern Jerusalem to Binyamin and forming a barrier between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

The prime minister for his part asked Kerry to stop interfering in Israeli domestic politics by organizing a faction opposed to government strategy in the negotiations with the Palestinians. Netanyahu said: "I am holding negotiations with you and the Palestinians, not with Israelis.”

Israel’s government accused the Palestinian Authority Sunday of educating children to seek the destruction of Israel and look to Adolf Hitler as a role model.

At the same time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu connected Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state to what he said was continuing Palestinian incitement.

“True peace cannot exist without stopping the incitement against Israel, and educating for peace,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “The refusal of the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people and declare the end of national demands – this is the root of the conflict.”

Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz pointed to a number of cases of anti-Israel statements as proof that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was not trying to make peace.

“As it talks of peace in the United Nations, and in the international forums, it teaches for the destruction of the State of Israel and the expulsion or destruction of the Jewish people,” Steinitz told Israel Radio. “It is an entire system of hatred and one that shows elements of admiration of Adolf Hitler as someone who knew how to deal with the Jewish people.”
Steinitz, whose ministry publishes an “incitement index” meant to track Palestinian statements against Israel, presented new findings on the subject to the cabinet Sunday.
Steinitz’s presentation focused on denials of Israel’s right to exist; emphasis on Israel’s inevitable disappearance; depiction of Jews as subhuman; and statements that all forms of resistance — including terror — are legitimate.

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Below is an interesting article - which is actually a review of the book entitled "Secret Weapon". The details are far beyond my expertise, but much of it seems in line with what we can expect from prophecy, at least during the Tribulation. The conclusions are quoted below:

Kevin Freeman describes in his book how he together with his team tried for months to inform the relevant American authorities and Secret Services about the fact that the financial crash of 2008 has been caused deliberately and that there still was the danger of a third attack wave which finally could cause the western financial system to collapse. However, astonishingly he bumped into unexpected opposition in Washington. First nobody wanted to hear his warnings, then he was strung along for months and apparently there were attempts to cover up his work. Actually there was even a threat to classify his work in order to prevent him from going public with it. 

This phenomenon is nothing unusual for anyone who deals with the reports of Russian defectors who often try to warn the western public of the fact that the Kremlin is not the strategical partner the western political and media establishment are trying to depict. Usually those warnings are suppressed and hushed up, too. Hence, Freeman decided to go with his warnings to the public, so that his research is now accessible for every interested reader. But unfortunately up to now, his book was published only in English.

Although Freeman did not know the predictions made by the Czech general Jan Sejna, he succeeded to close a crucial knowledge gap in our understanding of the strategy described by Sejna who announced in 1982 that the communist camp intends to use so-called “external economic weapons“ in the final phase of its strategy to collapse the western economic system, paving the way for the victory of global socialist policy. Without knowing about this connection, Freeman explained in his book precisely how these very “external economic weapons“ were used against the US; and this is an excellent achievement which shows us the necessary countermeasures needed for the protection of the western financial system if only western governments would wake from their dreams.

The global financial crisis has originated not because capitalism failed, but because there was deliberate sabotage.

The public must be informed about this and hopefully a German publisher will be found who has enough courage and reason to understand the value of this book and to publish a German translation. Finally all those who believe that a collapse of the US Dollar seems promising for themselves, e.g. because they are invested in gold and anticipate a personal profit thereof, or because they perhaps have a perverted desire to see the decline of the US, should think about the inevitable consequences a US Dollar crash would entail. If the US loses her status as the leading world power, communist China will rise in alliance with the KGB regime in the Kremlin as the new dominating world power. One knows from history only too well which results it always had when in any country the communists came to power, there always were collectivisations, re-education camps, mass murders and civil wars. You may reckon with such outcomes, but this time on a global scale.

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