Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Stage Is Being Set For What Is To Come, But Trivial Preoccupations Prevent The Stage From Being Seen

If you are a prophecy watcher, then it is pretty easy to see how the entire world is being 'staged' for the arrival of the antichrist. For instance, it is becoming clear how the Mark of the Beast could be implemented and serve as a way to control people's finances through a centralized banking/financial system. Even 30 years ago that seemed a distant dream (or nightmare) and seemed impossible - but now the technology exists and could be implemented at any time. That stage is set. 

Take the continual growth of the EU/Med Union and their continual march towards central control, particularly in terms of finance. Their growth will ultimately result in the '10 kings' stage, and it is at this stage that the antichrist will arise. That stage is being set. 

The recent revelations regarding government's ability to spy on individuals allows us to get a glimpse of  the power and control antichrist will have at his disposal. That stage is being set. 

These are just a few examples but the point is made. Another interesting aspect of prophecy watching recently, has been the emergence of articles and commentary which unwittingly lament the world that is approaching, without understanding that these are predicted events through the lens of prophecy. 

This first article is worth reading in full and covers almost all of the topics mentioned above and the parallels to biblical prophecy are uncanny:

About a million people crammed into New York City’s Times Square and vicinity last night to watch the mother of all shiny, diversionary trinkets, the infamous New Year’s Eve ball, make its way down a flagpole to mark the end of 2013.

As one ton (about 998 kg) of confetti was dropped on the crown in Times Square, Chinese of mostly average means purchased nearly its equivalent in gold from all outlets, including 200 kg from the largest mall in Shanghai. It will take NYC sanitation workers two days to clean up the mess in Times Square, while it appears that the Chinese are cleaning up in a much different manner. Is there a message contained here to the average American? Only to those who have been awakened to what’s really going on behind the diversion of the shiny, trinkets of diversion on which we are urged to affix our gaze, paying no attention to the man behind the curtain.

As the frivolities of most Americans come to a close this week, many will undoubtedly be nursing hangovers while cleaning up their own houses from the parties they hosted to bring 2013 to a close and usher in 2014 on the Gregorian calendar, Many of these people are the same who openly accuse investigative journalists in the “new media” of spreading fear, writing doom porn, and scoff at watchmen who are attempting to awaken people to the truth about current events. They want your gaze to remain transfixed on the
shiny trinkets that entrance you in believing that all is normal. 

Behind the veil of normalcy exist the machinations of the globalists, who are working toward collapsing the U.S. economy through a mixture of Keynesian economics, the Cloward-Piven strategy and Saul Alinksy tactics through the use of the puppets they’ve groomed and placed into positions of power. Their grand objective is to create a system of global governance consisting of a single global currency and a state accepted religion, all under a single world government. They look upon the sovereignty of the United States as a speed bump on the road to their communist utopia. Sadly, too few people see through the falling confetti and past the glare of the shiny trinkets to fully comprehend the enormity of the lie.

Notice that the giant political pundits behind the microphones and television cameras rarely, if ever, discuss the big picture or acknowledge the enormity of the lie. Instead, they keep the masses entertained by containing their discussion within the well-defined boundaries of the right-left paradigm of political pabulum. They are highly compensated servants of the globalists who instruct them to keep the attention of their followers away from the truth by marginalizing truth seekers. It’s no accident that most Americans continue to be mesmerized by their neuro-linguistic programming skills and are saturated by their omnipresence within the mainstream media. Their followers are dissuaded from broaching such “fringe” topics of the globalist agenda, the economic Ponzi scheme constructed by the globalists, and even the constitutional legitimacy of a man selected to oversee the de-construction of the United States. Along with their globalist handlers, they laugh at you for your naivety, or perhaps they have also become victims of the lie through their enchantment with their own utopian lifestyle bestowed upon them for their cooperation. 

For most Americans, the year 2013 was ceremoniously closed by the orchestrated lowering of the shiny ball in Times Square that mesmerized the masses. Those who were stupefied by trinkets and confetti, and anesthetized from reality will continue to be distracted from the deliberate deconstruction of the one country that exists as a road block to the fulfillment of the globalists’ agenda. Perhaps the lowering of the Times Square ball could serve as a metaphor for the coming events in 2014 and beyond.

Perhaps we should extend our gaze past Times Square to the malls of Shanghai, and break away from the spell of the false sense of normalcy that is being purveyed upon us. We must break free from the commands of the stage magician, who guides our gaze and attention to what he wants us to see. For it is beyond the trinkets and confetti, through the veil of lies and deception, where we will see what is really taking place in the world.

Unlike the normal, spellbound Americans, the men and women of average means in China are not walking out of the malls carrying the newest iPad, iPhone or big screen television. They have not been entranced by the shiny ball lowered on a pole in New York. They understand better than most about what’s coming. You will not hear about what’s coming in the mainstream media in America. You will, however, feel it when it hits you. It will not be an accident, nor will it be the result of some unforeseen set of circumstances pushed by the American media.

The people who continue to believe the lies will be those most dependent on the government when the “global economic reset” takes place. They will be the victims of enslavement, subservient to the government when the plug is pulled. Those who cannot serve the utopian dream of global governance because of their lack of preparation will be cast into the chains of servitude, lamenting the distractions placed before them.

Meanwhile, a half word away, others are making their preparations. Keep your eyes on the shiny trinkets or break free from the illusion - the choice is up to you.

Israel Reportedly Offering Land And Its 300,000 Residents To Palestinians

Israel has raised the idea of transferring parts of the territory in “the triangle” southeast of Haifa — along with the hundreds of thousands of Israeli-Arab citizens who live there — to a future Palestinian state in return for annexing West Bank territory including settlement blocs, Maariv reported on Wednesday.

The possibility of land swaps between Israel and the Palestinians has gained widespread backing in the international community, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making stiffer territorial demands than some of his prime ministerial predecessors, the report said, including refusing to give away as much as he receives. In other words, whereas former prime minister Ehud Olmert was prepared to trade land on a one-to-one basis, Netanyahu is apparently pushing for a better formulation from Israel’s point of view.

Aside from the land issue another major sticking point in the negotiations is Netanyahu’s demand, even after the establishment of a Palestinian state, to maintain IDF forces in the Jordan Valley and full control over the border between the West Bank and Jordan. Israel insists on control there out of security concerns, while the Palestinians emphatically reject any Israeli presence on the territory of a future state.
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah told Maariv that, from his point of view, there was nothing to discuss over the matter. “We are talking about a clear message to Israel and the US: The Jordan Valley is Palestinian,” he said.

Ariel Sharon Near Death After Grave Deterioration In His Condition

Comatose former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s condition has gravely deteriorated and he is near death, doctors said on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer said Sharon’s condition began taking a turn for the worse in recent days.

Doctors said Sharon, 85, who has been in a vegetative state since 2006, was suffering from renal failure that could lead to multiple organ system failure and death.

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David said...


I wonder how individuals on social security disability, and social security retirement will be impacted in the end times financial control manipulation?
I could see these individuals (who are left) being forced onto receiving the mark of the beast.

David P.

Scott said...

Thats a very good question - and I agree, I would imagine these folks would have no choice. Don't forget, everyone will be 'forced' to take the mark, and those who resist will have to survive in a black market (which I assume will be pretty robust but difficult to maneuver due to so many gov't 'spys' who will be out in force for their personal gain. Not a place I want to be thats for sure.

Jake-man said...

Scott, I've followed your blog for a couple of years now. And, I work in higher education where one of the current themes is 'multiculturalism'. However, I never (until now) considered the possiblity of a connection between 'multiculturalism' and 'globalism/global goverance.' It's interesting how these things can slip past us.

R.G. said...

The death of Sharon could be quite significant.

Scott said...

R.G. - I have always found that interesting and in fact, I was just trying to remember the details so thanks for that link. Interesting.

Waterer said...

I can hardly believe the tenacity of Sharon to have endured this long.

Mrs.C said...

The Rabbi in the Youtube video was a Kabalahist. Kabbalah = mysticism, not Scriptural. Red flag on that false teaching. To take it further, nowhere in Scripture does it state that the "Coming of the Messiah" (they are not speaking of the Rapture)have anything to do with Sharons death.

Only God Himself has kept Sharon alive, and its for only His Purpose. This is nothing knew. Sharon was disobedient, and God responded. Olmert too, disobedient to God, and he ended up with cancer, a scandal, and removed from his leadership.

This is how God deals with the leaders of His People. Remember King Saul? Remember King Hezekiah?
Both disobedient.
Sauls punishment - he went insane
Hezekiah's punishment - first he was struck down with illness, God healed him, but made it clear it was only for 15 years.

Sharon, a hero of Israel, was taken down by God due to his disobedience...

Scott said...

I put it in the same category of St Malachy's prophecy: as they are both not found in the bible, but interesting. If indeed he was proclaiming Christ as the Messiah, then it gets my attention :) But I take everything that is 'extra-biblical' with a grain of salt

Unknown said...


James N Nashville here... Hope all is well with your family. Sorry for being gone so long. Have been working 65-70 hours per week for the last year. Unfortunately there is just no extra time to post. Had time early this morning and this post caught my attention.

Im entriged by the Ariel Sharon story as it's been foretold that his death would set some things in motion for Israel. Do you remember posting that story. Can you repost that. God bless you brother!

James N Nashville

Scott said...

So nice to hear from you - I hope all is well

There is a video link above, in these comments, by R.G.

Sorry to hear about the work hours - I'm in a similar situation lately, so I can relate. Hang in there, we'll be in Paradise soon brother

Waterer said...

Thanks Mrs. C , for the background on the Rabbi in the You tube. Of course this is not a Scriptural thing therefore only in an "interesting" but possibly misleading category.

Yes Sharon was disobedient though not a king he was given special leadership . I am surprised he has lingered this long.

Mrs.C said...

Ya Sister Waterer, he has lingered
a long time, it is Gods Will, Purpose and timing for everything...