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Fatah Calls For 'Coordinated' Armed Resistance, Palestinians See Destruction Of Jews As Realistic Possibility

And these are the people to whom Israel is supposed to give up vital land, while pretending to have a peace deal - or face the wrath of 'the nations'. Unbelievable, but a sign of our times:

Negotiations with Israel will lead to “zero results” if not fortified by armed resistance, a senior Fatah official said, adding that the first signs of a new Palestinian uprising have already begun to appear on the ground.

“We [in Fatah] know what the Israelis and Americans are suggesting [in the negotiating room]. So far, the negotiations are taking place only with the Americans, not the Israelis, and the Americans are liars. There is no framework agreement. It’s a lie. Even if Kerry [presents] an agreement, Palestinians will reject it. There will be a vote, either inside Fatah or among the Palestinian leadership, and the American proposals will be rejected,” Tirawi said.

Tirawi voiced skepticism that negotiations alone could ever produce a Palestinian state.
“There is no possibility of a Palestinian state being established on the West Bank and Gaza in the coming 20 years. None at all. Anyone who believes otherwise is wrong. Negotiations will bring us nothing … we, all Palestinian factions, must return to the cycle of action. When we will do this, many things will change.”
Asked what he meant by the cycle of action, Tirawi clarified he was speaking of “resistance in all of its forms.”
“Steadfastness is also resistance, negotiations are also a form of resistance, but there must be something on the ground as well … weapons, popular resistance, there are 100 methods to resist.”

Tirawi noted that the first signs of a new Palestinian uprising could already be felt on the ground in Palestinian towns and villages: increased stone throwing, tire burning, confrontations with settlers and soldiers.
“The big explosion in Palestine is coming. All of Israel’s actions have placed the Palestinian public under immense pressure. They have no choice but to explode in the face of the occupation.”

Israel will no longer tolerate Palestinian incitement and attempts to isolate it in international institutions, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said on Monday.
Speaking at an event to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the defense minister lashed out at the Palestinian Authority for claiming to seek peace on one hand yet encouraging "efforts to boycott Israel."
"In the Palestinian Authority, whose leadership presents itself as one that is striving to reach an agreement with us, the brutal, insufferable incitement against the State of Israel and the Jewish people continues," Ya'alon said.

 "This incitement is manifest in the education system and the media, where the hatred and poison ought to be an affront to any human," he said. "It is creating another generation of Palestinian children who are taught to look at the expulsion and destruction of the Jews as a realistic possibility instead of educating them toward a culture of peace and co-existence alongside Israel."

Israeli fighter planes bombarded S-300 missile launchers in the Syrian port city of Latakia late Sunday, Syrian opposition groups were quoted as saying by Israel's Channel 2 television. Residents of the city reported hearing loud explosions just around midnight.
Opposition sources are quoted as saying that the explosion took place in the Sheikh Dahar neighborhood just near the local port, Channel 2 reported. The claims by the opposition have not been confirmed by any official sources.

The claims of an Israeli strike in Syria coincided with reports that IAF jets breached the sound barrier at medium altitude over the city of Baalbek, located in the Hezbollah stronghold of the Bekaa Valley. The flights caused panic among the residents, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) reported Monday morning.
"On Sunday at 10:45 p.m., two Israeli war planes violated Lebanese airspace off west Batroun [district in north Lebanon], executed circular flight over the Lebanese regions; and then left at 11:55 p.m. off west Nakoura village [in the south,]" the Lebanese Army Command Guidance Directorate said in a statement according to Lebanon's National News Agency.

Loud explosions were reported to rock the coastal Syrian city of Latakia late Sunday night, with reports of a possible airstrike on the Alawite stronghold.
The Palestinian Zamnpress news website reported Monday that Israeli planes carried out the attack on a warehouse of S-300 missiles, citing Western sources.

Other Israeli news sources cited Syrian opposition reports and Lebanese media reports in reporting that Israeli planes were involved in the attack.
A Syrian opposition source living in Turkey told Israel Radio Israeli plans had attacked the site, which housed warehouses containing advanced Russian S-300 missiles.
According to the Local Coordination Committees in Syria, residents reported “a huge explosion” in the Shekh Daher neighborhood of Latakia.

On Sunday night, Lebanese state media reported Israeli warplanes flying over the city of Baalbek and the Bekaa Valley region.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference is a joint enterprise of 57 member states dedicated to pursuing "the interests of all Muslims in the world." Each member proudly identifies itself as an Islamic nation. The Muslim list ranges across the alphabet -- from Afghanistan to Yemen. And nobody questions their professed adherence to Islam.

Yet, when it comes to Israel, there is unceasing debate and controversy about classifying it as a Jewish state. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has been absolutely emphatic in ruling out recognition of Israel as a Jewish state as part of any peace agreement. In fact, Abbas has gone one better, vowing that a Palestinian state will be cleansed of all Jews. Even though the United Nations, in its 1947 partition plan, explicitly called for the division of mandatory Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish state -- a position also espoused by Secretary of State John Kerry in his reported framework for a two-state solution. The latest manifestation of Abbas's unbending stance against any Jewish presence in "Palestine" popped up in connection with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's insistence that Israel, as a basic security measure, must have boots on the ground --Jewish soldiers -- in the JordanValley.

So, it's okay for there to be 57 countries, including a proposed one, proudly identifying themselves as Islamic. But it's not okay for Israel to be recognized as the only Jewish nation in the entire world.
A glaring double standard, if there ever was one.

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