Monday, January 20, 2014

Lies And Distortions vs Truth And Reality

One of the hallmarks of this age is the abundance and seemingly endless supply of lies and distortions. 

One doesn't have to look far. 

As we approach a mini ice age in the face of a quiet sun - a fact that has been historically verified, we continue to hear that the "cooling" is a result of global warming. This is ominously similar to Orwell's "1984" where we learned that in the totalitarian "utopia" 2+2=5. Iran's nuclear development is for peaceful purposes. "Land for peace". Same thing. A more pertinent example is seen in the so-called "peace talks" with mythical "Palestine" and their mythical land as the centerpiece - vs "evil" Israel and their "occupation". All based on lies and distortions. 

These lies and distortions will increase dramatically during the Tribulation and we are just now seeing how lies are rammed down our collective throats while the truth is hidden. This process is very much a sign of our times.

While the world descends into central control and totalitarianism - we are expected to ignore history and the repeated carnage and massive deaths that such structure creates. 

The first few articles underscore the abundance of lies and distortions that we are expected to believe. If it weren't so sad, and so overtly anti-Israel in its foundations, it would be laughable:

[*Note: It is becoming more and more dificult to avoid 'politics'. For years, I attempted to avoid political discussions as much as possible, but as we approach the Tribulation that is now becoming increasingly difficult. A large part of the 'road-paving' into the Tribulation has to do with certain elements of the population actually embracing communism/totalitarianism - and this is certainly a factor in terms of remaining prophetic fulfillment and leading to the ultimate backing of the AC. Thus, ignoring politics has become impossible.]

Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry may not be getting anything done, but they do have a lot of hotel bills, souvenirs and snapshots to show for it.

In 2014, Kerry has already been everywhere from Jerusalem to Paris and from Kuwait City to Vatican City and from Saudi Arabia to Ireland for a total of 26,000 miles. Most of his time has been spent in the Middle East where warring factions are united in a fervent wish that he would go away.
Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have all rejected his security proposal for the Jordan Valley. The Israeli Defense Minister reportedly told friends that he wished John Kerry would win a Nobel Prize and go away. Palestinian Arabs protested Kerry’s visit and an aide to President Abbas declared, “No Palestinian leader in his right mind would accept any of this.”
The media is talking up Kerry’s success, but the situation on the ground is worse than it was before the Secretary of State who put Russia in charge of resolving the Syrian Civil War got started. The Palestinian Authority is threatening a war against Israel in every forum and polls show that solid majorities on both sides have no confidence in the process.
Kerry egotistically tried sidelining actual talks between the parties and offering them his proposals instead. These negotiations have failed, not just for the usual reasons, but because they aren’t actual negotiations between two parties. Undaunted, Kerry is coming back with a framework for peace talks that no one but him wants or believes in, based on positions that neither party actually agrees on.

The problem with the peace process is that it was never meant to produce peace. The entire political machinery of the Palestinian movement was set up as a bear trap for Israel and the United States. Both countries have spent two decades stuck in the bear trap and instead of trying to escape by chewing off a trapped limb, keep reviewing proposals to chew off their healthy limbs in order to appease the trapper.

The one thing that the Palestinian Authority can never do is agree to any true final status agreement without setting up an ongoing process for further agreements. That would be opening the bear trap and since it is the bear trap, it would no longer have a reason to exist. The PLO, in all its forms, was a manufactured insurgency by the USSR and its Arab allies to tie down Israel and the United States.

The Palestinian Authority wants to continue the status quo...will never agree to peace. Its only negotiating cards are terrorism and peace, if it ever traded terrorism for peace; it would have no more cards to play and no way to cadge billions of dollars in international aid without returning to terrorism.

The only way that Abbas knows how to dissuade Israel from final status negotiations is by escalating his demands into impossible territory.

Israel knows what Abbas is doing. Abbas knows what Israel is doing. And John Kerry has no idea what he’s doing rushing back and forth to try and make peace negotiations work that are designed to fail.

John Kerry has a long history of rushing into negotiations that he doesn’t understand. Kerry didn’t understand what was going on in Syria and got taken. He didn’t understand what was going on in Vietnam or in Nicaragua. Instead he eagerly picks the side to the left and begins moving proposals around with no clue as to what the motivations of either party are.

A good negotiator understands not just what the parties say they want, but what they really want. Unfortunately John Kerry has no ability to pick up on subtext. His international experience consists of traveling to other countries and taking absolutely everything that he is told at face value.
John Kerry really believes that the Russians are eager to partner with him even when they’re laughing at him to his face. He really believes that Assad and the Syrian rebels want to negotiate a solution. And he really believes that if he spends enough time in Jerusalem and Ramallah, the barriers will fall away.
Kerry never truly sees the world that he traverses at taxpayer expense, only the awards and plaudits waiting for him once he resolves all of its problems. All his life, he has been a player on his own stage, posturing in a small variety of roles, from Vietnam veteran, to peace crusader, back to Vietnam veteran and then back to peace crusader, from medal hurler to Nobel winner in the theater of his own mind.
Diplomacy for Kerry, like statesmanship and legislating, is a performance. Not only doesn’t he know how to do it, but he doesn’t even know that he doesn’t know how to do it. The same misplaced confidence that got him from telling the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the United States military was as bad as the armies of Genghis Khan to sitting on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is moving him around the world with a furrowed brow full of Botox and nothing inside it but a Tom Collins and visions of an elderly Norwegian handing him the Peace Prize that he believes has been rightfully his since 1971.

[This is a video worth watching and passing along to those who need to be educated in the truth]

In Episode 8 of Focus on Israel, host Laurie Cardoza-Moore presents the documented political evidence and international laws that established the modern State of Israel. This legal basis is traced from the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to the multiple U.N. resolutions.
Danny Ayalon, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel concurs saying, “A peace solution has to be negotiated based upon legal and historical facts. So, please let’s stop using the terms ‘occupied territories,’ and ’67 borders,’ they’re simply not correct.”
Watch the eighth episode of Focus on Israel now:

Ask the 300,000 Chinese raped, tortured, and slaughtered in Nanking, ask the thousands of American and Philippine soldiers brutalized during the Bataan death march, ask the thousands of allied POWs routinely starved, tortured, worked to death, and beheaded. This same obtuseness persists today, as the left ignores or rationalizes the beheadings, torture, and massacres perpetrated by the Taliban, but patronizes and demonizes the American soldiers who not only put an end to such horrors, but risked their lives to rebuild Afghanistan and protect its people.

These pathologies of the progressive mind bespeak a cult-like mentality in which fact or consistent principle has no place. How else can one explain the deep and abiding affection of the left for some of history’s most brutal dictators? 

What else but terminal cognitive and moral dissonance can explain the creepy obsession with Che Guevara, a murderous thug whom lefties moon over like a teenybopper over Justin Bieber? What possible logical or moral reason could there be for the endless parade of celebrities and politicians––like New York’s new mayor–– making the pilgrimage to Havana to kiss Fidel Castro’s ring? Sure, fashion has a lot to do with it. 

But these thugs and killers are the saints of the left-wing cult, one that has always worshipped power and lusted to cut through the irreducible complexity of human identity and its conflicting goods in order to create their vision of heaven on earth, one in which they and their ilk will always call the shots.

As for those who reject the progressive gospel, they are heretics and sinners to be persecuted, scorned, and insulted, the “preterite,” as the old Puritans called them, cast aside by God to suffer eternal damnation while the “elect” enjoy eternal bliss in their tony bicoastal enclaves. That explains the smugness and self-righteousness of the typical progressive––the irony being that rather than enlightened, their minds have been darkened by stale clich├ęs and ignorance of basic history, the furniture of the mediocre mind trained not in basic skills and critical thinking, but only to repeat by rote the progressive catechism.
Cults, however, can be dangerous. Right now a president marinated for decades in this rancid ideology of America’s foreign policy sins is ceding American influence in the Middle East to predators like Iran and Russia, leaving behind a world more violent and dangerous, and more hostile to America’s security and interests. And with his precipitate withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, he is squandering the sacrifices and heroism of better men like the Navy Seals of Lone Survivor.

Liberalism is cotton candy, pink and delicious.  It tastes good in your mouth, but once it's in the gut of your politics it teases your insides.
The Democrats dance a Fred Astaire waltz with communism like it is salvation.  One hundred million dead hanging on the red cross put up by the likes of Stalin and Mau.  Their patent leather shoes are twitching and dangling while America leans farther to the left and our freedom dies.
I run into a Republican friend, Frank, at Gleason's.  We step to the side so no one will hear us.  Republicanism has become a party of shame in a liberal-dominant culture like Brooklyn's.  We can't talk out loud in front of the opinionated liberals.  They swarm the floor like cockroaches.  The dirt of self-sustaining opinions covers them.

Communism killed one hundred million people, and the liberals have adopted all their phony equality ideas.

Liberalism has lost its testosterone.  It doesn't want people to stand up and fight for self-improvement.  It wants to hold its hand out and give to people until there is nothing left to give.

It is bankrupting itself financially and morally.  It is a failed philosophy that is growing because people want to take the easy way out.  

Liberalism dominates by curtailing free thought.  It does not allow contradiction.  It scorns conservative opinions.  It is a bully.  The very thing that liberalism pretends  to endorse, it hates.  It announces its love for mankind while it undermines it.  It is a charade. It is false. It is self-destructive.
Its poster boy used to be Stalin.  Now it is Obama.

Also see:

The Deputy Defense Minister, MK Danny Danon (Likud-Beytenu), has penned an article in the US-based Politico website that appears to be a warning about an Israeli intention to strike Iran's nuclear weapon facilities.

The article refers to two previous cases in which Israel struck Islamic nuclear sites without US approval.
In 1981, writes Danon, “when Prime Minister Menachem Begin warned the Reagan administration that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was developing military nuclear capabilities, the Americans failed to act. Faced with the prospect of a nuclear-armed enemy Israel was compelled to take matters into its own hands.”

While the bombing of the Osirak reactor was widely condemned, Danon notes that former Vice President Dick Cheney admitted years later that Israel’s actions “had averted a catastrophic situation in which Hussein would have been armed with nuclear weapons.”

Against the context of the prior allusions to the attacks on nuclear sites in Iraq and Syria, this appears to be a rather broad hint that Israel may, in the next few months, embark on a similar attack on Iran's nuclear sites. The choice of Politico as the venue for the article may be a way of ensuring that the message reaches all US lawmakers, who will not be able to say afterward that they had not been forewarned of Israel's intentions regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

The US and other world powers have been negotiating with Iran over its nuclear weapons program, in an attempt to stop the program by diplomacy and avert war. Israel has strenuously opposed the concessions that the powers recently made in the negotiations, and warned that Iran was being deceitful and would not give up its nuclear weapons program unless it was forced to, either by military force or by crippling sanctions. 

Danon's article appears to be a message to the lawmakers, saying in effect: "If you don't slap more sanctions on Iran, Israel may have to strike on its own."

[Speaking of lies and distortions. Does anyone remember how we were told that Israel evacuating Gaza would lead to peace? Anyone?]

The surge of rocket fire from Gaza in the past few days is likely the product of two trends: Hamas’s diminishing motivation to prevent the launching of rockets, and the mounting desire of small organizations to escalate violence. It’s a particularly dangerous game, as it could easily lead to a violent and bloody confrontation with Israel.

It’s also possible, perversely, that were it not for the Rabbi Pinto affair, which has gripped the domestic press, we would already be deep into this escalation. Without the bribery scandal rocking Israel’s police, concerned citizens might be knocking down doors, seeking answers to the security decline in the south from politicians and military brass.

Despite what pundits may say, the current escalation in the Gaza Strip did not start in the past 72 hours. Its roots can be traced back six months, when the Egyptian army shut down hundreds of smuggling tunnels into Gaza, in a move that seemingly served Israeli interests. The smuggling industry, which was one of the leading sources of income in the Strip, became nearly completely defunct.

Put it another way: Hamas has nothing to lose right now. The Egyptians have marked the organization as the enemy (an Egyptian official last week said in an interview with Reuters that Hamas is the next target Cairo will seek to overthrow) and relations with Cairo have reached an unprecedented low.
Hamas may not want an escalation in violence, but the status quo is problematic, even dangerous, for the Islamists, especially with Gazans less willing to give them leeway.
This may explain the increased number of rockets launched at Israel. Hamas is looking for a way out. It is not behind the latest attacks, but in contrast to the past few years, it seems to be turning a blind eye and allowing Islamic Jihad as well as other organizations to fire at will.

[More from the archives of "land for peace]

The Ashdod municipality on Monday morning canceled classes in all schools that aren’t fortified against rockets, fearing an escalation in attacks on the southern city a day after the Israeli Air Force targeted a terror suspect in the Gaza Strip.

The decision meant some 4,000 students stayed home.

Ashdod Mayor Yehiel Lasri announced on Sunday afternoon that classes in some schools would be canceled Monday “in light of the continuing escalation and following a situation assessment in the city.”
A similar decision was made on Friday due to rocket fire from the Strip.


Levin said...

Something that came to mind when reading Matthew 24 again the other day. In Matthew 24:16, in connection with the abomination that causes desolation, Jesus says, "then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains."

My understanding of the "peace" plan Kerry and Obama are obsessed with is that it involves various land swaps, but would set aside Judea and Samaria, including East Jerusalem, as the new Palestinian state. Another aspect of the plan involves Abbas' demand that the Palestinian state, which would seem to be comprised of Judea and Samaria, be free of Jewish residents.

Matthew 24:16 clearly indicates there will be Jews in Judea at the time of the abomination that causes desolation (which is essentially mid-trib). This leads me to the conclusion that the Kerry/Obama "peace" plan, at least as presently constituted, will fail to materialize.

harnessandleash said...

Since Jerusalem is already in the mountains of Judea, the flight (most likely) will be down to Jericho, then across into Jordan. Many Bible scholars believe the godly remnant of Jewish believers in Jesus (spoken about in Matt 24) will find refuge in the ancient rock-hewn cliff city of Petra,
I think it's safe to assume that whatever peace initiatives you want to talk about-- whether it's the current one, or the one the Antichritst, himself, will bring to the table-- (or anything else that may arise in-between) none of them will prevent passage for the Jews to be able to, "flee to the mountains."

Levin said...

Harness, I agree, but my point wasn't that a deal would somehow inhibit the flight to the mountains, which I agree points to Petra. My point was any deal that seeks to remove all or a large portion of the Jewish population from a Palestinian state comprised of Judea and Samaria seems to contradict Matthew 24:16 and would therefore stand little to no chance chance of coming to pass.

Scott said...

No taunting - I'm not having it

Scott said...

Thats in reference to a deleted post - not any of the above.

Benjamin - I agree that this peace plan won't be finalized - but the concepts are more stage setting in preparation for the final 'agreed' plan.

David H said...

Stephen how can you keep speaking like that if you call yourself a Christian

harnessandleash said...

Benjamin -- sorry I misunderstood your comments. In addition to Scott's comment, and with respect to current Israeli leadership, it seems highly unlikely that under Netanyahu that any kind of land give away will happen. Thank GOD He has always provided "His man" when it is most needed. (IMO) Netanyahu will never submit to anything less than what he deems is rightfully Israeli -- in his own words.... “Negotiations are based on facts, on the truth, which is never harmful,” (i.e. presenting the truth about Jewish ties to the Land of Israel.)

You are in "great" company with your parents choice of a first name for you! ; )

Scott said...

I don't understand why you do this. For the life of me I don't. You know the rules. Back to moderation - thanks.

Levin said...

Harness, I totally agree. Definitely the right leader at the right time.

Benjamin is a name I'm proud to have, for a number of reasons.

Scott said...

Stephen - I'm happy to have you post here. Honestly. Just do so without the profanity and taunting etc.