Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In The News: Moscow Warns Israel; Build-Up For War Continues

The recent developments regarding tensions between Israel and Russia are very interesting at a time that we are watching the approaching wars as dictated by the prophetic scriptures. It seems that every day brings an escalation in 'rumors of war' rhetoric:

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he’s supplying the long-range anti-aircraft missile S-300 to Syria despite pleas from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry not to do so...Putin argued that the S-300 is a “defensive” weapon and will help stabilize the region.

Israeli officials already have served warning that they will continue airstrikes against any target they perceive as weapons destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon, with the prospect that continued shipments of weapons could mean Israeli effort to topple al-Assad’s government. That prospect also could set off the Russians.

Informed sources say that Russia intends to ship four batteries of the S-300s which have from 100 to 150 simultaneously deployable, guided anti-aircraft missiles.
Sources say that once deployed, they will be manned by Russian military “advisers,” since the Syrians are not technically prepared to operate such advanced and complicated systems. They say Israel therefore could hurt Russians should there be more strikes.

This shipment of S-300s is yet a further indication of Russia’s commitment to al-Assad, despite rumors that the Russians are seeking an alternative to his leadership of Syria in an effort to bring stability to the country for Moscow’s own geostrategic purposes.

 The Israeli media have been quoting Arab news media reports claiming a Russian convoy of game-changing S300 missile batteries are already in Syria.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been leading efforts to block the S300 sale, flying to Russia last week to meet with President Vladimir Putin on the matter as well as other security concerns.
Now the Israel media is quoting the London-based Arab paper Al-Quds Al-Arabi, which claimed the S300 missiles are currently in Syria under Russian supervision.

Israel’s Channel 2 further reported Syrian soldiers completed their training on the S300 on Russian soil.

Two warships of Russia’s Black Sea fleet joined the country’s Mediterranean task force on Monday, a spokesman for the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Capt. First Rank Vyacheslav Trukhachyov, has said.
The Defense Ministry said in April Russia has begun setting up a naval task force in the Mediterranean, sending several warships from the Pacific Fleet to the region. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in March a permanent naval task force in the Mediterranean was needed to defend Russia’s interests in the region.
"During a planned rotation, large landing ships Nikolai Filchenkov and Azov from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet have started performing their tasks in the Mediterranean,” Trukhachyov said.

The Syrian military said it has destroyed an Israeli vehicle that crossed the ceasefire line in the Golan Heights.
A statement issued by the Syrian Armed Forces on Tuesday says its troops destroyed the vehicle “with those in it.” It did not elaborate, but said any attempt to infiltrate Syria’s territory will face “immediate and firm retaliation. ”

It was the third day in a row in which shots were fired at Israeli forces at the same location and at roughly the same time.

In the past three months there have been 12 cross-border shootings toward the Golan Heights. Tuesday’s incident, however, marked the first time that the Syrian army has acknowledged firing at Israeli troops across the frontier, and appeared to be an attempt by President Bashar Assad’s regime to project toughness following three Israeli airstrikes near Damascus this year.

The chancellor said the pope had stressed the world needs a strong and just Europe, and she described the overall conversation has encouraging.
Merkel is currently campaigning for re-election in September's general elections. Half of Germany's population is Catholic. In Bavaria especially there is a strong conservative and Catholic tradition.
According to a Vatican statement, Francis and Merkel discussed the socio-political, economic and religious situation in Europe and in the world, including "safeguarding human rights, the persecutions faced by Christians" and religious freedom.

 Francis blasted what he called a "cult of money" in a global financial system that ends up tyrannizing, not helping, the world's poor.
Asked whether they had also talked about the pope's recent criticism, Merkel said they spoke about the regulation of the financial markets.

Benedict's focus on theology has given way to more concrete issues, like poverty, Francis' main concern.
Vatican analyst Massimo Franco says Francis is "a true global pope," adding that, contrary to his predecessors, whose worldviews were shaped by 20th century European history, Francis is steeped in the global issues of today and of the future.
"And I think of so many people who are jobless, often due to a purely bottom-line view of society, which seeks selfish profit without regard for social justice," he continued.
On Saturday, the pope zeroed in on the financial system.
"If investments and banks plunge, this is a tragedy," he said. "But if families are hurting" — he added ironically — "this is nothing."
Such statements echo liberation theology, an activist Catholic movement that was very present in Latin American slums, or favelas, in the 1960s and '70s, and which was sharply disciplined by John Paul II and his theological watchdog, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger — the future Pope Benedict — for its Marxist overtones.


Stephen said...

Records again, right now, above
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Gold and silver going down again ??


6033 is latest number from God rev
but final 24 hour tally not for
a few more hours.

Stocks are getting VERY OVERVALUED.

I have NEVER SEEN a bubble this
big in all my years watching
this market.

Bulls should understand that there
will be CONSEQUENCES for their

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another record close.


this is getting boring and stupid.

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WVBORN56 said...

Both Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 puzzle pieces continue to line up perfectly with what we are witnessing in the middle east. If we add in America's march to totalitarianism, rampant apostasy, and an impending world economic catastrophe then I would think we are at the very door of Jesus' soon return! It is just amazing it hasn't already occurred. We seem to be so very close to our blessed hope!

I still think there is better than a 50% chance the church exits before Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 starts/finishes. This is where God begins to turn his attention back to Israel and the Jews and away from the church. He is fully back on Israel for Ezekiel 39! We are living in amazing times and yet most of the church is asleep at the wheel. We could literally be only days, weeks or months away from going home. While the rapture is and has always been imminent for the church the window narrows as the time of Jacobs trouble (7 year tribulation) looms dead ahead.


Scott said...

Well-stated WV - as usual - take a look at the update just posted - confirms what you are saying

WVBORN56 said...

Interesting Scott. It continues to escalate and once it starts in earnest it will become full blown rather quickly I would imagine.

We could be on the precipice of some amazing end time biblical prophetic wars involving Israel and we may very well be watching from the "balcony". That is if we are even aware of things occurring here. We may be preoccupied :)

Waterer said...

I understood Mrs. C and Wv ( I am not putting words in mouths I hope) that they think we will be gone when the Lord turns His attention to Israel.

I remember this from other talks but cannot remember the verses to support this. Are there any direct ones other than the one where Jesus talks about Jerusalem being trampled underfoot UNTIL the times of Gentiles are fulfilled..
Is this where this teaching comes from/

Scott said...

My thinking is from a different angle.

The age of grace includes believing by faith not by sight. In the Church Age, God does not reveal Himself as He did in earlier dispensations.

The last passages in Ezekiel 38 and 39 involve God revealing Himself in a VERY big, bold way - so much that the entire world will know that it was God's direct intervention that has just occurred.

I believe this to be completely inconsistent with the Church age. That is my personal rationale for the Church not being present during Gog-MaGog.

Mrs.C said...

Fully agree with you Brother Scott :)
In Ezekiel 39, God allows us the privilege of reading His Beautiful and Personal Conversation between Himself and His People.
He recounts briefly His History with them, and shares how for thousands of years, He hid His Face from them. He ends by saying He will "hide His Face" no more. He is back with them IN FULL COVENANT. He has shown Himself in FULL, and restored His Covenant with His People. HE "POURS OUT HIS SPIRIT ON THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL"
We the Church are gone, as the Church and Israel are mutually exclusive to Him. God deals with them separately.

Romans 11:25
Acts 15:13-18
Even in the end, before Him, Jesus tells us that with Gods First Born, His People, God deals with separately.
Matthew 19:28
28 So Jesus said to them, “Assuredly I say to you, that in the regeneration, when the Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

Waterer said...

Romans 11:25

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

25 So that you will not be conceited, brothers, I do not want you to be unaware of this mystery: A partial hardening has come to Israel until the full number of the Gentiles has come in.
This was the one escaping memory.
Thanks!to you both.

Waterer said...

Alongside the Amos quote, the question I have is not that the church will be gone in the trib.
but more that the full number of Gentiles will not be in till the end of the trib.
I think what I hear in what you say Scott is that because He will be revealing Himself again to Israel in open OT ways,that it is almost like the wilderness years again with Moses. The Amos Quote about restoring Israel as in days of old sounds more to me like the millennium.After Ez 39,spiritual awakening is happening but we know from Matt and Rev that they are driven out of the land again as jesus warns them to flee at the abomof desolation.I guess I am not sure about Ez 39 being a parallel to the Amos quote. No one here said it was a parallel. This is just an expression of my pov.