Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In The News:

Hezbollah To Open 'New Front' In Golan Heights

Iran has convinced Syria to allow Hezbollah to open a “new front” against Israel in the Golan Heights, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported Wednesday.
Tehran, seeking to prevent the fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, asked Damascus if Hezbollah could set up a new military front against Israel in the Golan.
“All Arabs and Muslims” are requested to join the fight against Israel, Tehran said, according to Israel Radio.

The report comes a week after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed to respond to Jerusalem’s aggression with the help of Syria’s advanced “game-changing” weapons. The next stage, he warned during a public speech, would be opening up a front on the Golan Heights.

Iran persuaded Syrian President Bashar Assad to allow Hezbollah to open a new front from which to attack Israel in the Golan Heights, Israel Radio reported Wednesday citing a report by the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat.
According the report, an Iranian source told the newspaper that Tehran is determined to prevent the fall of Assad's regime in Damascus, because the Syrian president has been convinced to open the Golan to all Arabs and Muslim wanting to fight Israel.
The report follows similar claims last week that following alleged Israeli air strikes near Damascus, Syrian authorities considered allowing Palestinian armed groups to launch attacks against Israel across the Golan Heights border, as reported by Syrian daily Al Watan.

A number of mortar shells landed in the Golan Heights in the area of Mount Hermon on Wednesday morning, the IDF Spokesperson confirmed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, only just back from China, was back overseas on Tuesday, meeting with President Vladimir Putin to ensure –- or more accurately to plead — that Russia refrain from sending Syria four S-300 batteries, a $900 million, long-range aerial defense system that, Israeli experts say, would change the calculus of Israeli and US involvement in Syria.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov struck a defiant tone in advance of the meeting. “Russia is not planning to sell,” he told reporters in Warsaw, without specifying which systems he was referring to. “Russia already sold them a long time ago. It has signed the contracts and is completing deliveries, in line with the agreed contracts, of equipment that is anti-aircraft technology.”

The S-300, which can intercept fighter jets and cruise missiles, “is the ultimate system,” said Uzi Rubin, the former head of missile defense at Israel’s Defense Ministry and a senior researcher at the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. “It covers enormous surfaces and is so potent that when the Cypriots bought the system the Turks threatened them with war because it endangered Turkish aircraft flying over Turkey.”

Nonetheless, Rubin said, it is the fact of Russia’s unstinting involvement on Bashar Assad’s behalf in Syria, more than the precise nature of that role, which dictates the course of events.

Al Quds al-Arabi newspaper claimed Tuesday that Assad’s army actually already possesses the S-300 system, but that it is under Russian control. This cuts to the heart of the matter: the extent of Russian-Syrian cooperation. More than the technological ability of each weapons system, the very fact of Russian involvement on the ground — in terms of technical support and strategic backing — is pivotal.
“The surface-to-air missiles are a small problem,” Rubin said, with varying degrees of severity. “The big problem is Russia itself.”

The super-active sunspot responsible for unleashing the three most powerful solar flares of 2013 within a 24-hour stretch this week is slowly rotating toward Earth and will likely be facing our planet by the weekend, experts say.

Active Region 1748, as the sunspot is known, unleashed three monster solar flares between Sunday and Monday (May 12 to 13). Every one of the solar storms registered as an X-class flare — the most powerful type — with each successive event stronger than the last, culminating in an X3.2 megablast Monday night.
These solar explosions did not affect Earth, since AR1748 was not facing our planet at the time. But the sunspot is now circling into view, so future flares and any associated eruptions of super-hot solar plasma — called coronal mass ejections (CMEs) — could potentially target our planet, scientists say.

Also see:

The IRS came after Billy Graham, too, his son charged Tuesday in a letter to President Barack Obama.
Franklin Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the family’s international humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse, said that the IRS notified the organizations in September that it was conducting a “review” of their activities for tax year 2010.
With the IRS admitting it gave extra scrutiny to conservative political organizations, Graham says he now believes that the review was part of an Obama administration effort of “targeting and attempting to intimidate us.”

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association urging of voters to back “candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel” during last year’s presidential race was the reason why IRS agents visited the North Carolina offices of both Graham groups, the letter accuses.

“While these audits not only wasted taxpayer money, they wasted money contributed by donors for ministry purposes as we had to spend precious resources servicing the IRS agents in our offices,” Graham wrote in the letter, which was shared with POLITICO. “I believe that someone in the administration was targeting and attempting to intimidate us. This is morally wrong and unethical – indeed some would call it ‘un-American.”
Graham said that “in light” of the IRS admission that it targeted tea party groups for added scrutiny, “I do not believe that the IRS audit of our two organizations last year is a coincidence – or justifiable.”

Take a look at this first paragraph and let it sink in for a few minutes:

A federal judge has issued a startling ruling that suppressing Christian speech is allowed when Muslims threaten violence because they’re upset over the message.

I believe this is worth repeating and contemplating some more...Maybe a different color will allow this to sink into our collective grey matter:

A federal judge has issued a startling ruling that suppressing Christian speech is allowed when Muslims threaten violence because they’re upset over the message.


The ruling from Judge Patrick J. Duggan in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan granted Wayne County’s motion for summary judgment of a lawsuit brought by a team of Christians who were badgered, bullied and targeted with garbage thrown by Muslims who disliked their message at last year’s Arab Fest in Dearborn, Mich.

In his ruling, Duggan said, “The court finds that the actual demonstration of violence here provided the requisite justification for [the Wayne County sheriffs'] intervention, even if the officials acted as they did because of the effect the speech had on the crowd.”
The case had been filed by the AFLC after several Christian evangelists were violently assaulted by a hostile Muslim mob while preaching at the festival last year in Dearborn, which has the largest concentration of Muslims in the United States.
The lawsuit, which will be appealed to a higher court, alleged the county, sheriff and deputies refused to protect the Christians from the attack, and they threatened to arrest the Christians for disorderly conduct if they did not halt their speech activity and immediately leave the festival area.

Robert Muise, AFLC co-founder and senior counsel, said, “The First Amendment was dealt a severe blow today as a result of this ruling. Indeed, this ruling effectively empowers Muslims to silence Christian speech that they deem offensive by engaging in violence. And pursuant to this ruling, the Christian speakers are now subject to arrest for engaging in disorderly conduct on account of the Muslim hecklers’ violent response to their speech. In short, this ruling turns the First Amendment on its head.”


Caver said...

Well, we knew these days would get here. But never, in my wildest imagination did I expect to see it and to see it occur this fast just bends my head caddy-whampus.

What can one say? Emotions and logic have been assaulted daily for a year now.

The dark side is completely unmasking now....they're not even trying to hide behind anything.

Hold on.....Lord, your Church is so ready to meet our Groom in the clouds.

WVBORN56 said...

Agreed Caver, Jesus is coming for His bride so very soon!

This meeting of Bibi and Putin seems to fit perfectly with the Ezekiel 39 prophetic narrative. Sparks are a flying! Putin certainly is looking like Gog and Bibi is certainly looking like God's man as Israel heads toward "Jacob's Trouble" and the seven year tribulation.

Come soon Lord Jesus! In the mean time we lift up the church in prayer that we would finish strong for Jesus and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem and wisdom for the leaders of Israel.


anonemy said...

on the previous thread your view that after the 7 years of burning the weapons from eze 38 war is the 1000 years, are you saying that that 7 years of burning of weapons is the 7 years tribulation?
Very confusing

Anonymous said...

There is no definition of WHEN the burning of these weapons will take place, only speculation. Whats the point anon? Itwill begin at the conclusion of gog-magog, so its tied to that.again, you seem to have a point here, what is it?

Anonemy said...

It is obvious that the burning of weapons is after the war, it makes no sense burning it during or before the war. so after the war they will burn those weapons for 7 years. wvborn replied in the previous thread that after this is the 1000 years, it implies then that the 7 years is the tribulation period he was referring.

WVBORN56 said...

Maybe I assumed too much? As Scott said the burning of the weapons takes place for 7 years at the end of the Gog-Magog war. The war begins it seems just before the start of the 7 year tribulation or just into the start of the seven year tribulation. The results of the battle will most likely cause the AC to sign the peace agreement with Israel and begin the 7 year tribulation.

I don't think we can know the exact timing of weapons burning will start because we don't know when the war will start but it seems reasonable to state the next big prophetic event after the weapons burning will be the second coming followed by the Millennial reign of Christ. I believe all the major prophetic scholars believe Ezekiel 38-39 is associated with end time events and the tribulation period. Gog-Magog is what God will use to get the attention of the Jews regarding their spiritual wandering. The mid point and the abomination of desolation is what gets 1/3rd of them to see Jesus as the Messiah.

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother WV, :)
Your not assuming anything Brother :)
Ezekiel 38 does begin and end before the Tribulation. Yes indeed, the results of this war will bring forth the ac, beginning the 7 year Trib...

Anonemy said...

Mrs c,
did i miss something, are you saying that the Israeli will just burn those weapon throughout the tribulation While the ac makes war with them for 3.5 years? i am not arguing i just need clarification

Mrs.C said...

Just another bait question from you "anonemy", so that you can go into, and promote your false Mid-Trib nonsense...not taking the bait...truly you need to fill your time with something else...

Stephen said...

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Waterer said...

Dear WV and Mrs. C.,

I am not a mid triber ( but timing is not something I lose fellowship over)but I have wondered about the 7 yr burning thing too. It also is odd to me if the trib were immediately after the war because of the burying of the bodies and the establishment of a village named for the dead Ex 39.Also the valley dedicated for burials. It just reads to me like a period of reestablishment not like the description from Rev of the beginning phases of the trib .
SO I guess I am asking the question too about how you see this unfolding. Perhaps a longer lead in to the trib?


Mrs.C said...

Sister KR, There will be Peace at the beginning of the Trib. The Temple will also be rebuilt during this time. There will be none of Israels enemies left to object. These enemies surrounding Israel will be wiped out in the preceding wars of Isaiah 17 quickly followed by Ezekiel 38. It is by "Peace" that the ac will destroy many as we read in Daniel. It is not until the middle of the Trib, that the Great Tribulation begins, as Jesus describes it.

Scott said...

I believe the burning of the weapons ill conclude at the end of the Tribulation (IOW, I don't see this activity continuing into Jesus 1000 yr reign. (for a variety of reasons - including the fact that it seems unusual that this activity would extend into the Mill reign and for some reason abruptly stop arbitrarily at some point in the Trib.....).....

The more I think about this - the fact that it is given a 7 year time frame, is very inviting to have it coincide with the Trib.

If that is true (all speculation as we aren't specifically told in the scriptures) - then I have to wonder if somehow, the AC, as he confirms the covenant, also "allows" a provision for the burning of these weapons in the various places around Israel - if that were the case, then it would be a 7 year period.

That would place Gog-MaGog just before the Tribulation as many of us have speculated for years - in fact, this premise just adds yet another reason to see Gog-MaGog as occurring just before the Trib - and actually precipitates the arrival of the AC in the aftermath.

That, to me, is a VERY inviting scenario

Waterer said...

Respectfully, Sister Mrs. C. I agree that the great trib is a horror but Rev 6, The Seals, is not a PEACEFUL time. The ac could be the first seal but quickly with the second seal there is war then famine and disease and worldwide financial ruin follow..All this before the sealing of the 144,000.
I just picture it more dire than anything we have ever known and the language in Ez 39 sounds very different. It sounds different to me too because they seem at large, easily doing what they are doing. Maybe it is because they have signed a covenant with evil but I hesitate to think it because that will be SUCH A MAJOR mistake that I can't understand why it would not even be mentioned in the years following the Gog magog war.
It may be but it is mysterious and God's glory to reveal in it's time..

Scott said...

Thats true, but no one knows what the interval is between the first seal and the subsequent seals. We don't know if it will be "quick" or not as there isn't anything in Rev 6 that gives us relative time periods.

Don't forget, in prophecy, there can be huge intervals between two consecutive scriptures. Isaiah 61:1-2 as referenced by Jesus in Luke 4:18--> is a classic example of that. There will be a period of peace when the AC arrives - which won't last, but no one knows for how long.

Scott said...

Thats true, but no one knows what the interval is between the first seal and the subsequent seals. We don't know if it will be "quick" or not as there isn't anything in Rev 6 that gives us relative time periods.

Don't forget, in prophecy, there can be huge intervals between two consecutive scriptures. Isaiah 61:1-2 as referenced by Jesus in Luke 4:18--> is a classic example of that. There will be a period of peace when the AC arrives - which won't last, but no one knows for how long.

Mrs.C said...

I agree Brother Scott. In the aftermath of two back to back devastating wars, where the second one the enemies are on horseback, Israel will also be in a primitive state. As God tells us with His instructions to His People in Ezekiel 39, they will no longer be gathering wood from the fields and the forests, but instead now be burning the weapons of the destroyed enemies. Because the weapons are replacing the gathering of wood, this tells us that coming out of the Isaiah 17 war, Israel is then left to gather wood, because then immediately going into the Ezekiel 38 invasion, God then instructs His People to burn weapons instead. Combine that with the Gog invading forces on horseback ,and whew...something very catastrophic will indeed happen to Israel during the Isaiah 17 war to leave them in that condition..."desolation" is how God describes it...

Waterer said...

I agree that the times look very primitive. But I don't see the big interval thing in this description of the seals. Later on at the 7th seal there is silence in heaven for half an hour.. An interval. I mean Scott, how can there be big gaps of time when ALL of this fits in a very prescribed 7 yr period. That makes this different fro the other prophetic things I think.I have a harder time with everything thaty has to fit in 7 seven years.
When we looked at Rev this year one thing that we spent a lot of time and discussion on was how each 7th thing (seal,trumpet through bowls) all held all 6 of the coming judgments. It was a relentless time of tumult.There were some specifics like the half hour of silence or the 3 days the prophets lie dead or the how long lord cry of the martyres but it is very filled with judgments.
Also, the red horse of war is the second seal.If this follows Is 17 and gog magog, who is fighting?
I mean for the Lord to describe it this way,there must be ENORMOUS conflictthat has finally followed all the many rumors of war..

Scott said...

Well you know, some folks don't think any of the "judgments" (excluding first seal) come until after the mid-point of the Trib (I'm not in that school of thought, but there are many who believe that)...I could see the brief peace lasting months before the second seal, maybe even over a year.

Does Fruchtenbaum take this up in "Footsteps..."? I have it but I'm too lazy to look it up right now - I bet he has an interesting and germane take on this

Waterer said...

oh yeah . He does. He has all seals and all trumpets except the seventhl,the 144,000 w.wide revival and the 2 witnesses all in the first half..Just take a look at his chapter breakdowns. He has them First half Mid trib and last part of trib all marked out. it follows the way John laid it out.

Mrs.C said...

Sister KR said "Also, the red horse of war is the second seal.If this follows Is 17 and gog magog, who is fighting?"

Trying to make this quick this morning, headache and tired.
The Second seal does not follow the Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38 wars. Who is the First Seal? The antichrist. What does he do at the mid-trib? He exposes himself for who he is, and goes out and makes war ie.the Second Seal. It is the ac that is fighting, he breaks the fake Peace at the mid-trib. The Second Seal takes what? "PEACE" from the earth. The Second horseman could not be able to take "PEACE" if it did not already exist. Read Daniel, that is why Jesus, in context referred to Daniel in Matthew 24. These Seals are the opening salvo for the beginning of the "Great Tribulation", the second half of the Trib that Jesus describes.

Waterer said...

Dear Mrs. C. I am sorry for your headache this morning. Thank you for commenting.
What you say fits well but baffles me about the two witnesses. They are definitely before the midtrib and stirring the pot of rejection of all things good with their righteous teaching and signs.Perhaps without them Israel would be off the news since her enemies would be gone that are always seeking her downfall. But all of the signs in the last 3 and 1/2 years? The rise of the AC and the overcoming of the 3 kings,the false church is destroyed before
this and the worship of the Ac is in place. You Put all of that in 3 and 1/2 years?What are the first three for and why are they called tribulation? I agree that the end is the worst but the whole time is called Jacobs Trouble,the worst ever time. I just have difficulty seeing Ez 39 in that context.

Mrs.C said...

Sister KR, Forgive me, but I dont have the time or energy this morning to do a full study and explanation of the Book of Revelation. Your initial question was in regard to war being in the first half of the Trib, not an overall study of Revelation. I said no where that the first part of the Trib was going to be fun by any means where everyone is sitting around sipping tea, I responded to your war statement as you had asked, and there will be plenty of other awful things going on that are not war. The Church is gone, and the ac will be ruling. That in itself is terrifying.
Please, dont attribute words to me that I did not say, buy attempting to lump everything together. It doesnt matter whether you or I agree that the end is the "worst" as you say. What matters is that JESUS SAID it will be the "worst". That is why He assigns the tittle of "GREAT" to the second half.
I dont understand what your reference to Ezekiel 39 is in association with the Trib is? Ezekiel 39 takes place before the Trib.

Waterer said...

I apologize Mrs. c. I am not trying to argue and was referring not just to your comment but Scotts that the 7 years from Ez war aftermath could correspond with the 7 yrs of the Tribulation. I think the invasion of Gog and it's aftermath is before the trib
but not necessarily before the rapture.
I spent the year in Revelation and tend to think in that outline right now. Certainly I can be aggravating and hyper-focused as can be. Forgive any rudeness please, I did not intend that at all. Hope you feel better soon.

Mrs.C said...

Sister KR, Apology accepted.:) By the conclusion of Ezekiel 38-39, the Rapture will have happened. He tells us in Ezekiel 39, that God Himself returns to His People, in full Covenant with them after thousands of years, we the Church are gone...Ive gotta go lay down now...