Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tyranny: Sweeping Totalitarianism Underway As We Approach The Tribulation

None of this should be unexpected. The things that are now being exposed just represent the tiniest tip of an enormous iceberg, and at some point,  one would hope that all "conspiracy theorists" would receive an apology because as it turns out, they were correct on many of these issues. 

The most troubling aspect of these current scandals is the fact that they reveal what many of us have suspected for years and the fact that much much more lurks behind the scenes. 

Current news also points to the fact that massive government intrusion into people's lives has indeed been ongoing and it's too far along now for any kind of reversal. 

This is one of those days in which the headlines tell the story:


Anonymous said...

I don't believe checks and balances
cannot be injected into the on-going intrusion of freedom; I hope/pray it will be reversed!

WVBORN56 said...

There seems to be little difference between democrats and many republicans these days. Congress has sat on their hands and Congressman Boenher-R from Ohio has blocked any meaningful opposition to Obama and the march to tyranny!

Dutch Treat said...

Why should we be surprised by all this? All of these scenarios are clearly predicted in the Bible. As for the difference between republicans and democrats, all that's really important is whether or not you're covered by the Blood.

Stephen said...

48 hours and that cave will open up. Bulls are SO BUSY buying stock
that they DO NOT UNDERSTAND the
consequences of their stupid greed.

Once we hit the 16th and the process starts for the AC revealing, the rapture comes
into play and BULLS are going
at the point.


dow at 15,200 plus.....amazing....

if that rapture hits OUT OF THE
BLUE SKY, I am thinking bulls
to sell.....it will be too late.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Agree WV

Dutch - excellent point and no, I'm not the least surprise. The only thing that actually surprises me these days, is the fact that "they" aren't hiding their agenda anymore, which tells me we're very close to things coming to a head.