Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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That statement came from the following video which contains some highly germane statements from Mr Farage and it's worth a few minutes to watch. 

In a little under two minutes, Nigel Farage sums up the utter farce that “the religion” that Europe has become.
He explains, his fear is that what will break up the Euro, “is not the economics of it, but wholesale, violent revolution,” in the Mediterranean, and that is “all so unnecessary!”
Speaking at Simon Black’s Offshore Tactics workshop, the so-called modern day Cicero goes on to point out that France’s Hollande is “the number 1 among idiots running countries around the world,”and worries that Merkel’s pending election means there will be more and more ‘tough talk and action’ as she shows the people she is in charge.
Simply put he warns, alongside Ron Paul, that if you have money in European banks, “Get your money out,” because, “when the next phase of the disaster comes, they will come for you.”

Newly installed Pope Francis accepted an invitation from President Shimon Peres to visit Israel, as the two leaders held their first meeting on Tuesday.
The pope accepted the offer ”with willingness and joy,” a Vatican spokesman told reporters.

Francis would try to find time to visit “in the near future,” the President’s Office said in a statement.

“The sooner you visit the better as in these days a new opportunity is being created for peace and your arrival could contribute significantly to increasing the trust and belief in peace,” Peres said.
He added that Israelis saw Francis as a “leader of peace and good will.”

“I am sure that you will be received warmly by all the citizens, regardless of religion, race or nationality.” He said. “I am expecting you in Jerusalem, not just me but the whole country of Israel.”
Peres’s visit with Francis at the Vatican on Tuesday was the first by an Israeli leader since Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope in March.

“A speedy resumption of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians is hoped for, so that, with the courageous decisions and availability of both sides as well as support from the international community, an agreement may be reached that respects the legitimate aspirations of the two peoples, thus decisively contributing to the peace and stability of the region,” the Vatican said in a statement. “Reference to the important issue of the city of Jerusalem was not overlooked.”

Israeli Reserves Called Up For Syrian, Lebanese Borders

The call-up of thousands of Israeli military reservists for the Syrian and Lebanese borders starting Tuesday, April 30, will continue until the end of the week, ready for the launch of a military exercise on those borders next Sunday, May 5.
These steps are expected to sent military tensions shooting up between Israel, Iran, Syria and Hizballah in Beirut.
It was taken into account that the unannounced exercise would send military tensions shooting up on the volatile Israeli, Jordanian, Syrian and Lebanese borders. Moscow, Tehran, Damascus and Hizballah headquarters would assume that Israel is massing troops in advance of US military intervention in Syria.
Its timing is also connected to the speech Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah is scheduled to deliver Tuesday night in case he announces military steps against Israel.

Our Washington sources report that President Barack Obama is poised for a momentous decision on whether to pursue military action against Syrian military targets, including Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons facilities.
These appear to be his three primary options:

1. An American aerial bombardment of the Syrian military bases and facilities which are the mainstay which keep Bashar Assad in power;

2.  A missile strike on his chemical weapons from the sea and from ground bases in Europe and the Middle East;

3.  The deployment of 20,000 American troops to the Jordanian-Syrian frontier.

Alternatively, Obama may choose to combine elements of all three options and activate them simultaneously.
The surprise Israeli military exercise and concentration of reserve units along the borders of Syria and Lebanon place the IDF including its air and naval branches on the ready for a role in a potential American military operation against Syria.
The Israeli military also stands prepared to repel possible reprisals by Iran, Syria or Hizballah against US, Jordanian or Israeli troops.

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